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Today, was like all other days since Paulette had bought a diner on the corner of  Foster Avenue, and Williams street. All her life she wanted a place to call her own. 

Paulette Lambert was born, and raised in a country town, where the streets were rolled up at eight P.M. every night. The empty streets made the whole town look deserted. Not a soul in sight, and the silence was deafening. The younger crowd would hang out at the coffee shop on the highway.  Paulette had gone with the crowd on the odd occasion, and met a lot of new friends. small town.jpgPaulette had big dreams for her future, and she was not the type of girl to shy away from what she wanted. She was a petite girl with green eyes, and blonde hair, and not the blonde that came from a bottle. She had a strong will, and was not shy about speaking her mind, her friends had grown use to her bluntness. Paulette lived with her parents, and grand-parents. She  had a job at the only bank in town as soon as she graduated. Paulette had been saving her money, for a long mom knew about Paulette’s dream to move to the big city, but her father refused, to accept the fact that she would be leaving someday soon. Her bank account had gone well over the calculated amount of money she wanted to have. But, she was going to give herself another few months before she would move. Paulette had figured, with all the experience she had at the bank, she would have that career as a back up way to earn money. She sure was a smart cookie and planned well. parents.jpgFall had turned to winter, then winter to spring, and the time for Paulette to leave was just around the corner. A big dinner had been set up by her friends and family the week before Paulette was scheduled to leave. Paulette had a hunch that the dinner was going to happen, but she had no idea when. Saturday afternoon while Paulette was shopping with her mom at a nearby town. Her friends had gone to Paulette’s home and set the table, and prepared a meal to celebrate the future.table.jpg  After a day of shopping with mom Paulette was ready to go home and put her feet up and relax. As they entered the house the delicious smells of different foods made Paulette’s stomach growl. Dinner was ready and had been time to the minute. Everyone sat down and talked about everything under the sun. Once dessert had been served, conversation turned to Paulette, and where she was headed. She had picked a place with a warm climate, no winter, and a beach close by. californ.jpgPaulette had picked California, and when she said “California” her friends started picking out dates on the calendar when they could come visit. Even her dad wanted to book a date to come visit. Paulette laughed and gave her dad a big hug. “Dad, you never need a date to visit, my door will always be open to my family.” The next morning Paulette was ready to head to California. With kisses and hugs passed around dad gave her a card that she was only to open once she arrived in California.letter.jpgPaulette was excited as her home town grew smaller and, smaller in the rear view mirror. rear view

To be continued.

Pass a smile onto everyone you meet today.

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” Have yourself a wonderful Tuesday, and keep warm.”

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