One in a Million (2)

studying.jpg             College means…study….

Jillian was settled into college and mom and dad had gone home. She would be starting classes the next day, and she was super nervous. She did not know anyone, and she needed to start reassuring herself for tomorrow. She knew she would be fine but her stomach was making her insecure. She didn’t like that at all. 

Jillian decided to call mom and have a talk with her in the hopes that her nervousness would go away. Mom aways had good advise on pretty much any problem. The dorm room was dead silent and it felt a bit on the eery side to Jillian. The room was set up for two but no one had been assigned with her, and Jillian wondered why. Jillian stared to dial the number for home, and as the phone rang there was a knock at her door. The phone kept ringing as Jillian made her way to the door to see who was there. Jillian stood on her tip toes and peeked through the peep-hole in the door. All she could see was an eye-ball, and it made her step back from the door. She could hear someone giggling outside the door. Jillian tried the peep-hole again and there stood a tall girl who was waving. Jillian could hear her mom on the other end of the phone saying. “Jillian is that you?” “Yes mom it is… can you hold for a couple of minutes?” Jillian said as she put the phone in the crook of her neck. Jillian un-locked the door and let the girl in.  She had help with her bags and boxes. “Come in.” Jillian said. Jillian said. “HI” and went back to the phone to talk to her mom. “I just wanted to talk to you for a bit mom…. I feel so nervous…Do have any ideas for me to help calm me down?” Jillian asked. “Who was at the door?” Mom asked. “Oh… my room-mate…. she is moving in right now.” Jillian said, as she pointed to the phone and mouthed ‘Mom.’ The girl just smiled and kept bringing in her things. Mom gave Jillian a bit of advise, and said how she missed her and she had to go. It was in the middle of the night and Jillian had woke her up. They both said. “Good bye… and ..I love you.. and they hung up.


         Room Mates…..

Jillian put her phone down and introduced herself. “Hello… my name is Jillian.” She said. “Hi.. My name is…Patsy Milligan… It’s nice to meet you Jillian.” Patsy said. “Nice to meet you too… do you need any help bringing things in?” Jillian asked. “Na… I have my brothers to help and most of the things are in already….. But thanks anyway.” Patsy said with a big smile on her face. The last of Patsy’s things were brought into the room and her brothers said, ‘Hello’ and left the room. They yelled out to patsy, “We love you Patsy.” and they were off. Patsy was closing the door when one of her brothers came back with Patsy’s teddy bear. He gave it Patsy and he kissed her on the cheek and winked at Jillian and left. Patsy closed and locked the door quickly, so her brothers could not get into the room. Patsy turned to Jillian and her cheeks were red. She told Jillian that her brothers did whatever they could to embarrass her when ever they could. Jillian said as she giggled. “The teddy bear was a good touch.”  Patsy stared to laugh as Jillian pulled out her teddy bear from when she was a little girl. “Don’t worry Patsy this is our secret and I won’t say a word. The teddy bears broke the ice and the girls began to talk about what courses they were going to take. As it would happen to be Patsy came to the college to become a doctor as well. Patsy and Jillian began to see similarities that the both of them had. Patsy was a book-worm, Patsy didn’t care too much about and what people thought of her, Patsy had her future planned out pretty much the same as Jillian. As time went by the girls started to think they were twins from different mothers. They both wore the same style of clothing. Baggy, casual, and colorful, but classy. Patsy and Jillian became besties and they could hardly wait to see each others parents. Jillian had no siblings, but Patsy had six brothers and they all protected her, and that drove Patsy crazy. When ever Patsy least expected it they would come creeping up on her. Patsy said they bothered her too much, but if they weren’t there Patsy would be very lonely. She told Jillian that they lived on a farm a few miles from the college. Her mom was German and fell in love with an Irish man who loves her dearly. Patsy said. “And that is where the name Milligan came from.”  The girls talked for quite sometime, and then fell asleep. The morning would be there before they expected it to come.

talking.jpg            Chatting up a storm…….

Morning came as the sun shone through the winds of Patsy and Jillian’s dorm room. Patsy had been up for a bit and had already taken her shower, and was ready for the day. Jillian was just beginning to get up and she headed straight for the shower. Patsy sat looking over the map that showed where their classes were located. Jillian came out ready except for dressing, and that took her no time at all. Patsy said she sure she knew where they were going, and our first class is over here. Patsy held up the map and showed the spot as she pointed it out. We should have a enough time to get coffee before we go to our first class. “I’m happy you are here and we can go to classes together…. I was having a bit of a panick attack thinking about being alone.” Jillian said. “Me too..” Patsy said as she stood and gathered her papers and stuffed them into a back pack. “That’s a good idea on how to carry your stuff around…I will have to get one… I don’t have anything like that.” Jillian said. Patsy said. “Here I have a couple of them and you can have one for your papers…. They were gifts from my brothers.”  “Thank you so much Patsy… You are an amazing person.” Jillian said. “We have to get going if we want coffee and some toast.” Patsy said. And with those words the girl locked their room and headed to the coffee shop on campus. It was going to be a busy day and they were both prepared for learning more about being a doctor. At the coffee shop they sat and drank their coffee with toast, then headed to their first class.

to class.jpg      Heading to class on first day……

Jillian and Patsy were on their way to furthering their education, and as close friends they were doing it together. And they couldn’t be happier. Join Patsy and Jillian as they work their way towards becoming doctors……

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