On the Ocean

The trip was a grand slam. So much fun that I lost track of time. The days didn’t seem to have enough hours for everything there was to do. 

The island visits rekindled the soul. The quiet rush of the ocean on the shore, the warm sun, bathing the tired sore body in heat, made all problems melt away into a sea of blue. Life upon the “Allure of the Seas” has been an experience I would recommend to anyone. Especially to those who need a break from cleaning, cooking, laundry, and any of those daily chores we do each day.

Each day on the ship, you will be pampered like no other day. Food is abundant in many places to eat. Some places are free to all quests. That was by far the highlight of most days. “Oh,” “be prepared to gain at least ten pounds in your time of your cruise.” The main dinning room was a delight to the pallet each evening. Service is out standing, and worthy of a gold metal award. There are no questions, large nor small that can not be taken care of, with speed and a smile thrown in for good measure.

I am creating a photo account of our journey upon ” The Allure of the Seas” and will be sharing those photos with you, my readers. I will post them tomorrow, October 10th 2018. Till then take care and be safe out there.

“Oh, one more thing.” “If you want to be pampered during your holiday, contact “Royal Caribbean,” and book a trip on one of their beautiful fleet ships. Sail away, and make many memories of your own.

See you tomorrow.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Happy Tuesday” ” I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving”




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