One in a Million (9)

exam.png           Exam results…….

The day trip to the Zoo was a good time for our three musketeers. The day was beautiful till the rain came pouring down. The rain brought out the crazy in Helmet and Jillian. Patsy looked at them as they danced in the rain. She thought they both had gone crazy. 

The sun shone through the windows of the dorm room. The inhabitance started to stir. With a big stretch and a roar like a lion, Helmet woke and sat up on the side of Patsy’s bed. He sat there looking at his sleeping beauty, and his baby sister as they slept. It was a beautiful sight to see, and his heart was filled with thankfulness for his good fortune, to be here, and share in such wonder. Helmet made his way to the washroom to clean up a bit. Coffee was all he could think about as he rummaged through the cupboards and found a small coffee maker, and a few mugs. He managed to make coffee and in a small fridge he found cream for the coffee. The taste of the coffee was pretty darn good, and he felt proud of himself, as he sat on the love seat and flipped through the pages of a book on the universe. Jillian started to rustle around in her bed. She had to move Patsy’s arm, that had been laying on her chest. She sat up only to see Helmet on the love seat with a coffee in his hand. He pointed to the cup and mouthed ‘Do you want one?’ Jillian nodded her head ‘yes’ as she climbed off the end of the bed. Patsy never even moved, she still was deep in sleep. Jillian headed to the washroom as Helmet made her a coffee. Helmet was waiting for Jillian as she came out of the washroom. They snuggled up on the love seat drinking their coffee, and talking about their day. Jillian and Patsy needed to take a detour to the dean’s office to find out what happened with their entrance exams. Jillian wanted to tell Helmet about the university placement, but she had kept this a secret so far and wasn’t going to spill the beans before she knew if they passed. It was moving on to eleven o’clock, and Patsy needed to be woke up, so they could go see the dean. Jillian was getting really excited, and wanted all the stress over with, sooner than later.

30b9c267448f5c0f4dc0f0d621c9a49d--adorable-animals-living-together.jpg        Snuggles…….

Patsy was up after her brother had jumped on the bed and Patsy fell onto the floor. Patsy was not happy with Helmet, and tried her best ignore him. Her brother was a pest and would do anything he could to antagonize her to the point that she would give in to his antics. Once everyone had prepared themselves for the day, a trip to the dean’s office was in store. As they crossed the campus on their way to their destination, a voice yelled out at Patsy. The voice was not one Patsy had ever heard before. As she turned to survey the crowds to see who had called her. A fella with brownish blonde hair, and a physic that was well worth looking at. Patsy waved back, and the fella came walking over and introduced himself. “Hi Patsy my name is Butler, and I haven’t seen you around the class rooms over the past little while…. Are you doing okay?” Butler said. “I am your secret admirer.” He told her. Patsy was stunned to hear what he was saying. Patsy was amazed and unable to find the words to say. She stood there looking at him with her hand out stretched.  Butler smiled and said that he would contact her later and they could talk. Helmet said. “We will be waiting for you.” And Helmet shook Butler’s hand and Butler left. Patsy watched as he walked away. Once they were at the dean’s office. Helmet sat on a bench in the hall way of the building and waited for the ladies. Jillian knocked on the door of the office as the  secretary was not in the outer office. Jillian could hear a faint ‘came in please’ the dean said. Jillian opened the door and there sitting at his large desk was the dean. The dean waved Jillian over as he placed his book upside down on the desk. “Patsy is here too… May she come in as well.” Jillian asked. The dean seemed a bit on the surprised side but, waved them both in at the same time. “Ladies.. Have a seat.” He said. Patsy I will start with you. He opened a file on his desk that held the papers from Patsy’s exam. Patsy nervously waited for him to speak. “Patsy! You have worked hard on your education and have made big strides. “Your exam was done very well, but you did have a little difficulty with one of the questions.” The dean said. “I wish to go over a question and see if you know what went wrong?” The dean said, as he read the question on the exam. Patsy sat for a moment and milled the question around in her head. “What do you think the right answer might be?” The dean asked. Patsy realized that she had made a big mistake and told the dean what the right answer was, and he agreed with her. “It would seem you have made your way into university!” He said, as he looked over his glasses at her. Patsy wanted to scream out, but she held her excitement inside.

yahoo.jpg          I Passed……

Jillian was next in line to find out how she had done on her exam. Jillian was not nervous and waited confidently for the dean to speak. “Jillian.. As usual you have surpassed all expectations I have for you….You are an inspiring young lady who will be a doctor before you know it… Your future is for your taking.” The dean told Jillian. Patsy squeezed Jillian’s hand, then turned and smiled at her. “Jillian… You have passed your entrance exam with flying colors…. I am very proud of both of you ladies.” The dean said, as he stood to shake their hands. “Thank You dean.” Patsy said as she shook his hand. “Thank you dean.” Jillian said. “I want to thank you dean for seeing our potential, and pushing us ahead to University.” Jillian said with a delighted smile on her face. The dean gave both of the ladies a folder that contained the information on the University, and when they would have to move to the University campus. It covered everything they needed to know. The dean told them if they had any difficulties that they were to call him and he would straighten anything out that was wrong. Jillian turned and looked around the room, and asked the dean. “Are you sure you won’t let me have this room to take with me?” He laughed and so did Jillian as she said. “I hope to meet you again when I become a doctor.” Jillian smiled, turned and left the room with Patsy right beside her.

yay.jpg     Celebrate good times….. 

Helmet could hear the girls coming his way as they were laughing and giggling quite loudly. “I gather by all the giggling that you both passed?” Helmet asked. “Yes… We did.” Jillian and Pasty said at the exact time. Jillian gave Helmet a sexy kiss on the lips as she wrapped her arms around his waist. Helmet looked surprised as Jillian stepped back once the kiss was over. Patsy came up to Helmet and kissed him on his cheek and hugged him tightly. “Congratulations, little sister…. You sure are some smart.” Helmet said. “Thank you Helmet….” Patsy said, as she looked at Jillian who  was smiling. Patsy walked over to Jillian and whispered in her ear. “Can we tell Helmet about the university?” Jillian whispered back. “We will wait till we go for lunch at the Diner.” Patsy shook her head yes, then put a thumbs up. Helmet was beginning to wonder what all the whispering was about. He had watched the girls in their huddle and couldn’t figure out just what was going on. “Are you girls going to do something to me, that is not nice?” He asked. “You would be so lucky, now wouldn’t you.” Jillian said as Patsy giggled. “We will let you know soon enough…. Lets go get some lunch/dinner.” Jillian said, as she grabbed helmet’s hand, and led him in the direction of the diner. Once inside the diner, lunch was ordered, Patsy started to tell Helmet the good news. Jillian watched as Patsy took the long run through how the surprise came about. The story seemed to take forever as Patsy dragged it out just to keep Helmet on the edge of his seat. When Patsy got to the part about the University, Helmet’s facial expression changed. His mouth was wide open and he couldn’t seem to get a word out of his mouth. Jillian looked at him and asked. “Are you okay Helmet?” Jillian was beginning to think Helmet was having a stroke. Jillian looked for signs as she asked him to raise his arms, and to stick out his tongue. Helmet went right along with everything she told him to do. Jillian couldn’t see any signs of a stroke and grabbed his wrist to check his pulse. Helmet let her check him over and as she got close enough to his face, he grabbed her and kissed her passionately. Jillian gave him a shack on the arm and said that she thought he was having a stroke. He laughed as Patsy watched him fool Jillian. “My future wife… The doctor, and my baby sister the doctor…. I sure am one lucky guy.” Helmet said. Jillian held his hand as they waited for their food to be served. Jillian told him not to tell his mom and dad as they wanted them all to be together at the time. Jillian really wanted her parents to be there as well. “I must call my mom and dad to come to visit me as soon as possible.” Jillian said. “I will call them when we get back to the room.” She said. This was big news for Helmet to hear, and he had a million questions to ask. Dinner had been served and the conversation turned to playful kidding around.

Join me tomorrow as we see the joining of two families to hear news that will make everyone very happy….. 🙂

Hello everyone: How was your day yesterday? Mine was pretty good until I heard the weather. But that feeling sure changed when I heard the Toronto Raptors their win the other night. At least there is something to cheer about for us Canadians. I feed the birds in my back yard, and usually I have only two doves that show up here every spring. Today I counted seven of them, there must be one of them sending out the word to different doves. I also had one red winged black bird, several starlings, a robin, three squirrels, and one little chipmunk all feeding together. I could not believe it. And the other day I seen a cardinal, which I believe was a young male. These birds come back each year and I enjoy their company. There is a skuck around here somewhere, but I don’t want to meet it face to face. I have a smaller bunny, who I beleive is about three years old this spring. She came to my yard as a baby and has been returning almost every night. She is not afraid of me and will not run away when I get near to her.  I know I could talk all night about animals and the birth of spring, but I need to sign off…. Take care of the ones you love, and be safe out ther where ever you may live… See ya later…..  🙂

I would like to thank all my awesome followers, readers, and visitors who take their time to read my stories…. 🙂  🙂

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