Papa and Nanna’s Place (2)

gran pa.jpg             Grand-parents are the best…..’s-place-2

Grand-parents are by far the smartest people in the world. Their lives have gone through all the things we will go through in our lives. The stories they tell are stories of the life they have lived. If you want good advise ask your grand-parents. Listen to them because they have your best interest at heart…

Yesterday we talked about all the things papa did to fill the time of their grand-children. Papa is a super hero to Parker and Pearl, and they love him very much as he loves them. It’s fun just sitting and hearing papa tell a wild story that was likely half made up. The one about the big fish that got away, made nanna laugh out loud. Pearl and Parker asked questions where the fish had gone and why papa never put it on his wall in the living room. Nanna got a real kick out of that question. Papa would say he just ate the whole thing at one dinner, because he was so hungry. Parker and Pearl would help papa in the garden planting flowers, and water the grass. Papa would sit in the garden and help the children with the names of different plants. Papa was good with plant name and knew most of them. When the flowers began to bloom Pearl and Parker would take their cameras nanna had bought for them and they would take pictures of the flowers, the bees, the bugs and spiders. When papa dug up a plant and if he found a worm he would chase the children around the yard with it until nanna stopped the shenanigans.gramp.jpg                                        Papa’s garden…

Papa was a great influence on his grand-children. He would take them fishing by a lazy stream and when he fell asleep Parker and Pearl would lay down beside him and have nap. Nanna was left to take pictures and watch the fishing lines for any fish that took the hook. Once the nap was over nanna had the picnic lunch waiting for the sleepy people. Parker and Pearl would skip rocks across the stream and watch as the water splashed and the rock disappeared under the water. There was lots of things to do at papa and nanna’s place. Parker liked it when papa would help him with his sticker book. Pearl would help nanna in the kitchen getting dinner ready to eat. They would bake a cake or a pie to eat when dinner was over and there would always be some left over for bedtime snack with milk. Papa would take the children out for a ride around the block on their bikes. They would often stop at the park to take a break before heading home where nanna was waiting on the front porch. Nanna would have a tea party and the children would eat cookies and drink chocolate milk out of tea cups. Papa would sneak a drink of chocolate milk from Parker’s cup when he was not looking. Pearl would start to laugh and tell Parker papa took a drink of your milk. Parker would give papa a gruff look and papa would call him a troll. Parker would call papa a troll and they would go on and on calling each other silly names. Papa would finally get up and tickle Parker till he laughed. They would fool around back and forth for quite sometime.

papa granson.jpgs papa.jpg

Papa was lots of fun to be with….

Papa would often play board games and fish with Parker and Pearl and nanna would watch, take pictures, and feel the warmth in her heart as she watched her family play. There would be movie nights with bags of popcorn and soda pop to drink and the children would stay up late. They stayed up late mostly because of all the sugar in the soda… Nanna didn’t mind giving the children a soda once in a while. Papa and nanna would load Parker and Pearl into the car and take them to the water front park and let them play on the park equipment. After an hour or so of walking and play on the swings there was a surprise in store for everyone. Papa would take a long drive around through the town and end up at the pizza place where Parker and Pearl would watch the people make pizza for them to eat. The man would flip the dough high in the air and catch it, twirl the dough them fling it into the air. The dough would get bigger and bigger as it twirled in the air. Pearl and Parker would have their noses pressed up against the glass. The man who was making the pizza  would fling some flour at the glass and they would step back away really fast. They would look at each other than laugh and go right back to noses on the glass.

pizza.jpg                       PIZZA……

The pizza dinner was a hit, and the children would tell their mom and dad all about the man who made the pizza. Mom and dad would not be home for a few more days and nanna and papa had quite a few fun trips planned for the rest of the week. But for now it was getting late and two young people needed their sleep so they would not be grumpy the next day. Tonight would be shower or bath night, then a snack and bed time. Nanna would help out in any way she could to make sure the children were clean and their teeth were brushed till they shone. Pearl wanted nanna to read her a bed time story and Parker wanted the same thing but he wanted papa to read him a story. Nanna told a story of cats and kittens playing in the house, and how they would climb the curtains and jump at each other. The kittens would fall over and attack. The story was really funny and nanna and Pearl could be heard from Parker’s room laughing. Papa told Parker about the life as a pirate on the ocean. He told how funny a few of the fella’s would act and when they sang all the birds around the boat would fly away. Parker loved the different voices papa would use for each character. To Parker papa was his super hero, and his best friend.

super.jpgSuperman  Papa…….

Thanks for joining me this Tuesday April 9th. Parker and Pearl are very lucky children to have such a great papa and nanna. As my children grew up they never had grand-parents that could do things like read a story to them. They had a step-grandma but she was mean to them and they named her ‘Mean Grandma.’ As far as my dad well he found his happiness with a younger lady and never bothered to see them. After years of wanting to find my real mom I found her in my thirties. She never had the chance to see them as she died when her kidneys shut down on her. Every time I write about grand-parents and grand-children. I guess my children live in every child I write about…. I want everyone to love your families and always treat them with kindness and forgiving love….  Take care of your families, and be safe out in this crazy world… 😉

I would like to take this time to say thank you to all the awesome people who read my stories…  🙂  🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.      Thank you for joining me. See you tomorrow.. 🙂




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