Out of the fog (2)

fog2 - Copy.jpg       Beauty created by the fog…


Ruth and Brent had and beautiful young daughter, and were very close to having their second child as we left them yesterday. Felisha was so excited about being a big sister, and her mom was excited about meeting her second child. Grandma was blown away knowing soon she would meet her second grand-child. Brent was proud that he would be a father to a brand new baby in a matter of no time. 

Ruth and Brent were on their way to the hospital and grandma was patiently waiting for on the babies arrival. Felisha was asleep in her bed and had no idea mom and daddy had left the house. Ruth was admitted and was waiting in the birthing room with Brent by her side. Brent was there in the room with Ruth for the whole birth and when the baby entered the world he was beyond happy to tell Ruth the baby was a boy. Ruth had a short stay at the hospital but was home really soon after the birth. When Brent called grandma that she was a grandma to a baby boy. She was over-joyed to hear the news. On the day of Ruth’s return home grandma had Felisha were up and ready to see the baby. Felisha just kept saying baby and mommy. Ruth and Brent had named their son James Mathew Warner. James was a pretty chubby little fella, and had the lungs of an opera singer. Ruth found that hard to believe and remembered that her father James had the same loud voice. If her dad was to call you to come home the whole neighbour hood knew you were late coming home. His voice would seem to echo off the trees a long the street to the place you were with your friends. All the kids would scatter in different directions then disappear. Ruth would always chuckle to herself when she saw them run. Mathew was Brent’s dads name and he was a very quiet man who seemed to always whisper when he spoke. Ruth knew that voice could not have come from him.

Once out of the hospital they arrived home and there in the door way of the house was grandma and Felisha. Felisha was standing with her hands stretched far out waiting to take the baby from mommy. Ruth and Brent went into the living room and set the car seat on the sofa and grandma sat right beside the car seat. Felisha did her hello ritual with daddy then came to sit on her mommy’s lap. Ruth gave her daughter a big kiss on the cheek and asked if she would like to meet her brother James. Felicia’s head was bobbing up and down like the little dog in the back window of a car. She was ready for sure. Ruth told her she must be very gentle with her new brother as she could hurt him and he would cry. Grandma turned back the blankets of the car seat as Felisha was straining to see past grandma. When grandma turned around with James in her arms Felisha let out a big sigh. Grandma asked if Felisha wanted to sit on the sofa and hold her brother. Felisha was so excited and was on the sofa in seconds flat. Brent showed Felisha how to hold her arms out then grandma placed James in her arms. Felisha’s eyes were like saucers when she seen the babies eyes open and then he wiggled a little and settled down in Felisha’s arms. Brent took a few pictures of Felisha with her little brother, as he was snapping the photos Felisha scrunched over and kissed James on the cheek. It was the cutest sight Brent, Ruth and grandma had ever seen. Grandma had a tear in her eyes as she watched Felisha being so gentle with James. “She will be a great big sister to James.” Grandma said.

After about ten minutes James began to wiggle around again, and the look on Felica’s face was recorded in photos as her eyes bulged and her face became distorted. James let out a big cry and Felisha kept telling James. “No cry baby me you big siser.” But James was either wet or hungry and mom took James from Felisha to change his diaper. Felisha was watching very closely at what mom was doing. She was perhaps a little too close as when the wet diaper was removed James peed on Felisha’s hand and on mommy too.  Grandma was laughing at Felisha as she tried to wipe the pee away from her hand with a wipe mommy had given her. And the greatest thing about what had happened daddy had captured ever funny moment on the camera. All to be placed in a photo album. With James ready for a bottle mom held James as Felisha helped hold his bottle of milk for him. This was the start of a friendship between sister and brother and as they grew older together their bond became stronger. Before long, time had flown by and the children had grown older. Felisha was now twelve and James was nine. On a saturday the family had gone to a race track with small cars the children could drive themselves. Felisha had her car speeding around the track as she slid into each turn, and James was less aggressive. Felisha was five laps up on James by the time he had done his second lap. Felisha would yell at him to speed it up every time she passed by him. James was the grandpa driver, and Felisha was the crazy girl driver driving for the thrill. Felisha was hooked and every Saturday Brent would take her to the track to practice her skills on the course. By the time she was sixteen she wanted to get into round track racing. Ruth was dead set against her driving in a race like that, and Brent well, he thought she was good enough to race one of the small track cars. Felisha would have to get her licence first as that was one of the requirements she needed. It would be a couple of months before Felisha would have her driving test. Brent had enrolled her in a driving course that also included slippery conditions, and what to do if you could see an accident ahead. The course had class room work as well as street driver training. Brent figured that in the next couple months he could sweet talk Ruth into letting Felisha drive in the race. Brent had already contacted a few sponsors to cover Felisha’s race.

Felisha had started her courses and was doing driver training on the city streets and she was aceing each test she was given. Her road hazards test was coming up and she had to speed on ice and be able to control her car. Felisha aced that test as well. When it came time to write her test for her licence dad was more nervous than she was. Felisha kept telling him don’t worry dad I will have my licence very soon. Dad had been sweet talking mom and had her just about to the point of letting her drive in the race. When Felisha got her licence Felisha asked if mom would come for a drive with her so she could prove to her how well she could control her car. Once their drive was over mom asked Felisha if driving was the career she wanted to follow. Felisha convinced her mom to come see her win her very first race.

Mom was worried about Felisha getting hurt if there was an accident. After all Felisha was her baby girl and as a mother she didn’t want her to be hurt.

Join me tomorrow as we follow Felisha through her very first race on the oval track. See you then.

I hope that everyone had a great Monday. The day had been fairly nice in my little corner of Canada with weather that enticed people outside into the sun shine. There is a promise from our weather man who said the temperature would be in the double digits by Wednesday. That would be wonderful but I will believe that when it happens. Take care of those you love and be safe on the roads.  🙂

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