Lazy Daisy (8)

DSCN0843 (2).JPG         Eating form the bird feeder….   Photo by: Mags

After a great day in town, and watching the sun drop down from the sky. Dave invited everyone to his camp site to have dinner. A fishing and swimming day had been planned for the next day. Daisy’s dad was so excited to have the chance to fish with Dave.

It was early in the morning and dad was up gathering all his fishing supplies. Mom was still asleep. I had just woken from a beautiful dream. I made my way over to dad and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. Dad had make a pot of coffee, and I was on my way to savor the flavor of a cup of jo. Dad sat down with me and had his third coffee. We talked about how great the trip to town the day before was, and how much he liked Dave. Dad talked about how much Dave seemed to be stuck on his beautiful daughter.. By the way that beautiful daughter would be, ‘Me’ Daisy! I told dad that I was smitten with Dave as well. Dad said because of how I had been hurt before, did not mean all men are the same. Dad said that Dave was one of those guys that seemed to be a real person. With time he knew that Dave would be your one and only love. Dad was a pretty smart man and I knew if he approved Dave, then I would be safe. Dad jokingly said that Dave wanted all of us to go on his boat, so he could be near me. As we continued talking mom came shuffling her way, and headed straight to the coffee pot. Her hair looked like she was in a wind storm, as was my hair. The clock was moving forward, and Dave would soon be showing up at our door. Mom kissed dad on the lips then sat right beside him. I watched the two of them as they snuggled together.

snuggle.jpg           Snuggles….

I stood and headed for the shower. I used my best smelling body wash, and a perfume that smelled so good on me. I did my hair in an up sweep, and wore my yellow sun dress. I painted my toes a pale pink, and did my nails as well. When I was all done I put my full bathing suit into a beach bag with a towel. The towel had Mickey and Minnie Mouse on the front of it. I had gotten this towel one year for my birthday, and cherished it all these years. The towel was a bit raggedy around the edges, other than that the towel was close to new. Mom was in the shower, and to my surprise dad was in the shower with her. I went to the kitchen to clear up the dishes from the morning. I got a small cooler and put a few waters in there, along with some sodas, and fruit. It was just about time for Dave to knock on the door. No sooner than the words came out my mouth, there was a familiar knock at the door. I floated over to the door, and opened it to let Dave in. “Come on in, Dave.” I said. Dave entered the door and hugged me close to him. I could hear his heart beating, the warmth of his body made me feel all tingly. I had my arms around his body and was pressed up tight to him. Dave put his soft warm lips on mine, and kissed me with the same passion as I had seen in the movies. I knew I was in love with Dave. But, was he in real love with me.

kiss.jpg           First kiss…

As we stood holding each other and kissing, mom and dad came out from their bedroom. “Why don’t you kids get a room.” Dad said, as mom was behind him giggling. Dave and I turned towards them and smiled. My cheeks were pink and it wasn’t because of the blush I was wearing. Dave was a little surprised by my parents, but he came back with a good one. “I seen you two kissing up a storm yesterday, so I thought Daisy and I could out do you both.” Dave said with a wink of his eye. Dad grabbed mom and planted his lips on hers and the noises they were making was so weird. “Come on you two, get a room.” Dave said. I laughed at what he said, because I had said that earlier this week to them. Dad and mom stopped their exaggerated kissing stunt. “Are we ready to go fishing?” Dave said. Dad had all his fishing supplies by the door, and helped Dave put them in the trunk of the car. Mom ran out with the cooler so it could be put in the trunk too. Dad locked up the camper, then we all piled into the car. We were on our way to Dave’s boat for a great day of fishing and swimming. Dad was so excited, he looked like a child hopped up on candy. Mom did her best to keep him in check, as he chattered all the way to the boat. Dave and dad were like old friends that had not seen each other in years. The sight made me very happy for them both.

car.png         On  their way to the boat….

As we came close to the marina, Dave was pointing his boat out. All I could see before me was a yacht. All I did was gasp, and had a bit of a problem speaking. “This is your boat?” I asked in amazement. Dave turned to me and said. “Yes sweetheart this is our boat.” I looked at dad and mom and their mouths were wide open like mine. This must be a dream, because I  have never seem a boat so beautiful as this one. “We are going to be on that boat?” Dad asked.. He was beside himself with wonder. Dave parked his car in front of his boat, and we got out, and grabbed the things from the trunk. As we walked up to the boat I could see what it was like on board. Dave welcomed us onto his boat, and gave us a tour around the boat. Once we were back on deck Dave, and dad untied the boat and we were on our way out of the harbor. Dave gave the helm to dad and you could see the smile dad had on his face. Mom stood by dad, and they looked like they should be the owners of the boat. The day was amazing with the sun shining and the clouds over-head were sparse. Before long we all had fishing lines into the water, and were waiting for the first sign of a fish on the line. I sat on the deck with Dave right beside me. He was having a good time with my family. He had changed in such a short time. He seemed to be more a ease.



Join us tomorrow as we have fun on Dave’s yacht….. See you then….

Hello everyone out there. We had a great Wednesday, and I hope your day was as good as ours. The heat was a little on the warm side today. I just want to ask if any one out there has the same problem as I do.. When the car has been sitting in the sun and you go to get in it. Is the seat so hot that when you sit on it, your butt feels like it is on fire. I just hate that, and it always seems to be my side of the car. Darn that is like sitting on a hot plate….. The temperature did cool down by the time evening came which will make it great for sleeping… Well, gotta run… Till Later.. be safe..

I would like to take this time to say thank you to all those that read my stories… 🙂 🙂  I would also like to say thanks to all the talented arts whos creations fill my stories with color.. 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.  Thanks for being here today… 🙂 🙂





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