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‘This our earth’. ‘Our future.’  It’s our responsiblity to change our earth for the better. We are taught at an early age to pick up the garbage we put on the ground. “Do you pick up after yourself when it comes to waste?’

Our world is suffering and we all have to pitch in and do something to make our planet better. I know that a lot of the devastation has been caused over time and earth will never really return to the way it was once. A lot of the animal species are become extinct and our mammals in the ocean are suffering as well. All the creatures on earth are there for our enjoyment and the enjoyment of our children and their children. But the way the planet is being destroyed is purely unacceptable. Big business and emissions of factories, cars, trucks, boats, anything that puts bad emissions into the air is a huge ongoing problem. This change and crack down on the big businesses pumping crap out into our air has to ‘Stop!’ This is a problem for not just us but the problem is made by every country that lives on this planet called earth. I believe these big money offenders should be fined astronomically high fines. As in their line of offences to earth, big business should be punished by removing their ability to bribe and throw cash at problems to make them go away. I’m not talking about one country but ‘All countries.’ And for places that do not comply should have all officials of the organization fined in cash. And the cash from these funds should be put towards mending this planet. Right now there is no accountability in place for the offenders. ‘There needs to be a big change.’ ‘Sooner than later.’

imagesBQO092D1.jpgChemicals are being dumped into our oceans, which eventually ends up in our lakes. The same can be said for sewage being flushed into our water ways, grey water, fertilizers, pesticides, salt used on the roads in winter, industrial waste,radioactive waste and a huge variety of other methods. We are poisoning our earth and once this eco system is disabled we no longer have a chance of repairing earth. ‘We as humans will no longer live.’ ‘Our planet earth will die.’ That is why we have to start now to reverse some of the bad habits that occur everyday.   Clear cutting of our forests gives lumber to build homes, but animals are displaced and killed by humans. We are greedy when it comes to the way planners do things. Don’t you realize that water is our most important commodity. We need water to live. Trees and plants help filter our air and make it clean to breathe. Plus trees, grass, plants, even weeds prevent our soil from eroding and being washed away by rain and wind. We need soil to grow crops, and water to help them grow. “Doesn’t anyone out there get this?”  I sit here and run this everyday around in my head. I want my grand-children to inherit a functional earth. Where air is clean to breath and food grows from the ground. Is this how we will breath in the future. I pray to God we are not that misguided. 

air pollutionAs you can see the tree represents fresh air. Air that will keep you a live. Mining at sea also causes problems for our oceans. Acid rain will kill our crops, our water, our life as we know it. We need new ways to use discarded items like plastics, tires, clothing, vehicles, plastic water bottles. These are a big problem, as are plastic straws. These things are only the tip of the iceberg. I have heard of tires being used to make pavement that is more durable and may last a lot longer. When glass bottles were used they were returned for two pennies. Then they were sterilized and put back into use again. Why are we not using them again in the same fashion as they were used before instead of plastic? “Wake up all those money hungry people who don’t want spend more to make things right. Believe me I am not blaming all business, just the ones with their heads in the clouds, sniffing in the colour of green money.

boy in boat.jpgIs this acceptable to any of you? I know storms, tsunami, tornado’s, flooding, and any other wicked act of nature contributes to this. But not as much as we do. Can you see all the things that find their way into our water? In amongst the crap disease lurks waiting for its chance to wreak havoc on humans and animals. “I do not find this acceptable in any way.” This garbage has made its way into our oceans. The oceans are suffering as sharks, dolphins, fish, whales, and other mammals are found stranded or washed up dead on our shores. Oil spills impact our coral reefs, plastic products become tangled around turtles, around appendages of whales, sharks, seals, fish, birds, and many other creatures on the earth. Turtles when they see plastic floating in the water they see this as a jellyfish one of their favorite treats. They ingest the plastic it clogs the digestive system and they starve or are eaten or they die a painful death. Birds that ingest your discarded chewing gum, they eat it thinking it is food and they suffocate and die while their mate stands watch over their lifeless body.

nets.jpgAs you can see above nets entangle sea turtles, and as they struggle they eventually die. Dolphins, sharks, whales of all varieties become entangle in old pieces of nets thrown into the sea. Nets used by fisher men to contain mammals cause death by the dozens. Entanglements are responsible. 344 species is 100% of marine turtles, 67% for seals, 31% for whales, 25% seabirds as well as 89 species of fish, 92 species of invertebrates. These all lead to deformities with restrictions in movement making them vulnerable to predators, drowning, or starvation.  Oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico.  82,000 birds of 102 species were harmed or killed. 6,165 sea turtles, 25,900 marine mammals and an unknown amount of fish were hammered or killed. The statistics are staggering. And this is all due to human misconduct. Our oceans are becoming a garbage dump.

polutionIs this what we will become? If  this is not your choice do something about our planet earth. It saddens me to see our wide variety of species being eliminated. Once they are gone they will be here again. All the world has to do this together ,to make the changes necessary to keep our planet alive….

Thank you for joining today. We are the keepers of the planet and we need to step up and change a lot of problems. Stop clear cutting, plant trees anything to keep our soil from being washed away. Stand up against unnecessary packaging, plastic grocery bags, plastic containers, plastic bags, and styrofoam. For packing there has been a new way to do this, with air in recycle plastic pods. They keep things safe from harm while traveling on their way across the world. Use biodegradable products for coffee cups,  wax straws and any other way to save our piles of garbage getting larger by the minute. Always recycle cans, plastics, news papers, and other recyclable items.  “Together we can make a change..” I wish you all a happy Thursday, and take care of those you hold dear to your heart, and be safe out there….  🙂

Thank you to all my followers, readers, and visitors old, and new. Thanks for stopping by to relax and read my stories…  🙂  🙂

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