Papa and Nanna’s Place (5)

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The fun that the children have been having over this past week, will stay with them forever. Nanna hopes that the episode with the robber does not stick with the children and they forget what happened. Once they arrived at the Art Store all the prior events were chased away by all the fun they had.

Parker and Pearl had a lot of stories to tell mom and dad when they came back on Saturday. Not only did they have memories but they had their beautiful paintings to show mom and dad. Pearl loved the fact that they got to do all kinds of things with nanna and papa. She missed them when she went home. Pearl would call and talk to nanna about pretty much anything. All she really wanted was to hear nanna’s voice. She missed her so much, but never told mom that she liked being with nanna more than her. Nanna took the time to teach Pearl how to cook and how to be a lady. To Pearl her nanna was the bomb. She loved board games and cards they would play each day she was with nanna. Nanna had taken Pearl shopping to get yarn and a pair of knitting needles. Pearl wanted nanna to teach her how to knit. She had watched nanna countless time, as she made cozy blankets for the people in the seniors home. In pearls eyes nanna was an adventurer and Pearl wanted to be just like nanna when she grew up. Pearl would stand behind nanna and brush her silver hair and tell nanna that she would never let her be alone, ever. Nanna would pat Pearls hand and tell her that she would never leave alone either. “We are best friends, Pearl.” Nanna said as her eyes began to water up. “Pearl, would you get me a kleenex… I think I have something in my eye?” Nanna asked Pearl. Pearl jumped off the sofa, and ran to the bathroom to get a kleenex. Nanna quickly wiped away the tears that had found their way onto her cheeks. Pearl came back with the kleenex in her hand and put it in nanna’s hand. “Thank You..Pearl.” Nanna said as she wiped her eyes. “I love you nanna.” Pearl said as she reached for nanna’s hands. “I love you too, Pearl.” Nanna said as she pulled Pearl in for a big squishy hug. This was a love and a bond that would last as long as time itself.


Parker and papa were sitting on the front porch talking about fishing and anything else that came up. “Parker… Dad and mom come home tomorrow and will be coming to pick you up in the afternoon… Do you miss then?” Papa asked Parker. Parker looked at papa with one of his eyes squinting because the sun was shining in his face. “Yes.. Papa… I miss them and will be happy to see them, but I don’t want to leave you and nanna alone.” Parker said as he placed his small hand on papa’s knee. “Why are you worried about us?” Papa asked. “The robber might come back and come in the house and get you.” Parker said as his gaze shifted to papa’s eyes. “We are safe Parker.. The policeman will be watching over us, and keeping us safe.” Papa explained to Parker. “Papa.. I wish you and nanna could come and live with us.” Parker said with a serious look on his face. “What would we do with our house, and your house is not big enough for all of us.” Papa said. “You will come visit us a lot and we will always.” Papa said. Parker looked a bit happier and said he loved papa and gave him a big hug. “We are buddies… Right papa?” Parker asked. “You bet we are buddies forever.. Give me five buddy.” Papa told Parker. Papa held up his hand and Parker gave him a big high-five. Pearl poked her head out the door and let the fellas know that lunch was ready, and they should come inside.

papa and parker.jpgPapa and Parker at the park……..

Once inside the house everyone sat at the table and ate lunch while they talked about what was going to happen after they had finished eating. Nanna said there was one more surprise today and they would be heading out after the lunch dishes were cleaned up. Papa suggested that nanna relax and him and Parker would take care of the clean up and the dishes. Nanna thought that was a very good idea, and her and Pearl made their way to the up stairs to get ready to go out.  Once the dishes were done papa and Parker went up stairs to find the girls laying on the bed and talking to each other. Come on ladies it’s time for the fun to begin, get up and let’s get going. “I’m excited to see what we will be doing today.” Papa said. The fellas made their way to the car and waited for the ladies to lock up the door. “Lets get the petal to the metal… Papa.” Nanna said as she whispered in papa’s ear where he was taking them. Papa had his foot on the gas and they were off. Pearl and Parker watched the houses passed by untill there were no more. They were headed down the byway and would be there soon. “Hey.. nanna that lady looks like you.” Pearl said as she pointed to a lady on a scooter travelling down the side of the road just like them. Nanna looked at the lady and waved. The lady waved and turned to watch the road and traffic.

grandam1          A granny traveling on her scooter…..

There was a lot of people who passed papa. He wasn’t driving very fast and soon he turned off to a street where they could see a light green building. The sign on the building said, “Wild Times.” Parker asked what does that sign say and papa told him it said wild times. “What does that mean?” Pearl asked. Nanna told her they would find out once they got inside the building. Once they walked through the door Parker and Pearl pinched their noses and said it is stinky in here. Papa was talking to the lady at the desk and they all were led to a big room with other people sitting on the floor and in chairs. The lady told them to have a seat and the show would begin in ten minutes. “Nanna… what kind of show is this one going to be?” Pearl asked. “In a few minutes we will see what kind of show this is.. I have never been here so I have no idea of what is going to happen.” Nanna explained.

untitled.pngParker and Pearl sat quietly in their chairs, and when the curtain on the stage opened they both gasped. Right in front of them was a man with a baby tiger in his arms. “Look nanna!” Pearl said as she pointed at the tiger. “He is so pretty.” she added. ” He is very pretty and I love his eyes.”  Nanna said to Pearl. The man began to talk about the tiger and what country he came from. The man asked if anyone wanted to come up and pet the tiger, and Parker’s hand shot up before any other children got a chance. Come to the stage young man and meet our tiger. Papa took Parker to the stage a stood off to the side as the man and Parker started to talk. The baby tiger was putting his paw out to touch Parker. Parker put his hand on the tiger’s paw, and the tiger looked right into Parker’s eyes. Parker was not afraid of the baby and felt really brave while he was on the stage. Nanna pulled her camera from her purse and took several photos of Parker and the tiger. Papa and Parker returned to their seats and a lady came to get the baby tiger and the man came to the stage with a big snake wrapped around his neck. Pearl’s eyes went wider than they had ever been before. The snake was moving around the man’s arm. Pearl covered her eyes with her hands. “Are you okay, Pearl?” Nanna asked. “I don’t like those snakes.” Pearl said. Parker came over to Pearl and sat close it her and put his arm around her and said. “I will keep you safe Pearl don’t worry… I will stomp that snake.” Pearl seemed to relax a little more.  The show continued with several scary creatures like a tarantula. Once the show was over the children wasted no time getting into the car. They thought the animals were cool but they were a little afraid of some of them.


Off the family went in the direction of the trampoline place. Once papa got closer to the building the children were clapping their hands and cheering. This place was lots of fun for them and it would take away the thoughts of the creatures they had just seen. The children knew this time what they were to do and where to go get a trampoline to bounce on. Parker pointed to two trampolines that were empty and he and Pearl headed right for them. Parker was getting pretty good at bouncing, so good that he tried jumping into the sponge pit. In he went and he sunk into the sponges. Papa was in the pit to rescue him from the sponges. Parker stood on his own and papa helped him back onto the trampoline. Pearl was having a ball, she was jumping than kicking her legs out to the sides. She even made it look like she was walking in the air as she bounced. Nanna clapped as Pearl jumped. Parker and Papa were on the same trampoline and were having fun, at least until a fella came around and told papa only one person on the trampoline at once. Papa got off and he was pouting. Parker felt sorry for papa and gave papa a chance to bounce. Parker laughed as papa made it look like he was walking in the air, and when papa hit the trampoline he would make it look like he was laying down with his arm under his chin. Papa gave Parker a chance to bounce as papa was out of breath, and a little on the tired side.

jump 2.jpg         Children having fun being children…..


The day was great and for dinner they all went back to the pizza place. The children watched as the pizza man flipped the pizza dough into the air then caught it. For some reason the pizza tasted better than it ever had. Nanna and papa were very happy to see the smiles on the faces of their grand-children. This was by far one of the best visits the children had ever had, and nanna and papa made it all possible.

dance.gif       Dancing with happiness….

I hope everyone has enjoyed my story for this week of April 2019. It has been a pleasure to deliver my thoughts in story form to all my follower, readers and anyone who may stop by to read my stories. When the weekend comes and Friday has finally arrived. I find myself with plenty more exciting places to take my characters and readers to so they can experience more adventure. Before I know it Monday has come and I will have the week, to take everyone to the places that awaken your imagination. I thank everyone for being here. Today has been cold as heck and I’m beginning to think spring has gone south. It’s too cold when you can see your breath as you breath. The wind feels like it is blowing in from the far north. The poor flowers in the garden are still covered with leaves and will stay that way for a bit longer. Well, it’s time for me to get going. The weekend is right around the corner. Enjoy your Friday and the time you have with your family. I will be back again on Monday to take on another adventure. Be safe…  🙂

I want to say thanks to everyone who supports my writing. You have no idea how much it means to me. Thanks!!   🙂  🙂

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