One in a Million (5)

school.jpg     Life at the institution of learning……

The visit to the farm was a new experience for Jillian. Milking a cow by hand was a wonderful feeling of fulfillment, and achievement. Patsy had noticed the twinkle in her brother’s eye for Jillian. Helmet was smitten by Jillian’s beauty and her childish nature.

The farm experience had shown Jillian how intricate the science of farming was, and how the Milligan family handled their operations of the farm. The visit had left Jillian with a look into how other people live. But, all the fun had come to an end and Patsy and Jillian were on their way back to college, and classes were the very next day. Patsy felt sad about leaving her mom as she missed her so much. When she was at home Patsy and her mom were very close, and talked about anything they wanted. Patsy felt safe with her mom, and her best friend/sister Jillian. Patsy and Jillian would talk about anything in life and in secret.  The ride back to the college was quiet, and no one said much. Jillian looked into the mirror while Helmet would look at her. She would smile back at him, and something inside her soul kept telling her he was that, ‘One in a Million.’ There was a connection between them and it felt good to know that. Patsy had fallen asleep on Jillian’s shoulder. To Jillian, Patsy was like her baby sister with a lot of the devil mixed inside of her. But, Jillian loved her just the way she was, and they had fun together everyday. Once back at the college Jillian nudged Patsy to wake up. Patsy stretched and yawned, and got out of the car. Helmet had the laundry out of the trunk and was waiting for Jillian to walk ahead of him. Once they reached their dorm room Patsy seen a bouquet of flowers in front of their door. “I wonder who those are from?” Patsy said. She ran ahead and picked up the flowers. They went into the room and Helmet sat down on the love seat and waited to see who the flowers were from. Patsy set down the flowers and picked the card out and read it aloud.  “To Patsy” ‘These flowers do not surpass your beauty, and every time I see your smiling face, my heart flutters.’ Signed with admiration, your secret admirer. See you in class. Patsy stood dumb founded looking at the card, and her mind began to race. ‘Who could this person be and why didn’t he sign his name?’ Jillian said Patsy should put a note on the community board and just say ‘ that you got the flowers.’ The idea sounded fine by Patsy, but Helmet said that part of the note should say. “I have six big brothers so no silly stuff.” Patsy laughed, and sat down beside her big brother. “I know you always want to take care of me…. But if I say that I will never find out who the person is.” Patsy said as she hugged her brother.

hugging.jpg        Hug between brother and sister…….

The ladies were just about ready to kick big brother out, when Helmet stood up and said he had to start his drive back home. Patsy hugged her brother and gave him a little kiss on the cheek. Helmet grabbed Jillian and hugged her tightly and gave her a lick on the face. Jillian quickly wiped the spit and slobber from her face with her hand. Helmet was laughing and so was Patsy. Jillian walked up to Helmet and squeezed him and planted a kiss on his lips. Helmet was a little surprised, and it showed on his face. You could tell he didn’t know what to say. He just opened the door and walked down the hallway. Patsy and Jillian watched as he disappeared. They looked at each other, and Patsy said. “You broke my brother!” Jillian just laughed and said. “That will teach him to lick my face.” The girls laughed as they prepared for the next morning of classes. The day had been a big one and they were both ready for sleep. The sun would wake them early in the morning and a new day would begin.


      A sound sleep with an old friend….

Morning came way too early for Jillian and Patsy, like many other days. Classes were doing very well. Patsy put the note on the community board, minus the brother’s part. She had gotten a message and more flowers, but the admirer had not revealed himself as of yet. The messages back and forth went on for a couple of weeks. The meeting to see the dean had crept up on both of them. It was the day of the meeting and both ladies had attended their classes, but at three o’clock they both had to report to the office. They felt like they were little kids that had been sent to the office by the teacher, as they sat on a bench by the door of the office. It was very quiet in the hall and no one was there but them. A tall lady with horn rimmed glasses, a pantsuit, with sensible shoes had come out of an office. Her hair was piled high upon her head, face reminded the girl of a sun fish’s face. She worn bright red lip stick and had a squeaky voice.

lad.jpgMiss Patsy Milligan the dean will see you now. Patsy followed her to a room with books everywhere. There behind a large cherry wood desk was the dean. “Have a seat Patsy.” He said as he pointed to a high back chair in front of him. When Patsy sat in the seat she seemed so small as she sunk into the soft cushion seat. “Patsy.. I see that you are a student with a great ability for learning. Your grade scores are by far higher than all the students but one…. I also see that in grade school you skipped several grades as you were so far ahead of your fellow students.” The dean said. Patsy said. “Thank you sir.” She adjusted herself in the chair and tried to sit up straight. “I know you are intelligent enough to go onto University classes.” The dean said as her watched the surprise on Patsy’s face. “Thank you sir.” Patsy stammered. Inside Patsy wanted to jump up and down and yell out yahoo! She tried to contain her excitement, and tried to look responsible. “You must write your entrance exam first and that will be set for one week from today at ten in the morning.” He said. “My secretary will give you a file on what you need to know to write the exam.” He continued.. Patsy could not find her voice and when she spoke nothing came out but a squeak. The dean laughed at the noise that came out of her mouth. “Well, I will let you go for now, and I will see you at the exam.” He said as Patsy stood up and waved and left the room. The secretary gave Patsy a thick file, and Patsy sat on the bench next to Jillian and just smiled. Miss Jillian Williams the dean will see you now. Jillian rose from the bench and followed the seceratary into the dean’s office. Jillian stood and gazed around the room at all the books that lined the walls. Jillian could think of nothing but, I wish this room was my bedroom, I’d never leave. The dean motioned her to the chair in front of his desk, and gave her the same speech as Patsy had just received. Jillian was elated and thanked the dean for the chance for her to skip ahead to University.  Jillian asked him all about the lines of books and how they were obtained. He spoke with her for another fifteen minutes and in that time he showed her the very first book that was collected for the walls. Jillian said, her good byes and collected her papers and Patsy. Then they left with big smiles on their faces. 


Their walk back to their dorm was quiet as both ladies were try to process what they had just heard. At the room they still did not speak for a while. Then Patsy said. “We are being skipped ahead to University… I can’t believe it… Us in University.” Jillian stood grabbed Patsy and the two of them danced around in a circle for quite a while. Neither of them had opened their files, and didn’t want to till tomorrow. Today they just wanted to bask in the glory.

danc.gifJoin me Monday as we follow our future doctors as they continue on their Journey.

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