One in a Million (3)

class.jpg        First day class room……

Patsy had moved into the same room as Jillian. Her brothers had helped bring her things into the room. As patsy went to close the door, one of her brothers gave her a teddy bear and embarrassed her in front of Jillian. But Jillian pulled out her teddy bear and made Patsy feel at ease.

Patsy and Jillian were building a friendship that would last them the rest of their lives. They considered themselves as twins from different mothers, and wanted to meet each others parents. They would have the opportunity to meet the parents in the near future, as Jillian’s parents were planning another trip to see Jillian in a month. The visit would be a surprise for Jillian, and there was good news attached to the visit as well. Then Patsy and her family would meet Jillian’s family at that time. Jillian had a bit of a problem with the language but Patsy was there to help her out. With a bit of coaching and practice Jillian mastered the German language in a month. Patsy knew then that Jillian was smart like she was, and that fact made her totally beleave that Jillian and her were a carbon copy of each other. Patsy had asked Jillian if she thought cloning was possible in humans. Jillian did believe that it was possible. “Why do you ask?” Jillian asked Patsy. “Well… We are so much alike I wonder if we are clones…. We have so much in common and you are smart like me…The only thing different is the color of our eyes.” Patsy said. “We do have a lot of similarities…. Maybe we should go to the library and research the possibilities.” Jillian suggested. The subject was quite intriguing to the both of them and they planned a time when they could look further into the possibilities.

the same.jpg

Once they reached their first class of the day they stepped into a large room with many students sitting in seats. The room was overwhelmingly large, and the ladies felt like they were like ants in an ant farm. There were rows and rows of seats filled with students like themselves. The seats reminded Jillian of the old movie theater she had gone to see movies in at home. On the floor of the room was a set up operating room. This class was going to weed out all the people who could not stand blood or a dead body. This was a very cool class room and the girls were ready to dig into their new form of education. The professor came into the room and said Hello to all the class and began to fill them in on what would be happening in this class room over the next few months. The girls had taken a seat half way down the room and could not only see what was going on but they could hear every word clearly. The professor was a short man with a nicely manicured mustache. His hair had receded, leaving him with a three-quarter ring of hair at the back and sides of his head. He was as round as he was short, but he was dressed fashionably. His voice was somewhat deep and sexy. He spoke with an english accent and pronounced all his words clearly. Jillian and Patsy had their eyes and ears focused on only one thing and that was the professor.

professor.jpg        Professor Doogan…..

The rest of the class went well, and Patsy and Jillian move to their next class. They only had the two classes on their first day, but the essay from their first class they had to write was to be three thousand words. They were to write about who they were, where they came from and why they came to this college. The essay was to be handed in the next day, and in two copies, one for the dean and one for the professor. This essay was just the first of many that the students would have to turn in the next day. Their next class dealt with the pharmaceutical part of their education. This class was one of the many mandatory classes that they would have to take in order to become a doctor. Patsy and Jillian were not only smart but they had photo graphic memories. They figured it gave them a unfair advantage in their studies. This was something they never spoke about to anyone else for fear of being treated differently among their fellow students. When their second class was finished they made their way to the library to create their essays for the next day. Their were copiers available there and that would take care of the extra copies. Plus they wanted to find the best site that would lead them to the subject of cloning. Once they were done it was for dinner and the ladies wanted to have dinner at a pizza place near the college. It felt like the whole college was there in the pizza joint. It was really crowded with students talking over each other, and laughing. The noise was a bit too much for Patsy and Jillian, so they decided to try the diner they passed by on the way to  the pizza joint. The diner was a quaint place with a few students, but the volume was much quieter and easier to handle. The menu was simple, burger, fries, chicken, fries, hot dog, fries, and pizza pie. That’s what the gals wanted and that’s what they had. The pizza was incredible, maybe even better than the pizza joint. Jillian and Patsy had found their favorite hang out to eat at, and they were frequent customers. Once back at their room the gals relaxed and did research on cloning and the possibility of human cloning.

gals2.jpg            Cloning of humans…….

The research for information on cloning went on for several hours till Jillian and Patsy turned in for the night. The next day of classes would be upon them in a matter of hours. The next couple of months of classes seemed to be a breeze for Jillian and Patsy. Their advancement in their classes had come to the attention of the dean of the college. A meeting had been set up for Jillian and Patsy to speak with the dean, in a couple of weeks from now. Patsy and Jillian were a little concerned that they were in trouble for something they had done. They thought of the day, they had to do an autopsy on a cadaver and how they giggled when a few of the other students either through up or ran from the room because of the smell. That was the only time that they could remember doing anything that may get them in trouble. Maybe it was that. “But it was so funny.” Jillian said to Patsy. “Ya.. It was really funny seeing the preppy kids hurling all over the floor.” Patsy said while she laughed. “But all kidding aside… I wonder what the dean could want with us two?” Jillian said. “We two girls are so quiet and sweet.” Patsy said as she placed her finger on her cheeks, she smiled and fluttered her eye lashes.” “You are one cheeky devil Miss Patsy.” Jillian said with a serious look on her face. Patsy gave Jillian a shove and they fell on the floor laughing loudly. Tomorrow was a day off at campus and the gals had really nothing planned, but doing laundry and cleaning their room. There was a tapping at their door that neither of the girls knew. Jillian snuck up on the peephole, and looked out. “Theres a guy out there.” Jillian said. “Come on let me see.” Patsy said as she hip checked Jillian out-of-the-way. “Oh heck that is my brother Halmet…I wonder what he wants.” Patsy said. “We won’t know until you open the door sis.” Jillian said.

girls.jpg      Two crazy ladies…..

Patsy unlocked the door, leaving it open only a crack. “Hey..What do you want?” Patsy said as Jillian struggled to open the door. Patsy let go of the door and Jillian did a summer salt and landed up on the love seat. By that time Helmet was in the room, he had seen the whole thing. Jillian looked straight at helmet and said. “I ment to do that…What would you give me an eight or a ten?” Helmet laughed and said. “That was totally cool and I will give you a ten.” Patsy was acting silly in the back ground while Jillian was trying to serious. “Your sister is a bad one.. I hope you know that.” Jillian said. Helmet said. “I know we have thought her well… We started to create this person when she was a little baby.” Helmet grabbed his baby sister and put her in a head lock. Patsy was fighting back with all she had but she was unable to get away. “Awe come on let my little friend go!” Jillian commanded. Helmet let go of his grip and Patsy jumped on his back and had her arms tightly around his neck. “Why are you her brother?” Patsy said. “I’m just here to visit you… My little sis.” He said. “What are you guys doing tomorrow?” He asked. “Not really anything as we have no classes tomorrow.” Patsy replied. Helmet sat down on the love seat and Patsy sat on his knee. They talked about their classes, and what happened when some of the preppy kids saw a dead body being cut open. That story will never get old for Jillian and Patsy because it was so funny. Helmet suggested that he come pick them up and bring them out to the farm for the day, and they could bring their laundry and do it at the house. Patsy and Jillian thought that was the best plan ever. Helmet stayed for a bit longer then headed back home. But before he left he told them he would be back at eight in the morning to pick them up. Be ready he said as he closed the door behind him.

piggy.jpg            Piggy back riding…..

Join me tomorrow as Jillian gets to visit Patsy’s home and meets her family….

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