Lazy Daisy (3)

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This is a lone Dove who frequents my yard…    Photo by: Maggie Bell

It would seem that Daisy and her family had found a new balance in their lives. Even dad had become a happier, and more laid back kinda fella. The family had planned a camping trip to a well know camping spot. 

Reaching the camp grounds took a few hours. We could have made it there earlier, but we made stops to stretch our legs, take in some of the sights, and take pictures of the scenery around us. We took silly pictures, serious pictures, and I took a lot of my parents, as they held each other close. None of us were in a rush to get there, as we had reserved our site a couple weeks before. It was great watching campers heading into the same camp ground as we were. The line up to sign in, was a bit long. I watched from the camper as dad and mom went to sign in with the rest of the crowd. People were talking back and forth to each other, and almost everyone wore a big smile. I felt sorry for the parents that had the look of dread on their faces, as their children squabbled with each other in the back seat of their cars. It must have been a long tiring drive for them. I know a lot of parents suffer too much stress, just to take their family on a holiday. Once they arrive at their site, they finally get a chance to relax a little. I watched a lot of people as I waited for mom and dad. I took mental notes in my head of those who would have great fun, and those that just might not have such a good time. Finally mom and dad arrived to the camper, and we started our trek to our site. The map was well put together, with all the amenities well high lighted. We zig zagged our way down narrow roads that only held one camper at a time. Our site was filled with the shade of beautiful blooming bushes, and tall green trees. Dad back our camper into it’s spot, and we started to get ready for our stay.

camper.jpg     Camper living….

Night was closing in on us as we sat at the table eating sandwiches, chips, and a beverage. We sat and talked about our plans for the next day. Dad wanted to go boating and fishing on the lake. Mom and I wanted to take a walk on the trails, and take pictures of whatever we seen. I loved taking photos when ever I get out in nature. We all decided we would do what we wanted the first day, then we would do things together after that. With the darkness finally surrounding us, we tucked into our beds, and slept like babies. There was nothing better than hearing crickets singing, and frogs crocking in the back ground. I believe I had the best sleep I’d had in a long time. When morning came dad was up at the crack of dawn, and had coffee brewing. Mom was scrambling up some eggs and making toast. The smell of the coffee woke me and I envisioned myself floating through the air to the coffee pot. If you are old enough to remember the old cartoons you will see what I was talking about. Dad always made a killer pot of coffee that had ya hooked after one cup. With breakfast out of the way. We all prepared our gear for our outing. Dad had his cooler ready, and placed water to drink in the cooler. He would pick up ice at the store, and get bait for the fish. With that, dad headed to the lake, put his fishing gear into a boat and off he went to fish and relax. The day was a great one, not too hot, and there was a cooling breeze that blew through the trees.

fish.jpg       Nothing like fishing in a boat on the lake….

With dad on his way mom and I got ready for our trail walk. I was excited to get started. Mom was ready before I was, and was waiting for me to get going. I was ready and away we went with our map. The trails twisted through the trees, where birds sang, flowers bloomed, and the breeze whispered through the trees around us. We talked as we walked, and sometimes all you could hear was us laughing our heads off. As we walked mom let out a scream, as a garter snake zig zagged it’s way in front of her on the trail. I pulled my camera out, and took a picture of the snake. I had mom replay her reaction, and I captured the moment. It was kind of funny seeing mom jiggle and wiggle around in distaste of the snake. That was another thing I learned about mom that I never knew before. She was afraid of snakes. We trudged on with the stones grinding under our feet. I heard a noise, and grabbed mom by the arm. “What was that?? Did you hear that???” I asked mom. She had heard it as well. We huddled together as we scanned the forest for a bear. I was not a tree climber, nor was mom. That meant that if it was a bear we would be his next meal. We stood very close to each other, and shook. Mom noticed the branches on a bush move. We were ready to run, but what was the sense. From out of the bush we could see a deer. It looked at us as if we were crazy. I slowly let go of mom and used my camera to take photos of this beautiful creature. The deer walked across the trail in front of us and disappeared into the woods. Mom and I laughed at each other, because of how funny we two ladies must have looked. We continued on taking pictures of the nature around us. Mom was hugging a tree, and posed sexy against th tree. I took my turn, and did my best to look ridiculous. We had come to the end of the trail, and walked along the lake shore as we make our way back to camp. We looked for dad on the water, but he must have returned to camp before us.

walk.jpg        Along the shore….

Mom and I returned to our camp site, and there was dad in a chair having a beer. He looked so relaxed. We kissed him on his cheeks, and asked how his fishing went. Dad had caught a couple fish, but released them back into the water. To me, fishing was catching fish and eating them for dinner. But now we fish and release. To conserve the fish in the lakes. We later sat around a camp fire, and talked about the snake, and the bear we thought was there. Dad laughed so hard.  I had never seen him laugh like that before. This day had been amazing for all of us….

Join me and my parents as our camping week moves ahead….. 🙂 🙂

Hello everyone: How was your Wednesday? I hope it was as warm and sunny as the one I had here in my corner of Canada. My day was great, did some laundry, vacuumed, washed the floors, and chased the dogs with the vacuum. The dogs never growl, they just jump from couch to couch. We have a lot of mosquitos here. They love my mans blood, and they chase him around all over the yard. He looks funny swatting at the air, and on his arms and legs. I wish everyone a great Thursday, and prosperity…. Take care of those you love, and be safe out there on the roads….. Till later…. Share your smiles… 🙂 🙂

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