One in a Million (1)

map.jpg     Germany………

Love can be found in many places. But when that one comes along, the whole world changes. The sun shines warmer, the noon seems brighter, and your beats faster than it ever did before. Love does that to a person.

Jillian Williams was an ordinary girl who had dreams of one day of being a doctor and helping others in need. Jillian lived with her parents, had friends, loved school, animals, and loved her parents. In in Wyoming they lived in a small house and had good friends. The education Jillian was getting had been excellent, and up to date. Elementary school never seemed difficult for Jillian and her grades were above most of the other students. Jillian was a book-worm who could be found lazing on her bed reading a book or two a day. She gained a lot of knowledge from the books she read. Most of the books gave information on cooking, mechanics, medical journals and research papers, electronics, design, construction, civilizations, accent tribes, and more. She had a wide variety of books she read. When it came time to go to high school, Jillian was as giddy as her friends. The thought of extending her knowledge was all that she cared to achieve. Most of her friends were interested in the boys on the football team, the soccer team, baseball team, and cheer leading. Jillian was not interested in any of those crazy things. But she still hung out with her friends, and watched them as they giggled and laughed to get attention. Jillian was a student who was far ahead of all the students in her class and was soon pushed ahead in her grades. Jillian didn’t let that slow her down and in no time Jillian was ready for college. Jillian did not want to go to just any college around home. She wanted to go to Germany and study to get her degree there. The medical profession was by far the best in the world. Her parents were a little indifferent at first when they heard Jillian’s choice.

cap.jpg             Graduation………

With plenty of discussions and promises Jillian filled out her papers for college in Germany and sent them on their way. Jillian checked the mail box each day to see if her acceptance letter had arrived. She was quite nervous and excited. All she talked about was going to college in Germany. She would talk with her friend about the college and how the medical department was the top in the world. Most of her friends took her leaving as rubbing their noses in her ability to go away to college. There were a couple of friends that were going away to college, but no one was going as far away as Jillian. Jillian felt sorry that her friends were treating her with such negativity. She had a purpose in life and had decided to make her future the way she wanted it to be. And if her friends were going to be that way then they could go right ahead. Jillian spoke with the friends she had that were leaving home to go to college. They were all excited for the chance to make new friends and gain more knowledge. Days went by and Jillian kept a close eye on the mailbox in the hopes that her papers would show up any day. The summer was winding down and no sign of her papers. While Jillian was reading up in her room, the phone rang and mom answered. “Hello.” She said. A voice on the other end of the line asked if Miss Jillian Armstrong was at home and could they speak with her. “Could you hold on for one minute and I will get her for you… May I ask who is calling.” Her mom asked. “Yes… I am the dean of the Medical College of Germany calling.” He said. “Oh…. Okay… I’ll get her for you.” Mom set the phone on the counter and made her way to Jillian’s room. “The dean of the Medical College of Germany is on the phone wishing to talk with you!” Her mom said as she tried to catch her breath.

phone.jpg    A Call from the college in Germany……..

Jillian was out of the room and down the stairs and on the phone in a matter of seconds. “Hello sir!” Jillian said as she tried to contain her excitement. She was shaking and pacing as she spoke. Mom was trying to hear what the dean was saying, but Jillian would not hold still. Jillian’s face showed her emotions, and mom was having a hard time reading them. One minute she was smiling then she looked so serious. Mom was totally confused about what was being said on the phone. Was it good news or bad news? The call went on for twenty-five minutes and then Jillian hung up the phone. She lowered her head and went to her mom and put her arms around her mom. Her mom hugged her tightly and asked if Jillian was okay? Jillian assured her mom she was okay and broke away from her mother’s grip. Jillian raised her head and looked at her mom and there were tears streaming down her face. Mom got her a kleenex, and Jillian wiped her tears away. When she was finished her facial expression changed. Her face was smiling so much that her cheeks hurt. “I am in Mom.” Jillian said as she squeezed her mom tightly. Jillian sat with her mom and explained what the dean had told her about her papers and they would be there next week for sure. Apparently her papers where near the last few papers in the huge pile of students that had applied. He apologized to her and said he would be pleased to meet her and happy to have a student of her calabar in their college. Jillian could hardly wait for her dad to arrive home so she could break the news to him. By the time dad did get home Jillian was calmed down. Dad and Jillian spoke about the plan that mom and dad would go with her to Germany and they would make a holiday of the trip for him and her mom. Jillian thought that was a really good plan, and this way she would be able to see them each day till they returned home. I like the plan dad and I know it will be hard for me at first because I will be so far from home. I will miss you guys so much. Her dad and mom explained how they would miss her and how she would be able to talk to them every second week. Dad told her not to worry about money and your tuition as that will be taken care of by mom and I. Mom told her just concentrate on her college work and don’t worry, there will be a monthly allowance in your bank account each month. Jillian was looking forward to the time when they would all fly to Germany so she could study in the profession she wanted. 

plane.pngTime to leave………..

Jillian had received all her documents and papers for school. She was limited as to what she could bring on the plane. Once they got settled in a hotel everyone would go shopping for things she  needed for her dorm room. They decided to make their holiday two weeks instead of one so they could have time together and see some of the sights. Jillian had three days before she had to report to college. On the day Jillian had to move in, her mom and dad made sure she was settled before they returned to their hotel.  The next few days would be busy, but each day Jillian would find the time to see her parents to have dinner with them. When it came time for mom and dad to return home, Jillian was sad to see them go, but they would be back to visit in a few months. Till then Jillian could still call them and talk to them. That would have to do over the next couple years.

on plane.jpg      Heading back home……

There were tears at the airport but time would bring Jillian and her mom and dad back together again. Join me as we follow Jillian on her quest to become a doctor.

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