Papa and Nanna’s Place (4)

gran mapa.jpg   Nanna and Papa with Pearl and Parker…….’s-place-4

Going to the trampoline place was the highlight of the day for Parker and Pearl. Nanna had made that surprise one that they would never forget. Papa had his share of fun but the best part of the event was watching the twins on the trampolines and the big smiles on their faces. 

Nanna had taken a few pictures at the trampoline place and would be adding them to a collection she was making for the children. The collection she titled it,’While at Papa and Nannas.’ There were a lot more years of visits to come as the children grew up. There would be a large variety of precious moments that would happen in the future. Nanna had all the intentions of being behind the camera for all of them. Nanna had a large-sized box full of photos that had been taken since the twins were born. Now they were preschool age and they were going to kinder garden next September. Nanna would have many pictures of their first day of school, and many other pictures of their continued education. Nanna and papa were very proud of Parker and Pearl as they were the only grand-children they were blessed with.

nanna camera.jpg          Nanna and her camera….

Morning had come at papa and nannas and sleep was still in the house. Nanna and papa were still snoozing. That was something they seldom ever did.  The busy day of yesterday had made everyone really tired. When everyone woke up the day would be another fun-filled day for Parker and Pearl. Nanna had a special place to take the children in the hopes that they would enjoy the event of that day. The birds were chirping outside the window of nanna and papa’s bedroom. Nanna opened her eyes and stretched before she decided to get up. Papa was still snoring, and she decided to let him sleep for a bit more. The silence was nice for nanna as she was used to the quiet. Nanna made her coffee and headed for the porch to take in the sun shine. It was pretty quiet maybe a little too quiet. Nanna sat with the morning paper when a voice said. “Excuse me mam.” Nanna lowered the paper and there in front of was a police man. “Yes officer.” She said in her usual pleasant voice. “Mam you need to get in your house and lock your doors and windows.” He said in a very serious voice. “What is the problem officer… What has happened?”  She asked. “There was a robbery at the Tastie Mart and the men we are looking for headed down this street… We just want to make sure the people on this street are safe inside.” He told her as he gave her a number she could call if she seen anything…. We will let you know when the street is safe.” The officer said as he tipped his hat and watched nanna disappear into the house. Nanna went around to every window and door to make sure they were secure. Once she had done the check she went up stairs to wake papa and let him know what was going on.

policeman.png         Policeman who spoke to nanna…..

Papa sat right up in bed once nanna told him there was a robber on the loose somewhere on their street. He was obviously up-set. To wake up to an event like that would have anybody disturbed and concerned for their safety. And having Parker and Pearl in the house made it worse. Papa jumped out of bed and checked on the children and checked their windows. As he left the rooms he kept the doors open, and they made their way down stairs. Papa looked out the front window as a police car went by the house with his lights on. Nanna made a coffee for papa and they sat at the kitchen table watching out the small window. Nanna gave papa the number the policeman gave her if they heard or seen anything. There was silence in the house except for their voices. Parker had sat up in his bed when he woke up and there in his bedroom window he could see a man with a mask on his face looking at him. Parker let out an ear-piercing scream from his mouth. “PAPA!” Parker screamed.  Papa flew up the stairs and seen the man staring at Parker. As soon as the masked man seen papa he ducted down. Papa ran to the window and seen him head around to the back of the house. Nanna was trying to calm Parker down as Pearl ran into the room. She held onto nanna’s arm and would not let go. Pearl had seen the man go past her window. Parker was scared and so was Pearl. Nanna moved them to the livingroom and sat on the couch with them in her arms. Papa was on the phone talking to the officer, and they were on their way.

robber.png       Robber on the loose…..

The next sound that could be heard was police cars parked in the street, and policemen jumping out of  their cars and surrounding the house. Nanna and papa sat quietly in the house with the children between them. From outside they could hear the police shouting. ‘Put your hands in the air and lay on the ground… Now.’ The next thing they knew the police were escorting the robber to the car without his mask on his face. He had a plastic tie that secured his hands behind him. Once in the car, a police officer came to the door and papa opened the door for him. The officer thanked papa for calling and helping them catch the man. Papa asked if the officer could wait till the robber was gone and could he walk around the yard with them and the children. The walk was to make sure the children knew there was no one to be afraid of anymore. Plus it would help the children with their fear. The officer was more than happy to show the children they were safe. The officer gave Parker and Pearl a little badge they could wear on their clothes that said. ‘We are neighbour hood watchers.’ Pearl and Parker were very happy and not afraid anymore.

Inkedpolice badge_LI.jpg      Badge for neighbourhood watch……

Once everything had settled down and things were back to normal everyone got dressed. They had a lunch on the porch and watched the cars go by as they talked about the things that happened in the neighbourhood that morning. Papa told Parker and Pearl that the police were their friends and they were there to keep them safe. Papa did his best to take the fear away that the twins were feeling. Papa decided that after lunch a walk around the block would help calm everyone down.  Once they arrived back at the house the twins seemed to be a lot better. Nanna thought it was time for the family to head out for the next secret event. As they all piled into the car Parker and Pearl asked, at the very same time, if they were going back to the trampoline place again. Nanna just said it was a surprise and she could not let the secret out. Papa knew where they were headed and they were off to have  fun.  The drive to the surprise was not far away, and before they knew it papa was parking in front of a store that had the words over the front door that said, ‘The Art Place.’ Pearl rolled her eyes and so did Parker. They asked nanna if they were going to look at paintings and stuff. Nanna just smiled and said, ‘we will see.’ Papa got out of the car, and opened the door for the twins. Nanna was waiting for them at the door. Papa opened the door and they stepped into a place filled with paintings, but just not regular paintings. They were painting made by children of all ages. “Look at this one?” Parker said to Pearl. “I could paint this one….. You can to Pearl.” Parker said. Nanna was talking to a lady that had four black lab coats draped over her arm. When everyone had their coats on they look like scientists in a scary movie.  The nice lady named Jessica led everyone to a room that had tarps hanging from the walls and on the floor. On each wall hung a large canvas and there was a bench sitting under the canvas with different paints on it. Jessica explained to everyone that they had to create a painting to take home with them. She continued, but there are no brushes. You must use your hands to paint with. You can put the paint on with your fingers, throw it at the canvas or any other way you can think of and I will give you one half hour to finish your paintings. Jessica turned and left the room and as she closed the door she yelled. “GO!!!”

Nanna was the first one to put her hands into the paint and she put her hand prints on the canvas. Parker started with blue paint and made a circle with an ex in the middle. Pearl was throwing paint at her canvas, then she changed the colour and put hand prints all over the place. Papa was just standing there, looking at his canvas. Parker snuck up behind him and throw some purple paint on papa’s canvas. Papa turned and was splattered with paint. Parker ran over to his canvas and stood laughing. Pearl and nanna were both laughing too. Papa threw orange paint on nanna’s canvas and watched as the paint rolled down to the floor. Nanna gave papa a slap on the butt and she left a hand print on his lab coat. Pearl was doing very well with her painting and had several colours splattered all over the canvas. Parker was having fun throwing paint at the canvas and his painting looked pretty good.. Nanna had beautiful colours running into each other that made her canvas look interesting. Papa was painting with his fingers. He had two stick men in a boat on a lake, and on the shore he had a family of stick people waving at the men in the boat. His painting was pretty good, but it needed something. Then to papa surprised everyone as he dunked his hands into the blue paint and splattered the paint so it looked like rain. He then signed his name in the bottom corner. Nanna signed her painting, then helped Parker with his name. While papa helped Pearl with her name. The art was amazing when everyone stood back and looked at the canvases. Jessica opened the door and said. “Time is up… How did everyone do?”  “Did you have fun?” Everyone answered yes, and were led to a wash up area. While they washed up Jessica put on a huge fan that dries the paint in a few minutes.

painting.jpg         Creating in their style……

The painting experience was amazing for everyone. The paintings were proudly taken to the car and papa carefully placed them in the truck with paper between each work of art. The family made their way over to McDonald’s to have a meal before going home….. Join me tomorrow as we find out what is in store for the family.

Hello everyone. I hope your Wednesday was as great as mine was. Today was pretty quiet, and I did some finishing touches to a painting I have been creating for a while now. It’s entitled ‘Working hands.’ and it is unusual. I never create anything that is  normal. When I create, what I make is a one of a kind. I think it looks pretty good. I’m my worst critic and think I could have done better. But it is what it is. The weather here is cold…… Today was bearable but nowhere near warm. Spring is coming someday. ‘I hope’ I have my fingers and toes crossed and it’s really hard to do anything like that. Well, I wish everyone a safe and happy Thursday. Take care of those you cherish and be safe out there… 🙂

I want to say thanks to all my followers, readers and visitors for stopping by to read the stories I write…..   🙂   🙂

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