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Paulette fell fast asleep, after speaking with her father. The letter, and the cashiers cheque from her family had made her evening quite an emotional one.

Paulette woke to bright sun shine, streaming through the windows. As she turned over the phone rang, it was Renee on the other end of the line. Renee said, she would be there to pick Paulette up in the next hour. If, Paulette wanted to be ready for Renee, she would have to get up now and get moving. Paulette hurried to get ready. She was so very excited that she would be buying  her home today.  Paulette stood  watching out the large picture window, sipping on a bottle of icy cold water. Dressed and ready for a busy day, Paulette sprinted down the hall way, and into the elevator.elevator.jpgAs the elevator opened, the lady at the desk waved Paulette over, and whispered that she had a guest waiting for her. As Paulette turned, Renee rose to her feet, walked over and shook Paulette’s hand. ” Hello Paulette,” Renee said with a smile. “It’s nice to meet you.” Paulette replied, ” Nice to finally meet you.” “We have plenty of places to see today, and I have one place that is different from the others,” Renee said.  “Would you like to have breakfast and look over a few of the ads?” Renee suggested. “Paulette was more than happy to have sometime, to spend with Renee.”shaking.jpgOff Paulette and Renee went to get some breakfast. Renee stopped her car in front of a diner, not far from the Hotel. As they entered the front door of the diner, Paulette could feel a special calmness in the diner, it was like she was at home. The diner was not too big, only a few tables with an old fashion soda bar seating area, with seats that twirled around. A small addition had been added to the left side of the building, making it look like the diner had been stretched. The waitress came over, and gave the girls menus, and asked if they would like something to drink. The menu was colorful, and the photo’s of food looked so appetizing. Paulette, ordered the house breakfast, and Renee ordered the Belgian waffle. It took no time at all for their food to be delivered to their table. Paulette kept saying, “How delicious is this food?” Renee said, ” I figured you may like a real breakfast, this is my favorite diner in the city.” diner.jpgPaulette and Renee went through the ads, picking out the ones they liked. Renee drove to their first stop, which was about an hour away from the hotel. The condo was, a one bedroom with an open kitchen, dinning, and living room areas. The bathroom was very small, which made Paulette cross that one-off the list. Renee suggested a loft, and Paulette was all for going to see it. Renee pointed out that it was not far from the hotel and the beach. It was a refurbished warehouse. There had been balconies added to each loft area. The drive back to the loft area took a bit of time, which gave Paulette and Renee a chance get better acquainted. drive.jpgArriving at the building that contained several lofts. Paulette was delighted with the landscaping that had been done, and how there were so many trees, and gardens.  The building was an old shoe factory, that had been built-in the eighteen hundreds. There were two units for sale, one on the fourth floor, and one on the second floor. Paulette was excited to see both units. Renee suggested the top unit first, and Paulette agreed. The entrance to the building was very inviting. Entering the elevator, Paulette asked, “how many units were in the building all together?” Renee said, “Only eight, two on each floor.” building.jpgArriving on the fourth floor, Paulette noticed that the elevator opened into a mid-sized area that was tastefully decorated with paintings on the wall and large plants near the windows. Renee pulled a set of keys from here hand bag, and opened the loft door. The door was larger than most and made of cherry wood with metal accents, and a beautiful coat of arms carved into the door. The door opened and Paulette stepped inside, and the amount of space blew her away. “Wow!!”  Paulette blurted out, with a huge smile on her face. ” I can’t believe this place, the room is amazing.” She said. loft.jpgRenee said , “this is only the beginning, come this way.” The kitchen area was huge with an island with chairs. The living room and dinning areas were all open concept. There was an area that dropped down from the ceiling, and had stairs leading up to it. “This could be used as a bedroom or an office, the choice is up to you.” Renee said. Paulette headed down a hallway, to the right was a huge bathroom with a bath tub and a separate shower, and the toilet was in a room all its own with a door. On the left in the hall way was a wall of storage cabinets. Down the hall was a large bedroom with an on suite bathroom, and window that looked over the gardens, and on the other side was another bedroom with a view of the manicured lawns, and gardens. The loft was tastefully decorated with leather furniture in the living room, wood tables and lamps. Dinning area had a medium-sized wood table and matching chairs. The drop down room had been set up as an office, and looked amazing. The bedrooms had king sized beds, a mirrored dresser, night stands, and a walk in closet in each, that had storage cabinets.bedroom.jpgThis place was a dream come true, and Paulette fell in love with it right away. Paulette went to the living room area, and opened a door to the balcony. The wind caressed her face as she stood in awe, at the sight of the ocean, and beach was only steps away. “Well, what do you think of this loft unit?” Renee asked. Paulette could barely say a word, as she was so over whelmed. “How much is this loft selling for, and does it come with the furniture?” Paulette mumbled.  Renee sat on a patio chair and pulled out some paper from her briefcase, and put them on the patio table. ” Let us see what we have here, the price without the furnishings would be sixty-five thousand, five hundred dollars.” But, I will have to  call the owners to see if they would sell the furnishings, and how much extra that would be.” Renee said. beach3.jpg “Could you please call them, and tell them I will offer seventy-five thousand dollars if they include the furnishings?” Paulette calmly said , while inside she was jumping up and down. Renee looked at her smiling and said, “Sure we can go back to the office, and make a call.”  Paulette wanted to look around one more time, then they headed for the office. Renee called the owners as soon as they arrived, and as luck would have it the owners answered her call. The owners were so pleased with the offer, and agreed right away to the terms of the deal with the furnishings. Paulette had a home, and lots of space for company. loft.jpgRenee started drawing up papers for both parties to sign. Paulette asked for a total on the purchase, as she needed to settle things with her bank. Paulette asked, that the owners be present when they signed the final papers, and  Renee said she could arrange that for her. Paulette’s night at the hotel was the longest she had ever spent. Waiting was not her thing.  Paulette hardly slept at all, because of how excited she was.  Renee called around ten o’clock in the morning, and gave Paulette the news she was waiting for, the signing was set for five o’clock that day, at the office. Paulette had sometime to spare so, she decided to go to the beach and take a swim in the ocean. Maybe that would relax her.diving.jpgPaulette bathed in the sun for a couple of hours, then headed back  the Hotel, to get ready to go to the real estate office.  At five o’clock everyone met, and signed the papers, at what point Paulette gave Renee a cashiers cheque to cover a the Real Estate costs, and one for the former owners. Paulette, had two days before she could move into her new home. That evening Paulette called spoke with her family for two hours telling them all about her new home, and asked when they wanted to come visit. Paulette made plenty close friends, and fit right into the California life style.

The end.

Take care of your loved ones, and be safe out there.

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