Papa and Nanna’s Place (3)

parker.jpg         Papa and Nanna with Parker…..’s-place-3

Life is a wonderful place to be when you have so much love and support. Grand-parents are a blessing sent from heaven to shower their grand-children in unconditional love. There is nothing a nanna would not do for the ones she loves. Nanna was a mom once or twice and the tiger in her will always be there to protect her loved ones.

There was three days till mom and dad returned from their trip. Nanna had some great surprises in line for the rest of time the children were with her and papa. It was early morning and a pleasant day outside. Pearl and Parker were still asleep and papa and nanna sat on the front porch enjoying their cups of coffee. Nanna had made papa a toasted egg sandwich, as he had to eat or he would not feel well. Papa had diabetes and he had to be very careful, and nanna did her best to take good care of him. There were days when he would get coffee at the donut shop and buy a half-dozen. Nanna was very watchful over papa’s health, he was her mate and she loved him. While papa and nanna sat listening to the noises of the streets, the front screen door opened. Parker can out on the porch and sat on the chair next to papa. He rubbed his eyes as a yawn snuck from his mouth. He slouched in the chair and still looked pretty tired. “How was your sleep sweetheart?” Nanna asked. “Not bad nanna.” Parker said. Nanna brushed his hair away from his face with a soft gentle touch. Parker loved how gentle nanna was and he loved her dearly. “I’m hungry nanna.” Parker said. “What would you like to eat this morning?” Nanna answered. “What is papa eating?” Parker asked. “He has a fried egg sandwich… Would you like one with ketchup or no ketchup?” Nanna asked. “I think I would like one with ketchup.” Parker said, as he shifted in his chair. Nanna disappeared into the house and soon came out with an egg sandwich with ketchup and a glass of milk. She sat it on the little table next to Parker. “Thank you nanna!” Parker said as he picked up a piece of his egg sandwich and started to eat it. “This is good nanna.. I think I like frided egg sandmiches.” He said with his mouth full. “That’s great honey you eat up.” Nanna said as she sipped on her coffee.

nanna cooking.jpg     Nanna making something yummy to eat….

Soon Pearl was up and sitting on the porch, with her brother and papa. Nanna had gone into the house to get Pearl some cereal with milk and a chocolate milk. Nanna soon returned with Pearl’s breakfast and nanna joined the breakfast club. Papa was bugging Parker and was trying to sneak a bite of his sandwich. Parker was protecting his sandwich on his lap. Papa was still trying to get the sandwich when all of a sudden the plate slid off Parker’s lap and onto the floor with a crash. Nanna looked and papa and she shook her finger at him and told him no more shenanigans. Papa went into the house and returned with a bag and the broom to clean up the broken plate. Parker and Pearl were both shaking their fingers at papa. Papa stuck out his tongue at them and the silliness started all over again. At that moment nanna realized she was watching over three children instead of two. Papa was the instigator of trouble, and she thought it was funny when she watched them
together. Pearl was laughing at Parker and papa. The two of them were like silly clowns at the circus. All they needed were the wigs, the big shoes and the big red noses. Nanna wanted to record the silly things they were doing so she went into the house and returned with her camera, and started to film the two of them. This would be one of those times that would be played at Parker’s wedding someday. Soon all the shenanigans moved inside the house. Nanna and Pearl cleaned up the dishes and they could hear the fellas running back and forth down the hallway, they were laughing and yelling ‘Ouch that hurt!” Pearl and nanna quietly made their way up the stairs and the two fellas were snacking each other with a towel. Papa gave nanna a snack with the towel as he went running by. Nanna just shook her head and Pearl just rolled her eyes and said. “Silly boys!”

pissed.png           Nanna the enforcer….

Nanna let out a bellow that stopped the fellas in their tracks. She had a angry look on her face as she said.”Get dressed…” Papa and Parker slinked away to their rooms and got dressed. Nanna did not ever want to be the enforcer but there were times when it was needed. This was the time. Once everyone had  dressed nanna made her way down stairs and waited for the fellas to come down. Pearl was already done and sitting in the living room. Lets get ready we are heading out for some fun. Nanna whispered to papa where they would be headed, and papa nodded his head yes… As they drove by the lake and the park the children asked where they were going. Nanna told them it was a big surprise and they would like where they were going today. Papa stopped at a coffee shop and got two coffees for him and nanna. He brought the children a couple of bottles of water. They were on the road again, and before long papa parked beside a big building. There was no name on the building, just a door that said enter. Parker and Pearl looked at each other and their eyes were wide open. “Are they going to sell us?” Pearl asked Parker. Parker said nothing he just stared at the door way. Parker and Pearl shuffled their feet as they headed towards the building. They held each others hands tightly as they entered. “WOW!!!” was all that came from their mouths. The whole building was filled with trampolines and pits of foam sponges.

jump.pngjump 2.jpg

        Cool fun….

Parker and Pearl had smiles that reached to each sides of their faces. They never expected to see children bouncing high in the air and flipping in mid-air. Nanna and papa signed everyone in and they found their way to two trampolines that were not in use. Parker got on one of them and papa climbed onto the other one while Pearl and nanna watched. “You be careful.” Nanna yelled out to the fellas. Papa gave her thumbs up as he started to bounce. Higher and higher he went then he did a summer salt and landed in the sponge pit. He sunk into the sponges and disappeared. Parker was bouncing and landing with his legs out in front of him. Pearl had jumped on papa’s trampoline and was bouncing up and down.. They were laughing and having a fun time. Nanna sat on the side of the foam sponge pit and watched. Papa was standing beside her watching the children. “You know nanna… You sure know how to pick fun places to go have fun.” Papa said. It was plain to see that the children would want to do this again before they go home. Nanna had already booked them in for their last day with them.  Nanna was the hero of the day, and she felt good about how much fun the children were having. And her grand-children loved her very much.

gran kids.jpg    Showing nanna love….

After their hour was done and they left the trampoline building and the children kept talking about how high they went and did you see me do this, and on and on. Papa figure ice-cream was a good ending to a wonderful time. Stop by tomorrow to see what the next surprise will be….. 🙂  🙂

Thanks everyone for joining me as Parker and Pearls visit with papa and nanna continues. As I write I find that my mind gives me other options to what I have written down before I start to write. I am a child in my mind and the more exciting the venture is the better. Parts of  my memory have been lost due to my stroke. It’s funny when I sit to write, the words just flow like water from somewhere inside my mind. It’s really weird how it happens and it amazes me. Did the stroke tap into a creative part of me that I was unaware of??  I don’t know for sure but I am enjoying this journey. Life is amazing and needs to celebrated. Well, I must get going and post this before morning. Take care of those you love, and be safe out there on the roads….  🙂  🙂

Thank you to all the awesome people who visit each day to read my stories. Without you I would not be here…. 🙂  🙂

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