Lucy's passion

Taking photos has always been a passion for Lucy. She often took photo after photo of many topics.

Plants, animals, people, places and many more. Lucy’s talent was noticed on her fifth birthday when Nana and Papa gave her a camera. The number of photos she took the first week were tremendous. Believe it or not, most of those photos were very good. Lucy had an eye that saw things most people could not see.
The fog in the morning, the baby’s expression when Mom or Dad cooed or made funny faces. Lucy would sit on the veranda and watch people walk by waiting for that certain expression on their face or the shadows created by the sun catching the movement of their stride. The way the shadows a tall tree made. Lucy could find beauty in the grass, in an open field on a windy day.
IMG_1668.JPGLucy’s photos told a story that some people understood and other people did not get. The flower garden was a perfect place for Lucy where she would watch the bees fly from flower to flower. She tried to explain what she saw but I did not see what Lucy saw. Lucy was very passionate about all her photographs.
DSC_0240.JPGLucy went to school to become a photographer, where she worked¬† very hard doing all her assignments with ease. Lucy’s next assignment was to go to a studio with a model and get photos of her in different lights. On the day of the photo shoot, Lucy was so nervous and had what felt like the biggest butterflies that were trying to burst out of her belly. Lucy would whisper to herself, ” You can do it. ” Lucy had just what was to make this assignment a winner.
DSC_0110 (1).JPGLucy did the photo shoot and her photos were at the top of her class. She had a love stronger than most peoples conviction for their life careers. Lucy put her all into her career as a photographer and artist. There were many assignments and each one made Lucy even more confident. She knew that she was going to be someone with a talent that would attract many many people who would want to have her share in their memories through photos.
20180528_224019532_ios.jpgIt did not take long for Lucy to get recognition for her works of art.¬† Someone had seen Lucy’s photos and wanted to show her works to the public at a gallery opening. The opportunity was what Lucy had dreamed of, now it was not a dream it was real. People came from all around the country and purchased all but three of her works of art. Lucy was a hit now and opening her own business was within her grasp.
20100523_31.JPGLucy moved to New York and opened her gallery, taking photos of movie star families, weddings of the rich and famous. Lucy travels the world doing just what she loved the most, ss a well-known photographer.
Don’t ever give up on your passions whatever they may be.
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