Little bit of magic #2

A big explosion had come from the tiny house. Every creature in the forest, bushes and even the grasses looked to see what was going on.

The sounds of silence and faint clanging of pots, bottles and spoons had been taken over by an explosion. The door of the tiny house opened and huge puff of thick black smoke escaped from the opening. A faint cough could be heard as Monica and Emily emerged through the open door.

two witches - Copyexplosion - Copy.jpgThe girls were covered in, what looked like soot. Their hair once white and graying, was twisted in every direction. The cute hair buns they wore were no longer visible. A tangled mess cascaded over their shoulders, while smaller pieces of hair stood straight up. Some pointed to the left then the right. Their once white aprons were covered in black and a slimy green residue. A round puff of smoke came from Monica’s mouth. Emily inhaled then exhale a puff of smoke that made her cough more.

witch2 - Copy.jpgThe forest creatures scattered at the sight of the two ladies. Then a cackling sound could be heard as both ladies sat on the ground laughing and pointing at each other. Emily laughed saying to Monica. “Well, Monica that was not a good batch at all.” “Think we should try that again?” Monica nodded and said, “let’s go try again.” Stumbling to their feet both ladies disappeared into the tiny house.

laugh - Copy.jpgThe forest was filled with lullabies as Monica and Emily sang in scratchy voices. The forest was filled with the sounds of chirping birds, chattering squirrels, a curious crows and various other critters. It did not take long before the intoxicating smells of baking bread, and buns. The ladies had cooking up a batch of their famous love potion breads to sell to various shops in the village.

bread - Copy.jpgTheir baked goods and potions were in demand. A sandwich shop was their biggest customer of baked goods where many of the village people came to sit and eat lunch. Monica and Emily had a large following and made their living from sales. No one knew the bread contained a potion, but they loved the way they felt for the rest of the day.

bottles - Copy.jpgEach day the ladies created their potions to add to various products they sold. Some of the villagers refered  to the ladies as witches, but that was a very big misconception on the villagers part.  They were just two happy ladies gathering their ingredients from the forest they lived in. No one ever came to visit Monica nor Emily and they loved it that way.

The moral to this story is, “never judge a book by its cover.”

The end.

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