Lazy Daisy (6)

DSCN0715 (2).JPGAnother friend who comes to visit my back yard… Photo by.. Mags

Daisy and her parents had finally returned to their camper, thanks to the kindness of a man called Dave. Dave had taken the family to his camper bus, and said he would make sure they got back to their site. In their campground. Daisy was asked to go to town with Dave the next week. Daisy was very excited…

I found it very hard to sleep after Dave asked me to go to town with him. I know I should have never asked about taking mom and dad into town with us. But, I did and Dave had absolutely no problem with them tagging along. Having mom and dad with us, made me feel a little better. I had just met Dave, plus I really knew nothing about him. One thing I did know was he was rich, and a humble person. Dave seemed to care about my parents and their well being. Dad and mom liked him, and thought he was a good person. I was hooked right from the start, but I was wary of a person I did not know. I needed time to get to know him, before things could get serious. I know, that sounds crazy but to me that was a smart move. Heck, I would likely never see him after we headed home. It was up to Dave as to how things would work out between us. I had a glass cover over my heart. It was broken by a young man who used me for as bet he had with his friends. The glass was shattered, and my heart was broken. It took me along time to trust any man other than my dad. So, if Dave wanted to get closer to me he would have to prove himself. God only knew how things would work out. Till then I would be happy with my parents there with us.

broken.jpg           My broken heart……

It was getting near the time when Dave would be there to pick us up. I wasn’t really sure if he would arrive. I guess the way I was hurt, my heart was protecting me from disappointment. I had learned never to count on anyone else, with the exception of my parents. Dad was just finishing his breakfast, and mom was getting dressed. I had been up earlier than both of them. I wore denim shorts, not too short. A pretty casual blouse, that had small flowers on it. Sandals were the finishing touch to my outfit. I wasn’t trying to sell myself as a beauty queen. My make up was fresh and natural with a pink lip stick and gloss. Mom had come from the bathroom and she looked amazing, and dad noticed her right away. Dad jumped up from the table and began nibbling on mom’s neck. I loudly said. “Hey, you two… Get a room.” Just when I finished saying that I heard a knock at the door. I was laughing as I opened the door. Dave was here and he was on time. I told him to come in. He witnessed dad trying to pull mom towards the bedroom. “These two kids are really hard to handle.” I said as I laughed. Dave had a smile on his face as he watched mom and dad. “My parents would never be caught doing that in front of people.” Dave said. “Well, Dave.. we do stuff like this all the time.” Dad said. I told Dave that this family used to be so stuffy, but with a little persistence I changed them to more laid back parents. We like it that way.  We won’t put you down for who you are. “Hold on Dave, this will be a fun ride with us guys.” I said to Dave. He looked at all of us, and said that was why he liked us.

parents.jpg    Parents having fun…..

We all piled into the car, and we were headed for town. Dad was talking to Dave about the fishing store. Dave knew a lot about fishing and dad invited him to go fishing tomorrow. At that point I knew dad and Dave would be hitting the fishing store today. We talked all the way into town, about whatever came up. Dave said that we could park somewhere and walk down the main street, visiting the shops along the way. That was a plus for all of us. Dave seemed to be a very down to earth person, and I could see he was starting to loosen up a little. There were a few tourists roaming around. The shops were a definite draw for shoppers. Dave was one of those shoppers. I thought he was crazy when he bought a bracelet I was admiring. The bracelet was eight teen carrot gold, and had real rubies placed in the gold. When Dave handed it to me he said. “You have great taste in jewelry.” I said. “This is way too expensive for me. I can’t except this.” “I want you to have this from me, so you can remember me when you look at it.” Dave said, with the most wonderful blue eyes I had ever seen. How could I not except the bracelet. ‘Thank you’ was all I cold say. I was blown away. We continued our walk down main street, visiting each shop on the way. Once dad reached the fishing store we all went in. Dave and dad looked like two kids in a candy store. Mom and I were whispering to each other and snickering. Dad picked out a couple lures, and Dave got a new fishing rod, and bait for the next day.

fishing.jpg        Going fishing……

Mom and I motioned that we were going to the dress shop across the road. Dad waved, and we turned to leave. The guys weren’t very long, and I could see Dave watching me as I fingered my way through the dresses. There was not anything that I was interested in. Mom on the other hand loved every dress she saw. Dad had bought a dress she picked out, and she was very happy. It was getting time for dad and mom to eat and keep their energy up. We entered a small dinner and got a table for the four of us. Mom sat beside dad, which left me sitting next to Dave. I liked that arrangement, but tried not to let Dave know that. The waitress came over, took our drink orders then left. We looked over the menu pointing and talking about what they served in the dinner. I was quite surprised that there was so much to choose from. Dave ordered a chicken salad sandwich, and fries. Dad and mom ordered a turkey on rye, and a salad. I was the last to order, only because I could not decide. I had crispy chicken on a bun and a salad. As we ate we found many subjects to talk about, and we all laughed when dad talked about when he met mom. Dave even opened up about himself. He was a real estate mogul, and owned many homes around the world. His parents were living in Florida. Dave said they were not like us, and he very seldom seen them. That was pretty sad to hear. “Dave, if you ever want to hang out with us hillbillies you are more than welcomed.” Dad said. Dave put his hand on mine, and kept holding my hand the rest of the day. I was very happy and felt like a princess.

Join Daisy her family, and Dave as they enjoy their time away from camp…..

Hello everyone: How was your Monday. I hope all was well with you and your family. It was hot here today, but later there was rain and more rain. I know the rain is excellent for the plants. That’s why I’m happy to see the rain. Monday was pretty expensive as the washing machine motor gave up the ghost. Darn… It was not cheap, and we have to wait four days to have the new one installed. Then we will be back in business…. Take care of those you love, and be safe…. Till Tomorrow… Keep smilin’….:) 🙂

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