One in a Million (8)

love.jpg       Love….

Jillian and Patsy were back at the college with a new house guest. Helmet didn’t want to let a day go by without Jillian around him. He had almost lost Jillian to the waters of the lake, and he would never let that happen again. After a talk about their feelings, Jillian and Helmet were officially girl friend and boy friend. 

Jillian and Patsy needed to take a serious look at the papers the dean had given them. With what had happened to Jillian, the dean of the college had given her a few days more to study. Patsy was still going to write on the set date that was only six days away. Patsy needed to buckle down and study right away. Jillian had told her that she would help her study, and prepare. Helmet had gone home, and the girls had the place to themselves. Patsy and Jillian had a schedule they followed for the next six days. They studied for three hours and then took an hour break, then were back at it for the next three hours. They always made sure that they had a place to retreat to and rest their brains. A break was key to resting the brain and retaining the information. The girls would take a trip to their favorite diner and have a treat. The break did a world of wonders for the both of them. This schedule went on for the full six days.

studying.jpg          Study, study…..

It was the day of Patsy’s entrance exam, and she was nervous. Jillian kept telling her she would ace the exam and not to think about anything around her. Put yourself in a bubble Patsy, and nothing will interrupt you. Patsy had finally convinced herself that she was going to ace the exam and she was in charge. Jillian had told Patsy that she would be outside the building waiting for her when she was done. Knowing Jillian was close by made Patsy feel much more relaxed. Patsy made her way to the room in which she would write her exam. The dean was there and wished her good luck and filled her in on how long she would be there. The dean told her that he would be sitting and reading his book and not to pay attention to him. It was a stipulation that the dean be in the room during the exam, to deter cheating. Patsy said she understood, and the clock started to tick as Patsy flowed through the questions like a slow ride on a lazy river. Patsy had to adjust herself in her chair several times as the chairs were not designed to be sat in for long periods of time. Patsy gazed out the window for a split second and could see Jillian sitting on a spread out blanket reading a book. Patsy shifted her gaze to the papers in front of her. She only had ten questions left and there was still forty-five minutes left. Once done, the exam Patsy glanced over her answers then placed her pen on the desk. She was done, and had a good feeling inside that she aced the exam.

writing.jpg          Entrance Exams….

The dean had seen that Patsy was finished and spoke to her. “Is that it for you?” He asked Patsy. “Yes sir I am finished.” Patsy politely answered. The dean instructed her to leave her exam on the desk then stand up and leave. “I will contact you tomorrow with your results. Patsy smiled and went on her way. Outside Jillian was patiently waiting for Patsy. “How do you think you did?” Jillian excitedly asked. “I believe I aced the exam….. The dean will let me know tomorrow.” Patsy said with a big smile on her face. Jillian hugged Patsy and told her she was a great person and a smarty pants. They both laughed as they walk across campus. Jillian was the next one in line and she would be writing in two more days. Jillian was not concerned about her ability to ace the exam. Patsy did help Jillian study, and followed the schedule as Patsy had used in her studies. The morning of Jillian’s exam Helmet had come to visit his favorite lady and sister. Jillian was happy to see him, as he was her. She explained to him that she had a test this morning and it would likely take a few hours. Helmet was not deterred by the wait, and hung out with Patsy on the college lawn outside the building where Jillian was writing. The dean met Jillian and asked how she was feeling and if she was ready to take her entrance exam. Jillian was very excited to get started, and while the dean told her the rules, she glanced out the window and could see Patsy and Helmet waiting for her. Jillian picked up her pen, and started her exam. The questions were easy for Jillian because of her photo graphic memory. The time flew by, and Jillian was finished long before Patsy’s time. She surveyed over her answers one last time then put her pen on the desk. The dean instructed her to leave the exam on the desk and she was to leave. Just as she reached the door the dean told her he would let her know her results tomorrow. “Thank You.” Jillian said, and she walked out to her supporters.

exam.jpg        Writing entrance exam…….

Helmet gave Jillian a big hug as he picked her up and twirled her around in a circle. “How was the test?” Helmet asked Jillian. “Great.. I believe I passed….I will know tomorrow for sure.” Jillian said, as she kissed Helmet on the lips. Patsy covered her eyes, and told them to get a room. Jillian started to laugh as she hugged Patsy. “Are you coming with us?” Jillian asked Patsy. “To where?” Patsy asked. “It’s a secret.” Helmet said, and with those words they were off in the car. As they drove through the city Patsy kept asking where they were going. Helmet finally told her the zoo. Patsy sat puzzled and quiet for the rest of the trip. Jillian put her head on Patsy’s shoulder and closed her eyes. She was a little tired and just needed a short shut-eye. Helmet kept a close eye on Jillian to make sure she was okay. Finally they reached the zoo and Patsy woke Jillian up. “Come on sleepy head…. The animals are waiting.” Helmet said as he helped her from the car. He stood on one side of Jillian and Patsy on the other. When they got to the booth Helmet paid and their tour of the zoo began. I was a warm day with scattered clouds which helped with the heat. The sky looked like it would not rain, and if it did it didn’t matter. The array of birds was amazing to Patsy, and their colors captured Helmet’s attention. “These birds are so beautiful and their colors are so amazing. He was like a kid in a candy store for the first time. Jillian thought that was a special quality for a man to have. After an hour of walking they stopped to rest and get a snack. While they sat on a bench eating ice-cream the sky got dark and then darker. The rain started to pour as people ran for cover. Helmet grabbed Jillian and started to dance with her in the rain. Patsy stood under cover and watched the two of them laugh and jump in the puddles. Patsy looked at them like they were crazy.

rain.jpg        Dancing in the rain……

When Jillian looked around people were watching them and clapping. A few couples had joined in with them. The rain felt good on Jillian’s face as she dance close to Helmet. The rain had gone from a down pour to a misty sprinkle. Jillian and Helmet were soaked and it didn’t seem to bother them. Helmet went over to Patsy and hugged her making her all wet, and Jillian got in there and made her even wetter. Patsy could feel the light breeze cooling down her hot body as the wet dried on her clothes. Patsy could see the love on the faces of her best friend and her brother. “Hey…. are you two engaged or something?” Patsy asked. “Not yet…. but we are official boy and girl friends.” Helmet said out loud. Patsy was happy for the both of them, and walked arm in arm with them as they made their way out of the park. The day at the zoo was just what they needed after writing their exams. Dinner was the next stop and Helmet was in for a treat as he ate with Patsy and Jillian in their favorite diner. The food was amazing, and there were no dishes to do. Helmet could see why Jillian and Patsy loved the place. The people were very nice, and took really good care of their customers. “Mom and dad would really like this place.” Patsy said. We should get them out here soon. Once back at the dorm room, Patsy sat on her bed, and Jillian on hers with Helmet beside her. “That was a great fun day..Thank you brother.” Patsy said. “Yes it was really a wonderful day.” Jillian agreed as she kissed Helmet on the cheek. Helmet didn’t want to leave and asked if he could crash in the room with the girls. “Sure brother… You can sleep in my bed and I will sleep with Jillian.” Patsy said. The rest of the night was relaxing and laid back, and everyone got a solid sleep.

sleep.jpg      Sleeping soundly….

The day had been a busy one and everyone had slept well. The sun would be coming up and shining through the windows of their dorm room. Jillian and Patsy would know soon if  they had aced their entrance exam into university. Then the girls would share their news with their parents, and then there maybe an impending move off college campus.

Join me tomorrow as we find out the good or bad news about the girls exams… 🙂

Hello everyone, who has joined me on this Wednesday April 24th. We have rain here that has made the ground wet and squishy. I don’t know about where you may live but here in Canada the weather is totally out of whack. I was hoping to get a walk in yesterday but, the rain flushed that down the toilet. The weather man is calling for snow to some degree of depth, but not enough to stay on the ground. “Heck…I just got into my no jacket mode, and now I will likely have to wear that darn winter coat again.” Poo!  I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind and let us know when the warm weather will arrive and stay. I’m feeling bummed out because the Leafs lost the hockey game to Boston. There is always next year, and we will be cheering them on like we have this season. Well, I’m going to sign out for now. Take care out there and keep those you love safe and healthy…. 🙂  🙂

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