Lazy Daisy (4)

DSCN0781.JPG       Friendly Blue Jay….Who hates his picture taken..

A nice walk on a hiking trail could go wrong if you don’t pay attention. A garter snake had zig zagged his way in the path of Daisy’s mom, who had let out a scream that would wake the dead. Daisy heard a noise which she thought was a bear..

When mom and I reached our camp site, dad was lazing in his lawn chair with a beer in his hand. His fishing tale was believable, but I could not fathom the catch and release concept. I always thought when you caught a fish or fishes, you could take them home and eat them. That means, like hunting for the food you are going to eat. Catch and release felt like something a crazy man would say. “SO, Who is that crazy person?” I have to ask. But, all that aside. We all had our supper, sat around the camp fire, while we filled dad in on the snake that scared mom. Plus we told him about the noise we were sure was a bear, who was ready to eat us for it’s dinner. Dad found it really funny that we even thought it was a bear. He laughed like heck about the snake and mom’s reaction. We let him know that we had taken pictures of the snake, the deer, and us being sexy. All he did was shake his head, as he told us how outrageous we were. Once darkness had fallen around us, we decided to turn in for a good nights sleep. The crickets sung me to sleep while the frogs crocked in the back ground. This was the way to fall asleep, and I wondered why it wasn’t like this at home. I guess it was because we didn’t live in the country, where nature was plentiful. Someday, I will have a place in the country with a running waterfall, that can be heard from my bedroom at night.

brook.jpg       Beautiful house with a waterfall….

We all slept in the next morning, and woke with good intentions for the day. The smell of coffee woke mom and I as we made our way to the kitchen. We looked like two hungry zombies on the hunt for coffee. I know it’s not human flesh, but that is what we wanted. I made mom and dad breakfast, as they sat talking behind me at the counter. I was not bad as a cook, and whipped up three cheese, mushroom, and bacon omelets, with a side of toast, and fresh fruit. Told ya I could cook…. Mom and dad loved their breakfast, which would definitely hold us over till a late lunch, later in the day. We talked over our plans for the day. We decided to take a boat ride around the lake and look at some of the sites, and new homes. After that we wanted to go into town and have lunch, and maybe some window shopping. Dad knew there was a small shop that specialized in fishing rods, lures, and clothing. Mom and I didn’t want to go there, we wanted ladies fashions, shoes, and ladies undies. We always had fun when shopping, as we tried on as many outfits as we wanted. There were specialty shops, with arts and crafts. Some of them were usually very unique. We all got ready to start off on our day. A shuttle bus to take us to town, was due to be at the entrance of the park in the next twenty minutes. With our excitement high, we started our walk to the front gates. After standing and waiting for almost an hour, dad went to check on where the shuttle bus was. He returned with bad news. Apparently the bus had a fender bender on the way to the park. The driver was not hurt, but the bus was in pretty bad shape. Someone had run into the side of the bus from a side road the driver passed by. What a disappointment that was for all of us. We were happy that the driver had not been hurt in anyway. But, we were very bummed out, and dragged our feet all the way back to our site. Dad actually looked like he had a bit of a pout on his face on the way back.

camp.jpg       Heading back to camp site…..

Back at the camp we sat outside watching campers walking here and there. Moms ran after the little ones who broke away from their space at their camp site. There were children playing catch, volley ball, and kick ball. Everyone was busy except for us. Did we run out of steam. No we did not, I said. “Lets go.” My parents asked to where? I think we need to go for a walk through the camp ground, and see all the different kinds of families, campers, and tents were here. With some resistance mom and dad, stood up and off we went. I suggested that we travel down our road and through the park. There were all kinds of campers to be seen. Small ones that only big enough for two, if they slept squished together. Medium sized campers that made sleep a lot more enjoyable. The large campers were parked pretty well in one area of the park. I don’t know what happened to us, as our camper was pretty large. At least it seemed large to us. There were gigantic motor homes that looked like they had all the bells and whistles. We liked our camper, and the fact that we could sleep out of the dampness, eat and cook inside, and shower in the bathroom. Sure the big motor homes were nice, but as dad said. ‘They are just over kill.’ He said if wanted to bring my house to the park, he would have a cabin here. You know; dad was right. Anyways, that is nothing more than glam camping. I figured we came here to enjoy nature not sit in a motor home and watch television. We continued through the park, and there was something that did not seem right. Why was there a gate at the end of this dirt road? We could not see any road signs anymore. Where the heck were we? Dad said we should just turn around and back track our steps. The road signs came back into site, and we felt a bit better. I still had a panicky feeling in my stomach. We moved ahead and before we knew it we were right back at the same place. The road with the gate. Now the panic really set in. We were officially lost.

lost.jpg           Lost……

We needed to find a person who could help us find our way back. I remarked to mom, ‘why didn’t you bring those ribbons we could have tied them on the trees. Mom was not happy about being lost, especially when it was getting dark. Dad made light of the situation and actually laughed which made mom laugh too. Lets back track again. The first site we see, we ask where the bathrooms are. It took us a bit of time to find a site with people on it, and we were pointed in the right direction. We started to walk, and reach a set of washrooms… Were we still lost???

Join me on Monday as we try our best to get back to our site…. See you then… 🙂

Hello everyone out there: My Thursday was okay. Just laid back and didn’t do a hole lot today. I did go into one of the closets to get a window fan to put in the window to draw in the cool air. I moved a couple coats to see if there was a fan behind them. I don’t know if there was, because as I moved the coats the who contents of the closet came falling down on top of me. I mean the cloths bar, shelf, and everything on the shelf.  My right upper arm took the brunt of the hit, and I will more than likely get a bruise out of it. Guess tomorrow is already planned for us. Fix the shelf, and find the fan…. Yahoo…Well all of you take care of  yourselves.. And be safe… Till Monday.. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend … 🙂 🙂

I would like to take this time to thank all you wonderful people who read my stories each day… 🙂 🙂  I want to say thank you to all the talented artistic creators, whos creation grace my stories each day…. 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.  Thanks for being here each day…. 🙂 🙂


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