One in a Million (7)


      Life Guards in the water………..

Helmet had come to the college to take the ladies out to the beach for a swim. The conditions for the day were the greatest in a longtime. Jillian and Patsy had been in the water before Helmet, and they splashed water as they dove into the water. Jillian had a mishap in the water, and was in big trouble.

The day had started out beautifully. The lunch was tasty and filling, and everyone was content. Once the ladies and Helmet arrived at the beach the water called their names. Before long the three were in the water kidding around. Jillian had decided to swim out further, but once she looked back she realized that she was too far out. While Jillian surveyed the horizon for Patsy and Helmet, a large wave hit her from behind and pulled her under and further out. Patsy had lost sight of Jillian and was yelling her name from where she stood in the water. Helmet had been swimming in the direction that Jillian was last seen. Helmet was a powerful man and with every stroke he came closer to Jillian. Her body was floating on the top of the water, and he could tell there was something seriously wrong. His heart was pounding in his chest to the point that he thought it would explode. He whispered to himself. ‘I must get to Jillian…. I can’t stop now.’  His arms were burning as each muscle strained with each stroke. Helmet could hear something coming up on him from behind. It was a rescue boat and Patsy was on board. Patsy pointed to Jillian and caught a glimpse of Helmet in the water. Patsy tapped the rescuer on the shoulder and pointed to Helmet in the water. The rescuer said they had to get Jillian out of the water right away and they would pick Helmet up on their way back. The rescuer threw Helmet a life saver and kept going.

floaat.jpg           Floating………

Once the boat reached Jillian two swimmers jumped into the water and dragged her to the side of the boat. She was pulled into the boat. The rescuers started to work on her with CPR, and mouth to mouth. They worked tirelessly on her non-responsive body. The boat had picked Helmet up and was on its way to shore where paramedics waited their arrival. Patsy was frantic and was praying for Jillian to come back to her. Helmet clung to Patsy as he watched the rescuers at work. Once on shore Jillian was laid on her side in the hopes water would come out of her lungs. A stretcher was brought to place Jillian on. Everyone worked on her, and as they did Jillian started to spit up water. The team rolled her on her side and water spilled out of her mouth and onto the ground. Jillian began to open her eyes, and began to wonder what had happened to her. She was unable to recount anything as she was asked questions. Patsy was crying and Helmet was fighting to hold back the tears, and the urge to hold Jillian close to him. The paramedics placed Jillian on the stretcher and carried her to the ambulance. Oxygen was administered, and Jillian was on her way to the hospital to have the doctors look her over. Helmet and Patsy were right behind the ambulance, and followed it all the way to the hospital. Jillian was still not sure what was going on and the doctors wanted her to stay over night so they could make sure she was okay. Jillian didn’t want to stay, but Patsy and Helmet talked her into staying over night.

bed.jpg       A night in the hospital…..

Jillian was put through test after test. After all the tests had been looked at by the doctor, Jillian was given the okay to go home in the morning. But, for the time being she would have to be where she was. Captured by a hospital filled with sick people. Patsy and Helmet had gone to get a bite to eat, and had brought Jillian a sandwich from Tim Horton, and a coffee. Jillian was in a room with one other lady, so Patsy and Helmet had  to be quiet if they were going to stay with her till visiting hours were over. Jillian had juice and water on her table and slowly ate the sandwich her friends had brought her. Patsy talked to Jillian and told her what had happened to her, as Helmet held Jillian’s hand. Patsy thought that was different but just swished it away, and kept talking. “We will be here first thing in the morning to pick you up and take you home.” Patsy told Jillian. Once the bell rang for guests to leave the hospital. Patsy had to use the lady’s room, and that was the perfect time for Helmet to tell Jillian how he felt about her. Jillian asked him to wait till she was at home tomorrow and they would talk about what would happen in the future. Helmet was fine with the arrangement, and when Patsy came back from her urgent matter. Patsy kissed Jillian on the cheek, and hugged her tightly. Helmet hugged Jillian and kissed ever so softly on the cheek. See you tomorrow he whispered in her ear. They both waved good night and Jillian settled down for a good nights sleep.

sleep.png      Sleep came easy for Jillian……

The doctor came early in the morning and gave Jillian the go ahead to go home. Jillian was happy to know that her next sleep would be in her own bed. A breakfast tray was given to her. It looked like nothing Jillian had ever seen. She took a small taste of some yellow stuff, and spit in back onto the plate. She could not find any words to describe the texture and the lack of taste. Once the tray was taken away Jillian vowed that she would be stopping somewhere for some real food, once her rescuers came to pick her up. Patsy poked her head in the room and said hello. She was followed by Helmet who was happy to see her again. “Well, are you ready to leave this place?” Helmet said. patsy gave Jillian a fresh set of clothes and Jillian dressed in the washroom, and was ready to leave. Jillian had to sign the papers the nurse had in order to leave. Once on the road Jillian insisted that they stop for real breakfast. Helmet knew a good place to get good food and headed there. Jillian didn’t realize but Helmet was taking her to the farm. Once there Helmet helped Jillian from the car and led her into the house. His mom was there at the door waiting to hug and kiss her. His mom knew what had happened and he had filled his mom in on what transpired that day at the beach. Patsy was right behind them. Patsy pulled out a chair for Jillian to sit down on, and Helmet began to make her a farmers breakfast. Helmet’s mom put her hand on Jillian’s hand and whispered to her. ‘You must be pretty special, because Helmet never cooks for anyone.’ Jillian smiled and whispered. ‘I think I maybe… and I hope the food is edible, and not like that stuff they try to feed a person in hospital.’ Patsy over heard the two of them and smiled. Jillian was quite amazed at how good Helmet’s cooking was, and enjoyed every bite of food. “You feel better now?” Helmet asked. “Yes much better… You are my hero.” She said.

breakfast.jpg     Farm fresh breakfast feast……

Jillian was doing well after her ordeal. With good company and a good breakfast she felt so much more like a satisfied lady. Mom and Patsy had fun teasing Helmet, but they could see how much he cared for Jillian. Mom knew this was a relationship that would survive the test of time. After a wonderful day of relaxation and pampering Jillian and Patsy were driven home to their dorm room. Jillian managed to hear how Helmet felt about her and she was very happy with Helmet as her official boy friend. Helmet slept over at the room, to keep an eye on Jillian to make sure she was okay.

Join me tomorrow as we return to Jillian and Patsy’s story.  See you on later.  🙂  🙂

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