Lazy Daisy (9)

DSCN0628 (2).JPGOur resident Chipmunk …….

Daisy’s father looked like a natural at the helm of Dave’s yacht. Dad was so excited, and fell in love with the yacht the minute he boarded. Daisy could not believe that something this beautiful could be her chariot for the day. 

Dave had plans to stay out on the yacht most of the day. He had found a beautiful spot to anchor the yacht, and swim off the yacht. Dave had fallen head over heals with Daisy, as Daisy had for him. It was very weird how this handsome man had come to the rescue of this lost family. He had made it a point to around as much as he could. If for nothing else but to be with Daisy, and her parents. This was the family that had asked Dave to tag along with them, the first day. Dave had found the foundation of a less stressful way to live, and all through people he never knew anything about. Daisy and her parents had opened Dave’s eyes to what could be if you only took the time to lay back and don’t take life so serious.

family.jpg Showing love for family…….

Dave was brought up by parents that had no patients for a child. High society, and image was all that mattered to them. When Dave was old enough he was shipped off to a boarding school. As a small child the big school and all the boys that stayed there were very intimidating. Dave had no brothers or sisters. The only person he had was a maid that took good care of him, before he was sent away. In his home there was no mom/mother, there was just ma’am. There was no dad/daddy, there was sir. A very cold existence for a child, and Dave felt that he was a burden for his parents. Dave only came home for brief trips, till he finished his education. Dave had learnt over the years that he had to take care of himself. Sure his parents paid for the schooling, and the things he needed. Dave ended up sacking away some of that money for when school was over. After school Dave acquired a job with a Real Estate firm. Dave climbed to the top of the ladder in a matter of no time. He was selling homes to the rich people and his commissions were astronomical. Dave had banked a lot of that money, and put some into investments. He bought the toys like most young men do, and learned a lot of lessons along the way. Dave drank, partied, and dated. But, there was no one that made him feel wanted. He felt like most of his dates were after his money. But, now he had found someone who didn’t care about the money. Daisy was his diamond, and in the near future she would be her husband. He was in a family that cared about him and wanted him around.

money.jpg     Money and jewels didn’t matter to this lady…

The fishing poles cast into the water stared to move. “Fish!” Dad yelled. Everyone ran to their fishing poles, and started to reel in their catch. Dad was fighting with what looked like a pretty large fish. He would reel the devil in , and it would pull back on the line. Mom was doing well, and dad was surprised at how good she was with a fishing pole. Mom looked over at dad and gave him a wink. “Hold onto that one dear.” She yelled to him. “I will.” He replied, as he kept up the fight. Dave was having a fun time with his line too. As for me well, my fish had gotten loose, and I was the extra hand if anyone needed help. I stood watching as all three of them reeled their catches into the boat. Dad’s fish was a darn big one, and he was as proud as pink. Mom on the other hand had a fish just a little bigger than dad’s fish. Dave, well, Dave reeled in a fish just big enough to fit in the frying pan. I could not help but laugh when I seen the fish. Mom and dad joined in on the laughter. I was holding my stomach, as Dave looked at me. Tears were in my eyes, as I crossed my legs so I would not pee myself. I started to run for the bathroom, only to be stopped by Dave. As I gasped for air, I pushed out the word pee. Dave laughed and let me run to the bathroom. He was waiting for me when I came out. I walked real sexy towards him, and as he raised his arms, I ran past him. The look on his face was funny which made me laugh more. I turned and went back and raised my arms to hug him. I kissed him on the lips then licked his face. I was off again, and Dave was right behind me.

chasing.jpg           He’s after me….

As we made our way to where the fish had been laying, I could hear non say. “Stop running you two, or someone is going to get hurt.” What is it with moms anyways? As soon as the words came out of her mouth, I slipped on the water that was on the deck. I slid into the benches that lined the circular part of the deck. Boom! Dave asked. “Are you okay?” I said. “I was fine.” Dave bent down and sat on the deck beside me. He patted my shoulder and asked if I was okay. I said I was, and he came back with. “Well, if you are okay? Why are you still on the ground?” He extended his hand to help me up, and we sat on the cushioned bench. Dave checked the back of my head, and as he had my hair lifted up he kissed my neck softly. My heart was beating faster with each kiss on the neck. Dave held me close as mom and dad fussed with the fishing lines.  Dave asked. “Anyone want a beer or a wine?” Dad was right on the in a minute. He had a beer, and mom a glass of wine. “And for you my dear?” Dave asked me. I told him I would like a beer. He must of expected me to say a glass of wine. We all clinked glasses, and sat comfortably on the cushioned drenches at the back of the boat. It was getting quite warm in the sun so we went into the galley where we made some snacking items. The day was perfect. Mom and I sat in the galley and talked, while dad and Dave went to pull in the fishing lines. It was time to go to the cove Dave had come across on a trip he took. Dad stepped up to the helm and followed Dave’s directions into the cove. The water was so calm, and when I peered over the side of the boat, I could see the bottom. Mom was the first in her suit, and she was in the water right away. I asked in the water was cold, and mom said it was warm. Dad was next to jump in the water. He did a cannon ball off the yacht. I was changing into my suit. Dave was waiting for me on the deck. I stood next to Dave, we held hands and jumped in together. The water was refreshing. I wanted to stay in the water till my skin wrinkly. Dave held me close to him as I had my arms around his neck. We kissed so passionately. Mom splashed water at us then swam away. “Lets get them.” Dave said. We splashed mom and dad, then I dunked Dave under the water. I swam as fast as I could, and made it to the yacht before Dave. I stood on the deck sticking my tongue at him. Dave made it up on the deck picked me up in his arms then through me over the side. I went deep in the water, when I came to the surface Dave was waiting for me. I splashed water at him then swam to the back of the yacht.


Dave had asked Daisy’s dad if he could ask Daisy to marry him. Daisy’s father gave him his permission. After a few months Dave asked Daisy to marry him. Daisy said yes, and they married in the back yard of her family home. Dave was welcomed as their son, and mom and dad were very proud of him. Dave and Daisy had two children a few years after they were married. Mom and dad still live in the family home, and Daisy and Dave live just down the street from them… 🙂 🙂

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