Papa and Nanna’s Place (1)

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To many children going to nana and papa’s place was the highlight of the day. Being at their can be the best fun ever. Things are better than at home and the ice-cream tastes better at nanna’s and papa’s place. Plus what happens at nanna and papa’s place stays at nanna and papa’s place. 

This story brings me back my childhood when being at nanna and papas ment loads of fun and adventure. Being able to play cowboys and indians was fun and not a stab towards ethnic culture. Where we wore cowboy hats, boots and had cap guns in a belt around our waste. There were good and bad cowboys. We wore a made to look real head-dress and carried a tommy hawk and had paint on our face. We would play in the bushes and make-believe they were forests. We would ride our stick horse all over the place, and chase the bad guys. Grandpa was usually the bad guy and we would sneak up on him while he pretended to be asleep. We would tie him up with skipping ropes and dance around him like he was the catch of the day. That’s when play was innocent and not violent like play these today. Where nanna always had cookies and milk for a snack after the play was over. There were trees to climb and the a dog to chase around the backyard. The horse my nanna had been big and I can still remember how he made me feel so small. His name was Buck Shot and he was so cool. I would bounce up and down as nanna led him around the garden, up the path between our aunt and uncle’s place, then back again. I remember the love that was given to us each time we came to stay. We were showered with kisses, and spoiled. That’s what nanna and papa do. Today my story takes place at nanna and papas place where a child can be who ever they want to be. ‘Enjoy.’

kids play.jpgParker and Pearl where a lucky pair of cute twins that loved their nanna and papa, and when it came time to visit their place it made them very excited. When mom and dad would go away date night, Parker and Pearl would go visit nanna and papa. They would have supper there and play hide and seek in the house. Papa would look high and low for them as they giggled in the hall closet. Nanna would look in the cupboards to see if they were in there. As nanna approached the closet Parker and Pearl would jump out at her and she jump as if they scared. Papa would sit in his big chair with Parker on one arm and Pearl on the other. He would read them stories and tell them funny jokes. Papa would play his guitar and sing songs with them. Papa was an old rock and roller, and he always made them laugh. Papa’s finger would hurt sometimes  when he played his guitar. When fingers did he let Parker and Pearl strum the guitar as he showed them how to play an easy song. Papa would tell stories about when he played in a band many years ago, and how hard it was traveling around from place to place and sing for people. He would tell stories of when he was a mailman and how he was chased by dogs, and scratched at by a crazy cat. He would say how the rain would make him and his mail socked and how people would be sad. When the days were sunny the people would stop and say hello and chat for a bit. Papa would see the geese in a field and when he went by that field they would chase him. Papa was a good story-teller and would have the twins talking about his stories for the rest of the day.

Papa.jpg          ‘Our papa was an old rock and roller…….’

Papa would take Pearl and Parker to the park where they would feed the ducks by the lake. The ducks loved the dried bread and seeds they fed them. Nanna would come to the park with them sometimes. And they would walk on the trail, and skip rocks over the water. They would split into groups and see who could skip the best rocks across the water. The girls went first and nanna showed Pearl how to skip  rocks and as time went by Pearl got really good a rock skipping. It was the fella’s turn and papa would try to teach Parker the way he skipped rocks but Parker found his own way of skipping rocks. The looser of the skipping rocks contest would buy the ice-cream after the walk was over. That was the best time of all ‘ice-cream time.’ They would play on the play ground equipment as nanna and papa would rest up on the bench as they played. The day would be so full of fun that by the time it was bed-time, Pearl and Parker were so tired out that they fell asleep quickly. Nanna and Papa would watch television and go to bed after the news.

ice.jpgWhen morning came and the sun shone through the curtains and would wake Pearl and Parker up. Nanna and papa were in the kitchen drinking coffee and reading the news paper. “Good morning sleepy heads.” Papa said as he gave Pearl a little hug. Nanna got up and asked the children what they wanted for breakfast. Pearl wanted an egg and a piece of toast, and Parker wanted cereal with milk and a glass of juice. They both said ‘Please’ to nanna as they sat down at the table. “Papa.” Parker said. “Why do you read the paper everyday?” Parker asked. “Well… The news paper holds a lot of good information, like the weather, the local news, funny cartoons for big people and places to find a job and a lot more things.” Papa explained. “Would like a piece of the news paper to read, Parker?” Papa asked. “Yes… Please.” Parker said. “Papa.. Could I read some of the paper too?” Pearl asked. “Here Pearl you can read half of my paper.” Nanna said. “Thank you.. Nanna.” Pearl said as she placed the paper on the table and looked at the paper with a serious look on her face. Parker was busy running his finger under each word to look like he was reading. They were so cute that nanna got up and took a picture of the two of them.

reading.jpgAfter breakfast and the children would get dressed. Nanna and papa decided to take the children and their puppy out for a walk around the block. Together they slowly made their way around the block and as they got closer to the house, in the driveway a familiar car was parked. As they got closer and closer to the house Parker and Pearl could see mom and dad waiting for them. As they reached the driveway Parker and Pearl took off running. Parker jumped into his daddy’s arms and gave him a huge hug. Pearl ran up to mom and hugged her and gave her a big kiss. The whole family went inside the house to have some coffee and tea. The children told their parents how they read the news paper at breakfast like grown ups do. Parker and Pearl were happy to see their mom and dad, but when it was time to leave nanna and papa they were both sad. “Mom told Pearl and Parker that they would be coming to visit next month for a week because mom and dad were going away for the week. The children were happy and they counted everyday on the calendar till it was time to go visit nanna and papa again.

Grand-parents and their grand-children have a bond that parents don’t have. It’s a connection where secrets are kept and dreams come true. Join me tomorrow as Parker and Pearl go to nanna and papa’s place.


Here it is Monday again and the beginning of a new week. I trust everyone had a great weekend with your families and got out in the warmer weather.  It was so beautiful that we had to get out there as well. We have family in New Brunswick and they are going to have snow again Monday. Their yards were starting to clear as ours has, and now snow again. I wish our family safe travels, and be careful out there. Well, I must be going a get a few things done. You all take care and take care of the ones you love….:)

I would like to say thank you to all the great people who stop by each day and read my stories.  Thanks…  🙂   🙂

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