Lazy Daisy (2)

DSC_0211.JPG     Flowers from my garden….              Photo by: Mags.

Daisy had to clean her room. The result of the cleaning job she did was quite funny. Mom had opened the closet door, which was packed with everything that could fit in the closet. Mom ended up standing in front of an exploded closet.

There had been a lot of laughter coming from Daisy’s room, as Daisy and her mom finally found a bond that had never been there before. A mother and daughter bond that would allow each them be themselves. The bond stripped away the old ways of rearing your daughter to be a dainty girl. Just the kind of wife/mother that mothers before had been back in time. There was no carbon copy of past. This was a new chance for a mom and daughter to be as one. There seemed to have been the shedding of an old coat and replacing it with a brand new coat. The view from this side was one of freedom, truthfulness, and sisterhood. The old was locked away, and a new era had begun. The house was not so pristine now, but it was still clean. Mom did not fret over the sweater on the back of the kitchen chair anymore. Her counter tops in the kitchen were not bare as before. Now they had appliances, and flowers on them. The home became a place where people lived. This family was on the road to a relaxed home life which eliminated the stress that once lived there. Laughter could often be heard, as Daisy and her mom acted like they were teenagers again. Mom changed her cotton shift dresses for jeans, tee shirts, and so sporty outfits. Mom was changing. The new clothes made a big change in her. She was no longer playing the lady, she had played in her own life movie. Daisy loved the new mom she had.

daughter mo.jpg        Mom and Daughter bond….

My dad would just sit and watch us two ladies as we fooled around, laughed loudly, and danced to a jazz tune on the T.V.  He noticed the change in his wife. When the change was new, dad found the new mom puzzling. Dad would often ask mom if she was going through a life change. My mom would just wave her hand and give dad a raspberry. She liked who she had become, and mom had no intentions of returning to the boring wife life. Dad really raised a eye brow when mom came from the bedroom dressed in well fitting blue jeans and a well fitting tee shirt. I caught his reaction and almost let out a snicker that would have landed me in trouble. The first time mom told dad she was to lazy to cook. She told him just to order in or take us out to eat. I wished I’d had a hidden camera to record his reaction. Mom had told me that dad had become a little more sexy than he had been in years. Mom said she should have done this change years before. I guess life can get boring in a world where your worth is measured only by how good of a wife you are. I’m really happy life is not like that anymore. I’ve caught dad placing his hand on mom’s butt as he kisses her. Times were changing for both of them. There was a closeness between them that I had very seldom seen before. I guess it’s true, change can make a difference in any boring life. Toss that boredom out the door and make changes that will rock your world. There is no need to leave your partner, just do things differently and with more passion and love.

bored.jpg    Boring…

Summer was half way over, when mom suggested that we go on a camping trip together. Just the two of us. Dad wanted to join us on our camping trip, so we let him join us. We had the camper loaded up and ready to go. When Friday morning came we would be on our way, to a well known camp site that had a beautiful lake where you could swim and fish in. Canoes, paddle boards, and foot paddle boats where easy to use. I was really excited that dad wanted to come with us. We were going to have some fun. With trail walks, canoeing, and some down right dirty card games. I made sure my fish cards were packed away in the trailer. All I could see was the great time we would have together. This was a big change for dad as all he had gotten used to was sitting in his favorite chair watching T.V. Boring!! I think at least in my opinion dad was falling into the change mom had embraced. He smiled more and joked around a lot. We would often have card games on certain times of the week. Dad put away the suits he wore everyday. He still had a couple left out that he wore once in a while to work. He started to wear suit pants with crisp pale blue shirts. He looked so cool in his new style. The changes I could see in the people around me, helped me wake each morning with a big old smile on my face. Friday had finally arrived and we were on the road early in the morning. We had a few miles to travel. But no one seemed to care. I had brought a few books with me, my camera, and sketch pad with several pencils. Mom sat in the front singing songs with dad as they listened to the radio. I would usually join in and jazz the song up a little. We would usually stop along the way and take pictures of the scenery around us.

cameras.jpg       Taking pictures….

As we reached our camping ground, we took a few minutes to check in and get our maps, that would show us the way to where we would park our trailer. Dad went about setting the outside of the trailer up. I went out to help dad while mom got the items out to make sandwiches. It was later in the evening and we were tired from all the travel. Turning in early was our plan from the start. We would start whenever we woke in the morning.

Join us tomorrow as we start our one week camping vacation….

Hello everyone, I trust everyone had a great Tuesday. My Tuesday was a busy one with a trip to the vets for our two dogs. Once everything was said and done we ended up with a vet bill of five hundred and fifty three dollars. I almost had a heart attack. I actually asked twice what the price was. The girl must had thought I was crazy. I read the itemized bill when I got home, finding out that one test that was done cost me ninety five dollars. This test was putting some florescent gel into the eye to see if there were any ulcers. There were none. That took five minutes in total.. I think in my next life I will be a vet. That is a very good business to get into…. Keep your loved ones safe, and be safe yourself…. Till later… Keep a stiff upper lip… 🙂 🙂

I would like to thank all my followers, readers, and visitors who come to read my stories… 🙂 🙂  I would like to thank all the photographers whos creations fill my stories with color… 🙂 🙂

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