Out of the fog (3)

fog 3.jpg          The fog……


Felisha had done fantastic on her courses to get her driver’s licence. She came home and took her mother for a drive in order to prove to her that she was a safe driver. After they returned home Felisha’s mom gave her permission to drive on the oval race track.

Felisha came in the house with a big smile on her face, and right away dad knew mom had given in. Grandma was there to meet Felisha with a warm grandma hug. James gave his sister a big high-five, and dad started to do their hello ritual. Mom was just leaning up against the door way watching the excitement in the room unfold. She had a big happy smile on her face but inside she was worried that she may have done the wrong thing.  Ruth was the protector, and dad was the let them get what they wanted part of the family. I guess all mothers pretty well fall into that category. We tend to be the nurturer in the lives of our children and protecting our off spring from that which may hurt them. It’s been said many times ‘never come between a mother and her cub.’ We can be very viscous to anyone who hurts our family. Felisha was due to race in three weeks and dad had a lot of things to get settled before the race. The promoters had to be contacted and Felisha had to sell her skill to them after all she was the driver they were backing.

A track car needed to be purchased and painted with a the sponsors logos and a catchy name for Felisha. There was insurance to get and entry fees that had to be paid right away. Also the main colour of the car needed to be picked out by Felisha. Felisha needed dad to help her with the name choice. Dad figured the name should have a sweet sound to it when you said it, and the colour of the car was a good start. The two of them sat at the table looking at colours and came up with a Canary Yellow that would make the car stand out in the crowd. Felisha asked if the name ‘Sweet sunshine’ would be an okay name. It was funny to see them saying the name over and over in different  tones to see how it sounded. Little did they know mom and grandma were listening from the other room. They could her laughing and wondered where it came from. Tip toeing around the corner they snuck up on mom and grandma and scared the wits out of them. “What’s so funny?” Felisha said with her hands on her hips. “You should have heard the two of you.. The tones you made were funny.” Grandma said in between trying to catch her breath. “You should have been here.. It was hilarious!” Mom said as she placed her hand over her mooth and tried not to laugh.

Felisha raised her hands and dropped them slapping the sides of her legs. “Oh ‘fiddle faddle.” She said as she walked back into the kitchen. This was important to Felisha and her mom laughing made her feel a little hurt. Dad sat down and said.”We did sound pretty funny you know!” At that point the two of them burst out laughing.  The preparations were very stressful. After all this was the first move ahead in her new career. She really wanted everything to go just right with no mistakes. This would be her debut and it was very important. Dad had a mechanic set up to be at the track incase anything was to go wrong and this man had every thing they needed to fix the car. Dave Allen (mechanic) had a trailer to transport the car, with a little kitchen area, and a place to relax in after the races. The sponsors had obtained a copy right for the design of the car so no one could copy the work they had done on it. A few days later Felisha was called to meet the sponsors at the oval track to test out the car she was driving in the race. The track was not far from where they lived so there was no need to get a motel for the night. Felisha was a bit on the nervous side maybe because her mom, dad, grandma and brother would be there to see her drive. She just had to psych herself up for the race and she knew how to do that.

“Hey dad after you are finished what you are doing right now… Can we go to the go-cart so I can rev myself up for the race?” She asked. “Don’t see why we couldn’t.” Her dad said. “Ask your brother if he would like to come and race with you?” Dad said as Felisha headed up the stairs to ask her brother James. James came tearing down the stairs way ahead of Felisha he was ready to go in matter of a minute. James loved the fact that he could drive a car of sorts on a track like his big sister. Dad and Felisha joined James who was all buckled up in the car and ready to go. Mom didn’t even realize they had gone but a note was left on the table telling her where they were and how long they would be and it was signed love your family. Mom and grandma were alone in the house and sat in the living room with a glass of wine talking about Felisha and her up coming race. Grandma was for Felisha doing what she loved and her bravery for doing something dangerous. Mom tried to agree with her but found it hard not seem negative. “I’m just worried about her getting hurt and her life being ruined.” Mom said. “Oh don’t be silly dear… You know you have to let the little baby birds leave the nest and spread their wings at sometime in their lives.” Grandma said as she held Ruth’s hands. “Yes I know I have to but I find it so hard to do.” Mom sadly said. “You will see saturday  just how great your daughter really is and I have all the faith in the world that Felisha will wow her sponsors.

At the go-cart track Felisha sped around the track as she left James far behind. Dad was clocking her and her time was amazing. She knew how to make that car hum as she manipulated it all around the track. She was great in traffic and fast on the straight away. She was a natural-born racer and dad was very proud of her.

Join me tomorrow as we follow Felisha into her trial run and then her race on the oval track.

Hello everyone from my corner of Canada. Lots of sun shine today but there was that chilly wind that keeps hanging around and makes me not want to go outside. My pups don’t mind the wind and I can see their point, but I’m not covered in fur like they are. Thank goodness cause with these darn hot flashes I would likely explode. And that wouldn’t be a pretty sight to see. I have to head to the vets tomorrow with one of my pups for needles, nails, and ears. No big problem she’s okay. And with that said I am going to say ‘Be safe and watch out for the other guy on the roads. 🙂

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