Out of the fog (1)

fog - Copy.jpgThe Fog


The fog can hold many things that we could never imagine. Fog is used as an effect in a really scary movie to create an eerie feeling of something ominous. Something that will cause fear in all those who watch. Fog can add an extra element to a photograph making a calm valley beautiful.

Ruth and Brent Warner were a very happy couple who had been married for ten years, and had never wanted children. And as the years past Ruth began to think that it was time to have a child or even two children.  They figured they were settled enough and had means to afford a child. It would happen that a year later Ruth and Brent had a beautiful daughter. She was the apple of her daddy’s eye, and to tell you the truth she had him wrapped tightly around her little finger. The proud parents named their daughter Felisha Anne Warner. Ruth stayed home with Felisha and worked part-time from her home. The odd meeting at her place of work allowed Ruth a chance to get out of the house at least once a week. She liked the time away and would plan lunches or even a late dinner with her husband. Ruth’s mother would gladly come over and spend the day Felisha, after all she was her one and only grandchild. Ruth had always wanted two children so the first child would not feel alone. Ruth knew how that felt, and she wanted more for her children. Felisha had turned one, and still Ruth hadn’t become pregnant with her second child. Felisha’s second birthday came along and still no second child. Ruth was becoming very worried that she would be unable to have any more children. Ruth had arranged an appointment with her doctor, to try to get some answers as to why she hadn’t got pregnant. The doctor did an exam and found out that Ruth was indeed three months pregnant. Ruth was so happy and could hardly wait to tell Brent the good news.

Ruth was in the kitchen talking to her mom as she talked Feisha into eating her carrots, which Felisha had no use for. Ruth had planned a nice dinner. She was so excited to tell Brent and her mom about the baby. Her mom had taken Felisha upstairs to have a bath and helped her get into her pyjamas. Felisha had a busy day with grandma and Felisha was a bit cranky and really needed to ge to bed. Ruth wanted Felisha to stay up till her daddy got home so he could see her. Brent and his daughter always had this cute way of saying hello. They would always slap hands high, slap hands low, behind the back and once again, a small jump them a big squishy hug. Felisha would always laugh while they did their greeting. Ruth had actually filmed their hand shake for when Felisha got older. Grandma and Felisha came down the stairs, and the front door opened. There was daddy and Felisha was on the run right to her daddy. They did their hello ritual, and then did the big hug. Brent rubbed his beard on Felisha’s neck and she let out a squeal. Daddy let her on the floor and she ran off into the kitchen, followed by daddy. The two of them were super close, and would remain that way for the rest of their lives.

“Dinner will be ready soon.” Ruth said as Brent planted a big kiss on her cheek. “Okay.” Brent said as he went upstairs to wash his hands. Grandma was coming up the stairs to put Felisha into bed and stopped long enough for daddy to give his little girl a kiss goodnight. Once Felisha was tucked into her bed Brent and grandma headed down to have dinner. Ruth had the table set and the food waiting on the table for them. Dinner was always a place to talk and chat about how the day went. Brent asked how the doctor’s appointment went? Ruth told him that everything was good and she was healthy. “But” she said as she paused for a moment. “I have very good news to tell both of you.” Ruth went on. “Well, spill the beans dear” her mom said. “We are expecting.” Ruth said slowly. “Expecting what?” Brent said aloud. “We are expecting our second baby.. I am three months along.” Ruth said with a big smile. Brent and grandma were so excited to hear the news. “I will have two grandchildren…Yahoo.” Her mom yelled. Brent was all smiles as he sat looking at Ruth. “We did it hun..You and me.” Brent said. The rest of the evening was spent talking about the baby and having two children.

Morning came early after a longer than normal evening. Brent got up and put on the coffee then had a shower. Once he was dressed he woke Ruth with a big kiss. Grandma had gone home and Ruth needed to be up for Felisha. Ruth staggered down stair and had a coffee with Brent as she made him a lunch to take to work. The coffee helped to wake Ruth up and get her on track. While Ruth made her way up the stairs to sneak in a shower she could her Felisha turn over in her bed. Ruth peaked in the room and seen her baby girl asleep. The shower Ruth had made her feel up and ready for her day with her daughter. Once Ruth dressed she stooped into Felisha’s room to see if she was awake. There she was sitting up and singing to her teddy bear. She looked so cute as she hugged her bear and patted the bear’s back. Felisha had not seen her mom yet but when she did she was up and standing against her crib rails with her hands high up and saying mama. Ruth picked Felisha up from the crib and hugged her tight, and she changed her nappie and took her downstairs to eat breakfast. Felisha usually ate cereal and some fruit, she had always been a good eater, and never had to be coached except for carrots.

Once Felisha had finished eating it was time for her bath as she could get pretty messy at times, and this was one of those times. “Into the tub little lady.” Ruth said. Felisha loved her bath and would lay on her belly and act like she was swimming. Once bath was over Ruth dressed Felisha in the clothes grandma had put out the night before. Down the stairs mom and daughter went and right to the television to exercise. That was one thing they really liked to do together, then it was a game of hide and seek, then they played catch with a nerf ball, and after it was story time. Mom would read as Felisha pointed out the animals on the page and mom would help her count them. Lunch was getting near and Ruth made grilled cheese for herself and Felisha. A tall glass of milk for mom and a sippy cup of milk for Felisha. Mom and daughter clicked their glasses together and took a big drink. After lunch was done it was time for Felisha’s nap. With out her nap she would be hard to handle by the time supper rolled around. Ruth would tidy up the house while Felisha napped then she would stretch out on the sofa and read her book.

Mom and Felisha had a routine that they followed  each day and it seemed to work out just fine for them. As time went by Ruth’s belly got bigger and bigger and she would tell Felisha that the baby was in her tummy. Felisha would sing to the baby as she laid her head on mom’s belly. She was going to be a big sister soon and was excited to see the baby. Ruth was nearing her time to have the baby and grandma was staying over to help with Felisha. In the middle of the night Ruth was awaken by a painful contraction, her water broke and it was off to the hospital.

A new life was about to be brought into the world and who ever the baby was he or she would have a great big sister waiting for them at home.

Join in tomorrow as we discover what sex the baby is, and see how Felisha acts when they bring the baby home.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as I did. I went to a baby shower for my son and his wife. ‘It’s their first child.’ The turn out was really good, and the two of them now have four and a half plastic bins of baby items. Plus diapers, toys and lots of books to read to the baby. It was nice to see the smile on her face as she unloaded each gift bag. Take care of those you love and be safe on the roads.  🙂  🙂

I would like to thank all my followers, readers, new and old visitors who stop by each day to read my stories. 🙂 🙂 Thanks!

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