Out of the fog (4)

fog4.jpgThe fog can change an ordinary photo into beautiful….


Felisha and her dad had done pretty much everything to get the car and Felisha ready for the oval track race. The clock was ticking and the count down was closer than everyone imagined. In one day the trial run would begin.

The day of the trial run had come and Felisha was up very early in the morning getting herself already for the run. All the rest of the family had not yet awaken from their sleep. Felisha just sat in the kitchen watching out the picture window. She gazed at the rolling meadows outside. It was so pretty, the butterflies fluttered to and fro. The bees could be seen buzzing from bloom to bloom. “What a beautiful sight to see every morning!” Felisha muttered to herself. The silence in the house was deafening. Felisha was startled by a firm hand on her shoulder. She jumped to her feet and was ready to run but as she turned she caught the shadow of her dad reflecting off the window. “You scared me half to death” She said to her dad. He laughed a bit and then hugged ger tightly. Together they sat talking about the events of the day. “Are you nervous Felisha?” He asked. Felisha looked at him and smiled.”No I’m doing very well..Just chilling out looking at the meadow.” Felisha said.

Dad started up the coffee and before they knew it mom and grandma were up and headed for the coffee pot. James was still snoring in his bed and would likely wake up when his stomach begins to rumble. Everyone sat around the kitchen table talking over the plans for the day. Mom and grandma were going to fix up some sandwiches, fruit, drinks, and desert for late lunch in the early evening. It would be like the picnics that the family would take every Sunday when the children were much younger. There in the door way of the kitchen was James. He was rubbing the sleep away from his eyes, and yawning.  “I’m hungry” was the first words that came out of his mouth. He rambled over to the cupboard and pick out the cereal he liked the most. Setting it on the table he took a bowl and set it there. He forged through the fridge looking for the milk which was already on the table. Turning around he seen the milk took it and sat down at the other end of the table. James was usually anti-social till he had his fill of breakfast. After that he turned into his usual self.

As soon as the coffee was finished and the sandwiches made it was time to get dressed for the drive to the race track. Felisha didn’t want to be late as it would make her look bad to the sponsors. James was the first down the stairs and ready to go. It was hard to believe he was the same grouch at the breakfast table this morning. “Come on everybody.. Let’s get going or we will be late, and that won’t be good.” Dad yelled from the bottom of the stairway. Grandma and Mom came down and loaded up the cooler with their eats, and dad put them in the car with help from James. Felisha came down the stairs and was ready to leave right away. Time was of the essence and they had to get going five minutes ago. Dad was in the car honking the horn to get the ladies out of the house. Felisha ran back into the house to get mom and grandma. “Come on mom and grandma or I will be late.” Felisha bellowed from the open door. Mom grabbed her purse and grandma was right behind her. Once everyone was in the car and the  door slammed shut. They were finally on their way.

The race track was right ahead of them and Felisha could her heart beating loudly in her chest. It was time for Felisha to meet her sponsors again and see her car for the first time. Dad drove to the pit area and there she was, the car Felisha would be driving in the race. The rays of the sun bounced off the new yellow paint and the words ‘Sweet Sunshine’ stood out against the yellow paint and the sponsor stickers. The words were written in metallic jet black paint, and scrolled in flowing letters. Felisha just stood looking at the car and imagining herself in the driver’s seat. James grabbed her hand and pulled her over to the car. Inside the car had minimal seating only for one. Felisha shook the hands of the sponsors, and walked around her car smiling from ear to ear. Dave Allen the mechanic came over and introduced himself to Felisha. “Hi little lady… I’m your mechanic and you can call me monkey wrench, and this is my engine tech dip stick.. And we are going to be part of your team. Felisha shook their hands and thought to her self that the names were really strange.

Monkey wrench asked Felisha to go into the trailer and put on her racing duds, they are waiting for you in there. Mom and grandma followed Felisha into the trailer and waited for Felisha to change. Felisha came out of the room and looked just like a race track driver, the ones they had seen on television. Felisha was dress in a black and yellow one piece fire-retardant suit, boots, and she carried a helmet under her right arm. All mom and grandma could say was wow! Was this really Ruth’s little girl or was Ruth dreaming. As Felisha went out the trailer door all she could hear was wow! She felt ready to get this show on the road. Dad came over and gave his little girl a kiss on the cheek and said. “Go get em Tiger.” Felisha walked over to the car and was helped into the seat her straps were clamped shut, and she was handed a pair of leather gloves. The man who had helped in said to her. “Let’s show then how this car can dance… Peddle to the metal Sugar.” Felisha started her engine, and could feel the vibration of the engine travel through her body. “Come on baby lets show them how it’s done.

Felisha slammed the peddle to the floor and the car began to dance on the hot asphalt. The tires screamed as smoke rose around the car. The car and Felisha were as one, and like a flash the sped away. Dad stood with his stop watch and a booklet writing down the times of each lap. His daughter was setting the track on fire. She passed everyone like a stream of light as fast as a bullet. On her tenth lap she was flagged into the pits. When she stopped she was helped from the car, and asked all kinds of questions. All she could say was “That’s my car and we are going to win next week.” Monkey wrench asked how she felt (meaning the car) and Felisha said. “She purrs like kitten and roars like a tiger… Lets show these people next week what racing is all about.” Monkey wrench nodded his head and did a little jig, which was part of his character. The sponsors were very happy with the way Felisha handled her car. They were very pleased to be on the team with her as their driver. “Go get em girl… show them how it’s done.” One of her sponsors said as he shook her hand. Felisha was on cloud nine, and felt good about her career choice. This would be her world for as long as she was able to drive.

Mom had taken a lot of pictures of the day and they were amazing. Felisha could not believe how she fit into the seat of her car. But it felt like a tight leather glove.

Join me tomorrow as Felisha starts off her racing career with her first official oval track race.

Hello again everyone. I trust everyone had a wonderful Wednesday, and actually got outside for some of that sun shine I seen all day in my corner of Canada. This evening is cool but that makes for better sleeping. At least that is what I think. Today I received a comedy video to watch. It was so funny that I shared it with my family and some friends. I would like to share this comedy with all of you too. If you want a good belly jiggling laugh just go to: dailymotion.com and look for Mrs. Hughes. She doesn’t have a lot of videos but the ones she has are funny. Til Death is so funny my stomach hurt from laughing. Give her a try and see what ya think. Take car of those you love, and laugh out loud when ever you get the chance. 🙂

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