Out of the fog (5)

fog 5          The fog can mean something else…..


Felisha had made a truly great impression on the sponsors and she was looking forward to her first oval race in a matter of days. She had wowed everyone at the track. Being in her car for the first time made her feel at one with the car. The car suited her and her personality and together they fit like a tight leather glove.

Felisha was really excited about her first race. She was not nervous and had no doubt in her mind that she would be the winner of this race and many more to come. Felisha somehow knew how things would turn out at the end of the race. I would think it was her confidence in her abilities and how she knew her car. A racer has a lot of people counting on them and sometimes the pressure overwhelms them and sends them into a fog that soon disappears . The sponsor’s watched their investment closely, the mechanics take care of the power the car needs to win. Then there is the pit teams that make sure the tires are changed when needed, and the fluids are topped up at regular intervals. There are the people selling the tickets that fill the stands at the race track. The merchandise that is sold for revenue, and the promoting department that gets a driver’s name out to the public, into magazines and even on television. There are a lot of people who a driver has behind them. Winning guaranties all these people jobs and without those jobs the unemployment percentage goes up. I definitely see why race car drivers would be overwhelmed and drift into the fog and find their way out of the fog.

On the morning of the race Felisha took a quiet walk in the meadows around the house. The silence in the morning made her feel calm and thankful for all the blessings she had  bestowed on her life so far. The whole world was a beautiful place and Felisha was going to make everyone know she lived there. It would be time to leave in a matter of few hours and the whole family was waiting to see their daughter race. Dad was beyond proud with his daughters choice of a career. Felisha was like a tom boy and always had been. Ruth had always dressed Felisha in pretty little bows and frilly dresses. Once Felisha had gained her independence and was able to dress herself she wore what she wanted. Blue jeans, plaid shirts, tee shirts, and of course cowboy boots. That was her style and Ruth had given up on trying to change that. Felisha was still a very attractive girl and always would be.

Crunch time was on and everyone began to pile into the car for the twenty-minute ride to the track. The car was silent all the way to the track, all you could hear was the low hum of the music dad was playing on the radio. Mom and grandma were worried and you could read the emotion all over their faces. They were worried for Felisha’s safety. It’s funny how in the silence brings out all the hazards of an event,and come flooding into one’s mind. James was sound asleep in between grandma and Felisha, and yes he was snoring which made the silence be broken by the chuckle and whispers. Dad, well he was dad and his money was on his beautiful daughter Felisha. He had seen her ability many times on the go-cart track, and her trial run convinced him even more of her talents.

Arriving at the race track dad and family drove to the pit area. The place was buzzing with the sounds of revving engines, people talking and yelling at each other. The place looked like it had no organization as everyone ran around like little ants in an ant farm. The announcer could be heard talking to the public and going over the classes of racing, and the safety measures that are taken if there was a fender bender. He spoke loudly with a gruff voice, but seemed to pronounce all his words clearly. He could be heard over all the chatter of the people in the stands who were waiting for the race to begin. Monkey wrench was talking to Felisha about different parts of the track that got slick later on in the race. He assured Felisha that she would be in good hands with her team on the job. Monkey wrench introduced her to her tire and fluid team. This is Rooster and Slick they will be there to make sure your tires are good and your fluids are topped up. They are part of your pit team and they are here to make sure you are safe. “Hello!” Felisha said as she smiled and shook their hands. “It’s going to be a good night for the race.” Rooster said. “Yup, Yup it is.” Slick said as he looked over the track. Monkey wrench went over the races that would take place through the night and showed Felisha where she was on the docket.

Felisha was going to be running in all the heats. They were giving her the chance she wanted in order to win. The first race was about to begin as Felisha climbed into the seat of her car. Monkey wrench buckled her in and gave her a pair of leather gloves for her hands. Felisha started her engine and started to move with the rest of the cars to the starting line. Felisha was in the middle of line three, which wasn’t a bad place to start from. Felisha kept her eyes straight ahead and did not look away from her imaginary line of travel. She could see the checkered flag waving as she could hear engines whining louder as if they were in restraints and could not move. Felisha waited for the green flag to drop and the race to begin. And the flag fluttered in the breeze as Felisha revved her engine in anticipation of the start. The flag dropped and the race was on. Cars were darting in and out and trying to pass each other. Felisha seen rubber come flying past her car as the yellow flag waved. One of the cars had blown a tire ahead of her and drifted into the pits for service. The race was slowed down as the crews cleared the track. Once cleaned up the race was on again. Felisha made her way around the track ahead of all the others. She had gained the lead and had no intentions of giving that up. Felisha seen a car to her right that was trying to sneak past her. Felisha pressed the petal to the floor and left the completion behind. The checker flag waved as she passed by. She had won the first race. The announcer spoke loudly as the crowd cheered for Felisha, as her name was said for all to hear.

Rolling into the pits monkey wrench approached the car as Felisha killed the engine. He helped unbuckle her and help her out of the car. “congratulations sunshine…You did it!” he said with a high-five. The excitement had Felisha’s adrenaline pumping and she was ready for the next race. Right now it was time for her to drink some fluids and let the fellas take care of the car. Dad was there with a big hug, and the rest of the family followed suit. James was the last one to hug her, but before he did he looked up at her and said. “Lets get this straight right away..Just because I hug you doesn’t mean I like you or anything.. Right?” “You bet little brother I won’t let anyone know we like each other.” Felisha said as she kissed James on the cheek. James quickly wiped the kiss away and looked displeased with her action. But down inside Felisha knew he loved her like she loved him. Dad just laughed when he seen the two of them hugging. Felisha walked  around her car as she drank a bottle of cold water. It would be time to race in a matter of five minutes. Felisha zipped up her suit and walked to her car with her helmet. Monkey wrench was there to buckle her in and hand her a pair of gloves.

Felisha moved to the start along with the remaining cars. This time she was one more row closer to the front. Engines screamed as the green flag dropped. Felisha found a hole in the pack and moved out in front right away. On the second lap she managed to slip by two cars that had crashed on the track. The pack slowed again till the wrecks were moved away. Then the race was on again. Felisha kept her first place for the rest of the race and came out as the winner again. The next two races were the very same, and the crowd was now shouting out the words ‘Sweet Sunshine.’ The last race was not for another fifteen minutes so Felisha retired to the trailer for a quick bite to eat and a drink. Mom was waiting for her inside and had a sandwich waiting. “Good racing Felisha…You sure know how to handle that car…I’m so proud of you.”  Mom said. “Thanks mom but it’s not over yet.. One more race to go!” Felisha said as ate her sandwich. Felisha could hear voices outside the trailer and she could hear them talking about the new driver.

The announcer’s voice rang out across the race track as he called all drivers to the next race. Felisha zipped up her suit grabbed her helmet and walked out to her car. People were looking at her and waving but Felisha did not look as she climbed into her car and was buckled in. She put on her leather gloves and started her engine and rolled into the first line with the remaining cars. Felisha tapped the dash-board and said. “This is it baby and we are going to win all of this and make history tonight.” The engines screamed as the pack move forward. Felisha kept the front place for the duration of the race. She was given the flag and took her winners lap around the track as the crowd cheered. She was asked to go to the booth and talk with the announcer and introduce herself. She was a bit nervous but held her own in the conversation. The prize money was hers on this night and many nights to come. Felisha was one of a kind and her career was off to a great start. Her wins continued for many years as did her fame and her name. She was on talk shows and on the cover of magazines. She was running with the big boys and never let that stop her.

Even though she gained her success she still lived in the house she was born in. Her grandma had passed a long time ago as did her mom and dad. She can still hear their voices and she can remember all the good times at home.

The meadow seen through the picture window is still the same as is the girl who followed her dreams.

Thank you everyone for following Felisha as she made her dreams a reality, and never let anyone stand in her way. Felisha has shown us that with a dream and  a good family behind you anything can happen. Well, from my corner of Canada I wish you all a great Friday and a wonderful weekend with your families. It’s my birthday on Sunday and on Saturday my children will be taking me out to celebrate my sixty-eighth birthday. I don’t know how I lived long enough to get here but the devil in me is still getting me into trouble. I really wouldn’t have it any other way. So take care of the ones you love and be careful out there on the roads.  :>)

I’d like to say thanks to all my wonderful followers, readers, and visitors who take the time to come visit and read my stories…  🙂  🙂

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