One in a Million (10)


     Proud parents……….

Patsy had met her secret admirer, and was lost for words to say to him. Helmet had shaken hands with Butler, and let Butler know that he would be there when he talked with Patsy. Jillian had to contact her parents and try to set up a meeting of Patsy’s parents and her parents to meet at the same time. 

Once back at the dorm room Jillian sat down and opened the folder the dean had given her. She scanned the pages, looking for the day she would have to move from the college. Helmet sat beside Jillian and was going over some of the information he had found in the folder. Patsy laid out on her bed while on her stomach. She was reading the folder from the first page and on from there. Helmet told Jillian that she best call her parents and see how soon they could arrive. Jillian took her phone and dialed the number for her mom and dad. The phone rang, but there was no answer. “That’s funny.  Mom or dad are usually home, and answer the phone. Jillian hung up and said she would call again in an hour. Helmet took notice and was going to remind her once the hour had passed. Patsy asked Jillian about the possibility that they may not get a dorm room and what would they do then. Jillian told her that we would have to rent an apartment or even a house. We will have to see later. We can always book a time to go to the University and see if there is anything available. Helmet thought that would be a good idea. He suggested maybe going there next week. “This looks like a really advanced university, with a lot of new equipment and techniques for medial use.” Patsy said to Jillian. Jillian agreed and sat by Patsy to show her a picture of a special e-ray machine. “Wow!” Patsy said, as she starred at the picture. Helmet was still looking at some of the information on classes, and the professors. It really looked like the ladies would fit in well at the university. Jillian found the date they had to move out of the dorm room and that was only two weeks away. There would have to be a plan to go look at the campus and availability for lodgings, and that would have to happen this week. Helmet assured the ladies that he and a couple of his brothers would be there to help them move.

looking.jpg    Looking over papers in a folder………

Jillian was reading when her phone began to ring. Jillian answered the phone and on the other end was her dad. “Hi dad.. Is mom okay?” Jillian asked. “Your mom has gone to the ladies room.” Her dad said. Jillian could hear an unusual noise in the back ground and asked where her father was? Jillian could hear her mom in the back ground saying. “Did you tell her?” “Tell me what, dad?” Jillian asked. She was so confused and Helmet could see the confusion on Jillian’s face. Jillian’s dad told her he was going to put mom on the phone. Jillian waited to hear her voice. “Hello Jillian.” Her mom said. “How are things going for you in college?” She asked. “All is well mom.” Jillian said. There was a moment of silence on the phone, then mom came back to tell Jillian something special. “What is going on mom, and what is so special?” Jillian asked in a very excited voice. “We are here in Germany and on our way to the hotel, where we stayed before.” she said. “That is fantastic, mom.” Jillian said as she stomped her feet on the floor, and had the biggest smile on her face. “When did you arrive, Mom?” Jillian asked.  Now they could get both of the parents together and break the good news. Jillian wanted to tell her mom about Helmet, but she preferred to wait till she could see her parents in person. Helmet came over and stood beside her and held her hand. “I have many exciting things to tell you and dad, and I was wondering if we could do it over dinner…. Patsy my room mate will be there with her parents too. Jillian told her mom. “How about this Friday?” Jillian’s mom asked. “That would be super, and we will go to the diner where Patsy and I have become regular guests.” Jillian told her mom. “That’s a very good idea Jillian and I am looking forward to meeting your friend Patsy and her parents. “I must go dear.. we will talk tomorrow.” Mom said. “Okay mom… talk at you tomorrow. Love you!” Jillian said, and hung up the phone.

phone.jpg  Jillian talking to her mom….

Jillian sat next to Helmet and kissed him on the cheek. She told him and Patsy that her parents were in town and Friday was the day to meet, and tell everyone the exciting news. She told Patsy to call her mom tomorrow, and set dinner for Friday at the diner. “I will have to book a table for all of us on Friday.”  Jillian said. “Patsy I think it is best that we have only our parents at the dinner for now, and of course Helmet will be there.” Jillian said. Patsy laughed as she said. “Why does he get to go?” Jillian laughed and hugged Patsy. It wasn’t very late in the day as of yet. Someone was knocking on the door, and Helmet went answer it. There behind the door was Butler, and he had flowers in his hands. Helmet opened the door and said Hello, then asked him to come in. Helmet took the flowers that Butler had brought and put them in water. You could tell Butler was very nervous and was sweating bullets. Patsy didn’t know what to do or say to Butler. Helmet began to ask him what classes he took and when he saw his sister for the first time. Butler sat on the love seat and told Helmet about the first time he had seen Patsy. Patsy was listening closely to each word Butler said. Butler was in two of the same classes as Patsy and Jillian were, and he seen her quite often. He talked about how shy he was and apologized for not coming straight out and talking to Patsy. Patsy had a big smile on her face as she listened to Butler explain his situation to Helmet. “Hey!” Jillian said. “Why don’t we all go out and get some dinner… I’m starving.” Everyone thought that was a good idea, as they walked down the hallway and out across the campus. Patsy was still at a loss for words, and Helmet poked her and told her to say something to Butler. Helmet explained how rude it was to look at him and not say anything. Patsy just smiled then shrugged her shoulders. Patsy finally broke the ice and asked Butler what he liked to eat. You could tell that made Butler feel more at ease. By the time they reached the diner Patsy was talking Butler’s ear off. Butler didn’t seem to mind, after all he liked Patsy a lot. Both Patsy and Butler looked as if they were the only people on the walk way. Jillian and Helmet walked a bit a head of them. As they entered the diner, the waitress led them to a table for four. She handed out menus and got the drink orders. Patsy was pointing out to Butler the best things to eat at the diner. Patsy had over come her shyness and was herself again. The dinner took longer than usual as everyone talked back and forth. Before the foursome left the diner, Jillian booked a table for seven people on the Friday coming up.

eating.jpg   Enjoying a wonderful meal….

It was starting to get dark and Jillian and Patsy were getting a little tired. Patsy told Butler that she would see him tomorrow and asked for his cell number so she could let him know where and when to meet her the next day. Butler said “Good night.” and was on his way. Patsy didn’t shut up about Butler, until Helmet told her to stop all ready. Jillian found it funny how Patsy had changed from being shy to a girl that could not stop talking. Patsy was one of a kind, and Jillian loved her like the sister she never had. Jillian asked Helmet if he was going home to sleep tonight, or was he going to crash with them. “I would like to stay if you both don’t mind… I will call mom and let her know I am here with you two.” Helmet said. “Okay!” Jillian said as she gave him her phone to call. “I’m going to make coffee… would anyone like one?” Jillian asked. Both Patsy and Helmet wanted one so Jillian made a full pot of coffee. While Helmet spoke with his mom, Jillian made coffee. She set Helmet’s coffee in front of him on the coffee table. Patsy had her coffee and was busy looking at the folder they got from the dean. The rest of the night was laid back and relaxing. The next day Patsy went out to the coffee shop with Butler while Jillian and Helmet had some private time together. Patsy had called her mom and Friday was set for everyone to meet on campus then go to dinner. The walk wasn’t very far and the evening was so beautiful it made the walk pleasant. Before the walk everyone was introduced, and when Jillian said Helmet was he boy friend her dad shook his hand and called him son. At the dinner table mom went first. She told Jillian and the others that Jillian’s dad had been transferred to Germany and they would be staying in Germany till further notice. Jillian was almost in tears when she heard the best news ever. Patsy started to talk about the exams the girls had taken, and how well they did on them. She passed the floor over to Jillian and let her continue. We are, that is Patsy and I, are going to take up our studies… She paused for a moment as everyone waited. We are being pushed a head to University and have to find a place there in a matter of one week. Patsy’s mom and dad were beyond happy and hugged the girls, as Jillian’s parents stood in the line to give out hugs. Jillian’s dad ordered drinks for everyone and made a toast to their two beautiful smart ladies. Jillian and Patsy sat with flushed faces as they were toasted.

toasting.jpgToasting the best news ever…..

The dinner was so enjoyable and the parents got along like they were old friends from another time. Everyone was happy for the ladies and the new couple, and their future plans. Helmet had asked Jillian to marry him after her first year of University. Their wedding was held on the farm, and they honeymooned in Cuba for a week. Helmet was offered a job with her dad’s company, and became one of the leading fellas in Germany. Jillian went on to become a neurosurgeon. She was top in her field. Helmet and her had two sons and one daughter.  Patsy had dated Butler for a couple weeks, then called the relationship off. Patsy later found nice lady and is very happy with her and they have welcomed two biological children into their life. One set of twins. A girl and a boy. Patsy’s dedication to her career has made her the top pediatric heart surgeon in Germany. Jillian’s parents moved to Germany and are living in the same suburb as Patsy, and Deanna (her wife). Plus the parents live only a few minutes away from Helmet and Jillian. All the families are very close and share in the lives of their grand-children.

childs.jpg    Five very active children…..

Jillian and Patsy remain great friends to this day and consider themselves as sisters.

gals.jpgStill Friends and sisters to this day……

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