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As we begin our lives, and eventually grow old. We have many wonderful things that happen that make memories that last forever. Passed down from family to family.  A window of what was in the past…

Hi, my name is Gretta. My friends call me Peanut. It’s a nickname that I have inherited from someone in my family. I’m told that I look, and act just like that person in everyway. This nickname has stuck with me all my life. There’s no need for a last name, everybody knows me by that handle. I don’t remember meeting this person that I look like, but they must have been special in everyway. Their journey had brought them to this place where they met. My great granny Julie, was a pretty smart lady and great pappy Flint fell madly in love and a family was about to be created by these two quirky people. Great granny was a woman of great intuition, and followed the stars. She was raised by a very strict mother, and father. They lived in a community that believed we all had our place on this earth, and God created us for whatever it was we were to do. Great granny was a rebel, type gal that wouldn’t follow the lead of others. To her parents she was the bad one, and she would spend may days alone with the silence created by a lonely room. Great pappy was the total opposite. He was the perfect child who was the apple of his parents eye. He never let his parents see any other side of him. He was a devil, but he had so much charm that you would give him your last dollar in your pocket. And he knew how to use his charm with the ladies. But, he had to be smart in order to build the reputation he had, and create the empire he had built in his life time. His life was all parties, ladies, and fun times, till he met great granny. In there life time they raised twelve children that experienced a life of adventure. They taught them right from wrong as well as the basic fundamentals of life. Grandma took most of the thing she learned from her parents, and passed them onto her children. Grandpa taught their five children how to be yourself, how learn all you could, and that a good days work never hurt anyone. My mom, and dad have passed all the great things they were taught onto us. And I think we all turned out not too half bad. Well, that’s about how this family began, and where I got the nick-name Peanut.


Great granny and pappy…….

My life was pretty simple as a child, and we did have riches that had been passed down from generation to generation. But my parents lived a modest life style, and never let anyone know that they were actually rich people. To them money wasn’t everything, but it was there if it was needed. Mom (Janet) and dad (Willis) had met each other while traveling home from college on a train. There meeting was one of chance, as Janet had missed her first train and took the second one instead. Could you have imagined what would have  happened if they had never met? I likely wouldn’t be here today, and the nick-name ‘Peanut’ would have been some other kids name. Thank God for destiny and the way lives come together. But, they met and fell hopelessly in love. Willis’s family were not rich people by no means, but they opened their arms and hearts to Janet. Janet’s family were a little cautious about Willis. They didn’t want a person with their daughter who would treat her un-kindly. But as time went by Janet’s parents fell in love with Willis, as Janet had. They had been married in a small church that was over two hundred years old.


     Love is a beautiful connection….

The church was made of log, mud, and grass, and when you were inside you could smell the faint hint of grass. The minister’s stand was made of walnut wood, and carved by a carpenter who frequented the church often. He had also carved a cross with Jesus upon it. His talents were beyond most other carpenters, my parents had ever met. He constructed long benches for people to sit on during Sunday services.  He had painstakingly been carved with verses from the bible into each bench. The windows were only plain glass covered by a thin white lace, that let the suns ray cast a beautiful light upon the face of Jesus. The floor was made of timbers from the trees that stood where the church now stands. It was a very modest, and plain church with white walls which carries his name of the carpenter to this day. The ‘Church of Abraham’ was a place that has out lasted many generations. A place where each Sunday, it is packed with joyful song and scripture. It was the place that drew people to friend-ships that have weathered many years. The cemetery has been a resting place for those who have passed onto another place in their journey. It’s a place filled with flowers left by loved ones who have never forgotten the dead. A place, that if you sit quietly enough you can hear the angels sing. It’s one of my favorite places to visit. I hope someday that I will marry there, and have a wonderful life as my relatives had before me.

church.jpg       Church….

If there is only one thing I have learned over my years on this earth. Is that our lives will cross paths with others over and over again until our journey is over.

Join me tomorrow, as we follow the story of ‘Peanut’s Life’..  I’ll see you then… 🙂

Hello everyone: The weekend has now come to an end, and another week has begun. I hope all mother’s had a beautiful celebration with their families, and a fantastic, Mother’s Day. I enjoyed my time with my family as well, and Loved to see our daughter have a wonderful time celebrating her first Mother’s Day. Being a mother is a time where memories are made, and never forgotten. I wanted to extend wishes to all the moms out there a very ‘Happy Mother’s Day.’ The weather was not the best as I sat in the car to avoid the cold and rain while my husband waited to get us a seat in a pancake place. It took over an hour to get a table, and we left there were still people lined up to have lunch with Mom. It’s the norm for mothers day and fathers day. So why get in a tiff, just enjoy time with those you don’t normally chat with. I got a chance to spend time with my grand-daughter as we huddle in the car to keep warm. She is now twenty-two, and I have many memories of when she was younger. Tomorrow is Monday and I hope everyone has a wonderful day…. Keep safe, and be kind to others…. 🙂 Catch you on the flip side….. 🙂  🙂

I wish to say thank you to all my followers, readers, and the many visitors that stop by to read my stories…..   I would also like to say thanks to all the awsome photographers who supply my photographes for my blog….:)  🙂 🙂

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