One in a Million (4)


       Down on the farm…..

Helmet had come to the college to visit with his little sister. Jillian had met one of Patsy’s brothers and now she was heading out to the farm to meet the rest of Patsy’s family. Jillian had never really been to a farm and this was going to be a new experience for her.

It was early in the morning for the ladies, but they were up and waiting for Helmet to pick them up. They had showered and had their laundry packed up and ready to go. Jillian had commented on the fact that they would not have to pay this time to get their laundry done. Patsy was happy about that because she was getting short on cash, but her allowance would be in the bank the next day. Eight o’clock had come and gone and Helmet was not there to pick them up yet. Patsy was become concerned because Helmet was always on time. That was his thing. Patsy called her mom and asked if Helmet had left to pick them up to come out to the farm for the day. Mom really didn’t understand why he would be picking them up as he never said anything to her. Oh mom I may have ruined your surprise, please act surprised when you see us. Sorry!  Helmet is here, I got to get going, love you… Patsy slipped her phone into her pocket in the hopes that Helmet didn’t see her on her phone. Helmet pulled up in front of the ladies and opened the truck and helped them put their laundry in the truck. The ladies climbed in the back seat together.

laundry.jpg         Laundry day…………

“What kept you.. brother…You are late.” Patsy said. “The traffic was bad.” Helmet replied. “Come on brother you travelled down a gravel road to get here.” Patsy said. “It was once I got in town Patsy….. And what are you, the census taker?” Helmet said as started to laugh at her. Jillian just sat back and watched the two of them talk. Jillian was peering out the window watching the green fields, the cattle grazing, and the geese in the fields. “Jillian… Have you ever been to a farm before?” Helmet asked. “Well…. To  tell the truth I have never been on a farm before.” Jillian quietly replied. “Never?” Patsy said. “You will love being on the farm… I’m sure you will.” Helmet said.. “You never told me that… Jillian?” Patsy said with the look of shock on her face. “It never came up… And you have never asked me about that.” Jillian replied. “Well, you will see the farm now… I will give you a tour around the place.” Helmet said with a sweet smile on his face. Patsy was getting the feeling that her brother was smitten with Jillian. I really don’t think Patsy was far off on her assumption.

love3.jpg              Sweet on you………

It didn’t take long to reach the farm. The farm looked quite large to Jillian as she watched a big dog barking at the car as it pulled in the lane. “What’s the dog’s name?” Jillian asked. “His name is Jack.” Patsy answered, and he doesn’t bite, he won’t hurt you. Jillian felt a little better. There were ducks and chicken running around the yard. The farm reminded her of Old McDonald’s Farm, and as she thought of it she smiled. Helmet was watching her through the rear view mirror, and he caught her smile. As Jillian looked up Helmet quickly looked away. The car finally came to a stop and Patsy flung open the car door, grabbed Jillian’s arm and pulled her into the house. Patsy yelled. “Hey mom where are you?”  “In here Patsy.” Her mom said. “This is my room-mate and best friend… Jillian.” Patsy said with excitement. “Welcome Jillian.” Patsy’s mom said as she hugged Jillian and then Patsy. “Helmet picked us up and said we could do our laundry here today as we have a day off classes.” Patsy explained. “That was nice of him to pick you both up and I’m pleased to have your company today.” Mrs. Milligan said. (Patsy’s mom) “Jillian has never been on a farm before…So later Helmet and I are going to show her around.” Patsy said as Helmet brought their laundry into the house. “You should show Jillian where the laundry is, so you can start it and get it done early.” Mom said to Patsy. Jillian did a little wave than mouthed Thank You as Patsy led her down the stairs to the basement. The basement was old, musty smelling, and damp. It was quite a spooky place and Jillian felt very uncomfortable there. Helmet put the laundry bags on the table beside the washing machine then went up stairs. Patsy helped Jillian put her laundry in first. “Patsy..This basement is creepy..Will you come down later with me.. It feels weird down here to me.” Jillian said to Patsy. “The place is very old and it’s always creeps us out too… We feel the same as you do…. But it’s a basement and I will come back down with you as long as you promise to come down with me too.” Patsy explained. “Pinky sware! Jillian said. Up the stairs they went till the washing machine was done.

images.png      Washing laundry and folding…….

Mrs. Milligan was sitting in the kitchen Talking to Patsy about college life. “Jillian would you care for a cold drink?” Patsy asked. “Yes Please.” Jillian said. Jillian sat at the table with Patsy’s mom and started to talk and thank her for letting her use the laundry to do clean her clothes. Mrs. Milligan just waved her hand and told Jillian it was no problem. Patsy and Jillian talked about the classes, the cadaver story, the place they had found to eat dinner at, and the professors they had at the college. Mrs. Milligan was laughing at their description of the professor, and she thought the ladies were well matched. They both had super high grades, and were very intelligent. When Jillian described the diner Mrs. Milligan said it would be nice if they all could go there one day and have dinner. Jillian thought that was a super idea. Jillian told her about her parents and when they came to visit Jillian wanted them to meet Patsy’s whole family. The television was on in the livingroom and a couple of Patsy’s brothers came out to the kitchen to say hi to Jillian. Patsy said the other brothers were helping one of the farmers plant some of his crops. “Patsy..the laundry is done, can you come help me please?” Jillian asked. Patsy and Jillian went into the basement and switched Jillian’s laundry from the washer to the drier, and then put Patsy’s clothes into the washing machine. Once that was done the girls came running up the stairs like a ghost was chasing them. “Is that ghost after you girls too.” Mrs. Milligan said with a laugh. “He has almost gotten me a few times.” She said with a big smile on her face. Jillian was laughing too, as Patsy looked back at the basement door way.

ghost.png          Scary ghost…….


Jillian liked Patsy’s mom and thought she was a beautiful and funny lady.  The laundry was done and Jillian wanted to see the farm, and what kinds of animals they had. Patsy’s mom said they should get going and by the time they were done they would be able to milk the cow and bring fresh milk in for dinner. Patsy went to the livingroom and got Helmet to come with them. As they headed out the door Helmet took the laundry and put it into the trunk of the car so they would not forget it later.  Helmet walked next to Jillian and showed her the first barn, that was for the cattle who were in the field grazing on alpha. The barn was huge, and there was hay hanging down from the hay loft over-head. There were cats and kittens bouncing around all over the place and they were so cute. Jillian picked one of them up and hugged the kitten then put her back down. The kitten took off like flash and disappeared into a stall. The next barn was filled with machinery and tools that were used to fix the equipment. In another barn there were pigs in clean white pens with straw in them. The piggies were making a lot of noise as it was close to dinner time for them. There was a large long barn type building that had chickens on one side and turkeys on the other. Helmet explained that the chicken would be used for the freezer and the same with the turkeys. He explained the rest off them would be sold to market and then they would start all over again raising baby chicks and turkeys. The same for the cattle and, the milk from the milk cows would go to market other than what they used. Jillian was finding farming a very interesting occupation.


As they walked they could see the corn in the fields and it was pretty high. Helmet said that most of the corn was for animal feed, for the winter. Patsy grabbed Jillian and led her to the next barn and paddock. Jillian was amazed when she seen the barn. The barn was clean and stalls lined the barn length to the outside. There were several horses in the barn and Jillian looked inside each stall. Jillian saw a beautiful horse that was white with black spots on her back. Her mane had grey streaks through it. “What is her name?” Jillian asked. “Her name is May Belle, and she is mom’s horse.” Helmet said. “Mom does equestrian riding… and she is really good at it. All the trophies are mostly hers and I have a few from when the Rodeo comes to town.” Helmet said. “Wow!!! ….. You are all talented.” Jillian said as she smiled. Patsy said. “I ride once in a while but my education comes first.” “Wow!…You are one wonderful lady Patsy.” Jillian said as she hugged Patsy. “Do you want to milk a cow, so we have milk for dinner?…We will show you how.”  Patsy said.  Off they went to the first barn and there were cows coming in through the open door. One by one the cows made their way to their stalls and began eating the hay in their troughs. “Come over here.”Helmet said to Jillian. Helmet was sitting on small stool and had a clean pail under the cow. “This is how you hand milk a cow.” He said as he squeezed the tees and drew milk from the cow. Jillian wanted to try, so Helmet let her get right in there, and Jillian was a natural hand milker. Patsy was already hooking the other cows up the electric milking machines. The milk went down plastic tubes, and into big cooling vats in the next room. The operation amazed Jillian, she had never knew all this happened on a farm. Helmet finished milking the cow by hand and Jillian helped Patsy undo the cows from the electric milking machines. Once all that was done, they headed back to the house with a full bucket of milk. 


milking.jpg        Milking a cow by hand…….

Well, Jillian had a great time in the barns and milking the cow was her happiest moment. Other than Helmet.  Join me tomorrow as we follow Patsy and Jillian in their quest to become doctors.

Hello everyone… It has been a fair day outside, and I actually sat with the door open to let the fresh air into the house. It is presently raining and we are expected to receive 55 ml of rain over the next few days. It’s time to leave the cars outside and let the rain wash them. This is spring I guess and rain is a part of it. Anyways it will help make the grass-green and the weeds grow. The weeds will invade the gardens, the lawns, and the cracks of the pavement and side walks. And dandelions will start to do their thing and make the pollen fly. I hope all of the people out there are prepared for itchy eyes, runny nose, and coughing and various reactions. I wish everyone a wonderful start to spring. Take care of yourselves and the ones you love…. 🙂

I wish to say thank you to all my followers, readers, and those who come to read my stories. With out you I would not be where I am today. Thanks… 🙂  🙂

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