One in a Million (6)


  University life…….

Patsy and Jillian had received the most fantastic news from the dean of the college. The news was unexpected, and stunned Patsy to the point that she could do nothing other than mumble. Jillian on the other hand, held her own with the dean and spoke to him about all the books in his office.

The after seeing the dean was celebration and relaxation. It had taken a toll on Patsy as she was dumb founded for quite a long period of time. Jillian found it strange to see Patsy this way. Once back at their room, with a load of papers instructing them what they needed to know to write their up coming exam. All the papers were given to them in order to write their University entrance exam. This exam was to take place in one weeks time, and the dean would be there during the exam. The girls were going to have a week off to study for the exam. As excited as the girls where they decided not to look at the papers till the next day. For that evening all they wanted to do was bask in what they had just been told. There would be parents to call once they passed their entrance exams, but until then they promised to keep the news to themselves. Jillian and Patsy had ordered pizza and spent the evening in their room. They went to bed very late, as they did not have to be up early the next day. They had no plans to go out the next day and slept till quite late.


    A Sound Sleep……..

Morning had all but left when there came a knock on the door of Jillian and Patsy’s room. It sounded like the person had a very heavy hand and was going to pound their hand right threw the door. Jillian sat up in her bed and rubbed her eyes. Patsy had mumbled and turned over, and now it was Jillian’s job to answer the door. As Jillian set her feet on the floor the knock seemed to become louder. Jillian made her way to the doo,r and looked out the peep-hole. To her amazement it was Helmet at the door. Jillian yelled out, ‘wait a moment and I’ll be right there.’ The knocking stopped as Jillian straightened herself up and combed her hair. She made her way to the door and slowly opened the door. Helmet entered the room and noticed his sister was still sleeping. He looked straight into Jillian’s eyes and kissed her on the lips. Jillian could feel her body giving into the feeling of his strong arms around her. The kiss was passionate and soft. Jillian could feel a tingling that started in the toes, and went right through her body to the top of her head. Helmet, never said a word as he left her standing in the middle of the room. He made his way over to his sister’s bed and woke her up. Patsy was surprised to see Helmet sitting on the side of her bed. “How did you get in here?” She asked. “Jillian let me in.” He replied. “Where is Jillian?” Patsy asked. “I guess she went to the washroom.” He explained. “Well, brother what are you here for?” Patsy asked with the hint of curiosity in her voice. Helmet looked at her and just said he missed them and wanted to see what they were doing for the day.

sis brow.jpg    Brother and Sister…..

Jillian appeared from the bathroom and sat on the love seat looking at Helmet. He had returned the kiss that she gave him a day or so before. Jillian didn’t know quite how to take the kiss, other than he liked her as much as she liked him. Helmet looked straight at Jillian and asked what the two of them were doing for the day. Patsy was just going to spill the beans on the news from the dean, and she caught herself, as she disappeared into the washroom. Helmet came over and sat beside Jillian on the love seat and kissed her again. Jillian had no idea what to say to him and just sat there looking in his eyes. Patsy soon appeared from the washroom and asked Helmet what he had in mind for the day? Helmet told the girls that he wanted to go to the beach and go swimming. Jillian and Patsy were both in for the trip to the beach to do some splashing in the water. Once the girls had gathered all their things together for the beach trip, they were off. The drive to the beach took a little longer than Helmet had planned, but the day was beautiful. Helmet decided to stop for a bite to eat at the next restaurant that they came to. Jillian and Patsy were quite hungry and needed to eat soon. Finally a place came into sight, and not packed with people but there were a few in the restaurant. Helmet was led to a table as the girls followed behind him. Jillian ordered a burger and fries with a coke. Patsy ordered a double-decker burger with a coke. Helmet went the same way as Jillian, and once the food arrived everyone ate. Once they were done they were back on the road.

food.jpg  There’s nothing wrong with and fries……

Once at the beach there were a lot of people with the same idea as Helmet had. The sun was hot and the water was crystal blue and warm. Patsy was the first one in the water, followed by Jillian then Helmet. The water splashed around them as they dove into the warm inviting water. Patsy rose from the water shaking the water from her face. Jillian was next to surface, but Helmet had not come out from under the water. Jillian felt a hand on her leg, and screamed, as she tried to bolt away. Helmet rose from the water laughing as she ran. Patsy came splashing her way towards Helmet and jumped onto his body, and the both of them crashed into the water. Jillian was laughing as she watched them fall. Jillian decided to swim out further than the others, and when she looked back she could no longer see them. Jillian had swum further than she expected, and began to panic. Her breathing began to quicken, as she could hear her heart beating loudly in her ears. Her arms were tired, and her legs felt heavy. She did her best to float, but she could not relax enough. As a large wave hit her from behind she disappeared under the water. She could feel the water tugging at her body as it pulled her further out into the water. Jillian could feel her breath being replaced by water. Her body began to go limp and Jillian felt like she was dying. As she sank further into the water her body lost all felling. She could see a shadow of a person in front of her. Was it her mom coming to save her, or maybe her grandma who had passed away two years before.

water.jpg        Sinking to the bottom…

Jillian had lost all her consciousness, and no longer could see the shadow before her. Jillian floated lifeless in the water, as her rescuer pulled her to the surface. Patsy was screaming Jillian’s name trying to get her to hear her. But there was no response.

Join me tomorrow as we see if Jillian regains consciousness and who rescued her from the waters…

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