Lazy Daisy (7)

can I help you.jpg        Can I help you? …..   Photo by: Mags

Daisy was very happy with the attention Dave was giving her. He held her hand and did not let it go for the rest of the day. Daisy had found out a few things about Dave, and his family. Daisy felt sorry for Dave’s parents. Their life needed to be changed, so they could laugh.

Lunch was fantastic as we talked for what seemed like hours. Mom and dad seemed to be enjoying their day so far. There were many places to visit, and shops to browse. The day was sunny and had a cool breeze that came off the lake. We made our way in and out of shops with a great array of novelties, clothing, toys, beach wear, sun glasses, and a lot more items. We stopped at one shop and got ice-cream, which was dad’s idea. The ice-cream tasted better than any other I had before this day. I wondered why and asked the shop keeper, what was different about their ice-cream. Baron, the owner of the shop told me that their ice-cream was made in house. The ice-cream was made from real cream, fresh flavorings,  and pieces of real fruits. It was all natural, and no fake ingredients. The owner and his wife were the most friendly people, and my parents loved the time we spent with them. The novelty shops were my favorite. Dave bought a flashy shirt with palm trees, and parrots on it. He even put it on right there. I couldn’t believe he did that. Dave was sure becoming a laid back hillbilly like us… He had even bought me one the same as his, but with no sleeves. He even got me to put it on.  All I could do is laugh at the both of us. Dave got one for mom and dad so we would all look the same.

shirts.jpg          Matching shirts…..

We took pictures of the bunch of us. Dave had a person take a couple pictures of all of us together. I got a couple pictures on my phone as well. We took a long walk along the beach. We all took off our shoes, and the feeling of sand between our toes was amazing. Dad chased mom right into the water, and she was soaked up to her waist, and all Mom did was laugh and splash water all over dad. The both of them were having so much fun. I loved seeing them be the people they really were inside. There was no hiding or being artificial with our family. Dave kicked water at me and I did the same back to him. The result of the splashing left the pair of us all wet. We had dried off as we walked along the beach. The sun was starting to drop from the sky. The colors in the sky reflected off the water, and made us all sit on the sand to watch the sunset. We could see seagulls flying in the colors of the sun set. It was a beautiful way to end our walk on the beach.

sun set.jpg    Sun setting on the water……

Dave suggested that go to his camp site, and we could make something for dinner, and just relax. Dad and mom had no problems with that arrangement, and neither did I. We made our way back to the car. The walk was a little further than we all had expected it to be. Once in the car I could see how tired mom and dad looked, after all the walking we did in town. We all had loads of fun. Dad made sure Dave knew that tomorrow they would be going fishing. Dave told dad he had not forgotten, and how much he was looking forward to spending time with dad. Once at Dave’s I helped him get dinner on the go as we were all starving. It was way past mom and dad’s eating time. Dave cut up a cheese and cracker platter to nibble on while dinner was being prepared. Dave had some beautiful steaks that he cooked on his barbeque outside. Dad supervised the cooking of the steak. I made a large caesar salad, and cut some crusty bread, and placed them on the table. Mom took the dishes from the cupboard, placing them on the table. I finished up the table with silver ware, and napkins. When, Dave and dad came in with the steaks. Dave was surprised to see the table set and ready to eat. It was almost like he had never had this kind of help before.

steaks.jpg           Steak on the barbeque…..

Dinner was fabulous, and we were full. Dad was laid out on the sofa, and mom was stretched out on the recliner chair. Dave and I were talking about his job, and what he did. I kind of knew what he did, but it was nice hearing him talk about the job. He was passionate about his work. He had already decided that he would be retiring at a younger age. He was financially set for the rest of his life. He was such a smart man with a plan for his future. I was very happy for him because he knew where he was going. Dave stood to start cleaning up the dishes, and clear the table. I stood to help, but was told to sit and relax. Dave cleaned everything up, and turned the dish washer on. He asked if I would like some wine with him, and I accepted with a smile. We sat at the kitchen table and talked while mom and dad had their naps. Dave stretched his hand across the table and held my hand as he did earlier that day. I asked Dave how long he was on vacation. He said he had two more weeks left before he had to go back to his job. I told Dave that we would be here only this week, and then we would be heading home. Dave asked where we lived. I got a piece of paper and a pen, then wrote down my address. I also gave him my cell number, and exchanged his address for mine. I looked over the paper Dave gave me. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I seen where he lived. Dave was a resident of Australia, but had a permanent address in a bigger city a few hundred miles from here. We didn’t live in a place so big, nor that well known. Like I had said we were just plain old people living life our way. Mom and dad had started to get up and move around. They came over and sat at the table with us. Dad asked what time Dave wanted to go fishing. Dave said he would like to pick up all of us, and we all could go fishing on his boat. Make sure you have you bathing suits just incase we go swimming. We all agreed that it would be a great way to spend the next day.


Join all of us as we all go out fishing for the day on Dave’s boat…

Hello everyone. How was your Tuesday? I had a pretty good day myself. There were a lot of clouds and bits of sun shine. Monday night was very rainy. I never heard the rain but my hubby did. It was very damp this morning. I live in the area where the “Rolling Stones” are doing a concert this weekend. It is expected to be very busy with traffic, and a lot of people. It’s good for the area financial wise. And one good thing too is that it will be the long weekend. The weekend that celebrates Canada Day. The weekend also has fire works. I like fire works…. I must be going. Take care of those you love, and be safe… Till later…. Rock on… 🙂 🙂

I would like to thank all my followers, readers, and visitors who take the time out of their busy days to read my stories… 🙂 🙂  I would also like to thank all the talented artistic people, whos creations adorn my stories…. 🙂 🙂

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