Lazy Daisy (5)

DSCN0599 (3).JPGOne of my visitors to my bird feeder…..  Photo By… MAGS.

After being lost in the campground, we just kept going around in circles. Their plan was to ask the people in the first camp site. Daisy had asked which way would they have to go to find a washroom. As easy as it sounds. Directions led them to a washroom. The question was: ‘Are they still lost?’

The direction Daisy and her parents had been given, were right on the money. They arrived at the washroom they had asked for. The washroom held some resemblance to the ones they had seen as they walked the park. Daisy had figured this was the main washrooms in the campgrounds. In the building was showers, toilets, and a laundry area. The washrooms around them were usually chemical toilets. Daisy believed there was only two washrooms with showers. This must be one of them. Outside of the washrooms was a sign that pointed out where they were at the time. Daisy’s dad was pretty sure that their camper was this way as he pointed to a spot on the map. Mom asked dad. ‘What is our site number?’ Dad dipped his hand into the pocket of his blue jeans, and he passed the paper to Daisy who read it out loud. ‘We are at site number one thirty five.’ Daisy said. Daisy and her parents turned their gaze to the map. They squinted to read the numbers, but could not find their site number. ‘What is going on?’ Mom asked. ‘We are not here on this map!’ Daisy said.

map.jpg          Trying to find their way….

Dad didn’t know what to say. He just stood there. The door of the men’s side of the washroom slammed shut. We all turned to see who it was. Coming towards us was a man with a tote bag and a wet towel. ‘Excuse me sir.’ I said. ‘We seem to be lost and can’t find our site on this map… Do you know the name of this campground?’ I asked. ‘If you are camping here you should be on the map.’ The man said. ‘What is the number of your site?’ He asked. ‘One hundred thirty five,’ I answered, as I showed him the paper in my hand. The man (Dave) looked at the map. As I looked up I noticed that the name of the camp site was not like the one we had been signed into. ‘Dad.’ I said. ‘This is not our campground.’ I shouted in a loud voice. Mom turned and looked at me as if I were crazy. Dad was puzzled and so was Dave. How the heck could we not be in the campground we had checked into?? Was this a trick played on us by the people we asked for directions? Or, were we in the twilight zone? This was getting too creepy… The day had started off not too well, and now we didn’t or, couldn’t figure out where we were.

lost.jpg         This whole day was a puzzling day…..

We looked like a bunch of crazies. Dave suggested that we come with him to his camp site, and he would drive us to the front gate of this campground. That was the best news we had heard in the whole day. At this rate we would not arrive home till dark. We had not eaten since breakfast and we had drank all the water we took with us. Mom and dad looked a little on the exhausted side. They barely had enough energy to reach Dave’s camp site. Once we reached Dave’s site, he invited us inside. Dave offered us a cold drink and some cookies, that would help mom and dad’s blood sugar stabilize. Dave’s camper was not a camper but, a bus type home on wheels. It was just like a house inside. And it did have all the bells and whistles, as dad would say. I was amazed that Dave was there by himself, and not with a family. Dave went into the washroom and hung his wet clothes on the top bar of the shower. Dad and mom looked better than they did when we arrived. The bus was amazing, and mom was wondering about, like the place was hers. Dave returned from the washroom with his hair combed and a white tee shirt on. I thought he looked rather handsome. Dave was a handsome man and I was smitten. Dave asked us how long we had been wondering around. I told him we had left our camp site just after breakfast. We had been told our shuttle bus had been in an accident, and our trip to town was not going to happen. Then we went for a walk and the rest of the day we walked in circles. Dave just starred at me. He never said a word. Mom was talking to dad about the bus and how beautiful it looked inside. Dad just told her our camper was better. Dave and I sat talking to each other, about the day we had. Dave asked me if I would go to town with him the next day. He said he would pick me up at our camp site. I told him that would be great. I asked if my parents could come as well, and Dave had no problem with that.

buss.jpg     In the camper bus…..

Dave went outside and pushed a couple buttons and the bottom of the bus started to drop down and push out from under the bus. I was trying really hard not to let my jaw drop down. I had never seen anything like this before in my life. I felt like I was in the presents of loyalty. Dave opened the car door, and helped mom and dad into the back seat. He then walked to the passenger’s side of the car and opened the door for me. I got in and he closed the door. We were on our way to the front gate to see how to get back to our camp site. The lady at the front gate said that our campgrounds was just down the road, and that we must have crossed over the camp boundaries. When we arrived at our camper, dad asked Dave in for a beer. Dave was happy and stayed for quite a while. He even joined us at the campfire. When Dave was ready to leave I walked him to his car, and he kissed me on the cheek. I was on cloud nine.

kiss.jpg        Kiss good night….

I could hardly wait till morning came… Join us as we head to town with Dave…

Hello everyone, out there in this big wide world: This weekend was one to put a gold star on the calendar. It was beautiful for all those who went camping. I hoped there would be no rain, and there was none. I trust everyone had a great weekend, and enjoyed the time with your families. We went into our first day of summer, which happened on Friday June 21st. Time seems to be passing way too fast for me. We are nearing the end of June in a matter of a handful of days. This warm weather only happens for a short time. I wish time would slow down so, we can enjoy the season for sometime more of the warmth…. Take care of those you love, and be safe.. Till later… Keep the tanning time down to a minimum..  🙂 🙂

I would like to take this time to thank all the people who stop by to read my stories…. 🙂 🙂  I would like to thank all the talented artistic creatures, whos creations grace my stories.. 🙂  🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.  Thanks for coming to visit…. 🙂 🙂


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