Moving north ( 3 of 5 )

Peter had received the call saying their belongings had arrived. Peter jumped into his Jeep and went to town to lead the movers to the cabin. The roads are not wide out where the cabin is, and now there was another problem with the delivery truck.

Rose had been busy making coffee, and beverages, she had bought cornbread to give the workers and driver, once the truck was unloaded. Rose looked out the window to see Peter trying to get the moving truck to turn into the drive way. Rose  appeared next to Peter to find out what the problem was, apparently the road was way too narrow. Rose had noticed a road a bit up the way that would not be as narrow as the drive way was. There was only one problem, and that was getting the truck turned around. Peter suggested making the drive way wider just might be a good way to solve the problem. “What would we use to make it wider, and would that make the drivers late for their other deliveries?” Rose asked.narrow.jpgMr. Dobson Peter and the movers stood talking about the best plan to get the truck in the drive way. The fellas headed down the road to see the part that was larger. Once they reached the point in the road that was wider, their minds were made up. This would be the best place. Peter said, “now how do we get the truck turned around?” Mr. Dobson said, “I can back the truck down to this point as long as someone directs me.” “Lets walk this road just to make sure the road is in good enough condition to drive the truck on, and to make sure it goes to the cabin.” Peter suggested. Off down the road the fellas went chatting as they walked. Soon the cabin was in sight, Peter said, “that road will do.” Rose seen the fellows coming towards the cabin, she yelled out the door, “is anyone interested in a cold beverage, and some cornbread?snack.jpgOnce inside everyone sat around the island in the kitchen. The break and the beverage was the best part of the day so far. Everyone sat chatting about how beautiful this place was, and how did they find it? “We have been looking for months for a town and place like this, and thanks to the internet we found the town of Heaven, and the rest is history.” Peter explained. After an hour of talking Mr. Dobson, or Gus, as we call him, signaled to his workers, that it was time to unload the truck. Off they went, as Peter and Rose watched from their drive way. The truck inched it’s way down the road, with one of the workers directing the driver on which way to turn his wheels, and when to stop. Bit by bit the truck drew closer to the old road. The drive down the older road was very bumpy which made it much slower to travel on. Soon the cabin came into their view, and the big job was about to things were brought into the cabin Rose told each man to put the furniture in the living room, bed room and so on. Soon the truck was empty and the delivery workers were on their way to their next job. Peter and Rose got busy putting things away, making their bed, and many other tasks. Soon it was time to take a break and relax by putting their feet up. The day had turned into night and Peter and Rose were ready to settle into a real bed and sleep. The sound of the river could be heard from their bedroom window when it was open. And for this night that was exactly what was happening. There were the sounds of owls hunting in the night while little rodents ran for cover. This was truly week had passed as the couple worked on making their home as comfortable, and as inviting as they wanted the cabin to be. Rose had been to town several times gathering all sorts of plans to put in her gardens. She wanted vibrant colors that stood out from the forest. Bright colors of reds, oranges, whites, yellows, and sun flowers to plant in the direct sun. Before long the cabin looked amazing. Rose had out done herself in beautify their new home. Peter had been building a work shop at the back of the cabin. This would be a place for him to make furniture to sell at the markets that happened here and a nearby town. Peter loved making furniture from scratch, and he put all his love into each unique piece. flowers.jpgflowers.jpgThe cabin was so beautiful, and each time Rose went to town she got great comments on her gardening skills. Rose was pleased that people noticed her gardens. Both Peter and Rose fit into the town of Heaven just like they had always lived there. Peter’s furniture was making a hit at the markets, and he had more orders than he could handle. He actually hired a young man to work as an apprentice in wood working. Young Robert fit right in and worked hard to get the orders done , but as fast as Peter and Robert made furniture, the faster the orders came in. Peter was off to the high school to hire another young man as an apprentice, now he had two workers and the shop was getting crowded. It was time to expand. Peter had lots of help as Robert and Lawrence were more than happy to help Peter put the new addition up.building.jpgThe addition was coming along just great and Peter’s workers were like his sons, and Rose was like a doting mother. The future looked fantastic.

Join me tomorrow as we follow the work Peter and his apprentices are doing.

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