Peanut’s Story (2)

girl.jpg           Peanut tells her story……’s-story-2

Peanut started to tell the story of how she had gotten the nickname ‘Peanut’. She spoke about her great grand pappy who was know as Peanut too. She told of his life before he met his life long partner Julie. Peanut also spoke of an old church that was her favorite place to visit.

I had always dreamed of getting married in the same church my relatives, and my relatives before had been married there. I spoke often about my parents and how they were well off, and kept it a secret for all their lives. The inheritance that had been passed down from generation to generation, helped to pay for the education of us two children. The money was not spent unless there was a live or die situation that warranted the use of some money. Other than that my dad worked just as hard as most men, and mom stayed home making sure we were well cared for. When I was younger my brother and I would fight for no reason. It wasn’t because we didn’t love each other. We just did it because it drove mom crazy. Mom would give us a couple cookies and set us in front of the television to watch our favorite show. We loved the Jolly Green Giant show with his little friend Casey. Arthur and I would try to figure out how the giant got inside that little castle. But today we know it was just acting, with props. Back then, no one could tell us he was not a good giant. Arthur and I would climb the tree in the back yard, and I remember the day that I fell from the tree and broke my arm. The fights with Arthur were always won by me because I had a pretty good hitting tool on my arm. Oh, Arthur got me back plenty of times as we grew up.

arm.png     Ouch! Broken arm……..

I remember the frog he put in my bed, and never said anything to me about it being there. To this day I know he was outside my room laughing as I slipped into the covers. I lay there in silence as I hear the crock of a frog. I sat up straight and looked around the room to see where the frog was. I knew it was close, but I was about to find out how close. I crawled back into my bed, and as I turned to face the wall the  frog was starring straight back at me.  I let out a scream and jumped out of bed. I was freaking out while that poor little frog looked at me like I was the crazy one. Needless to say, Arthur was in trouble, and had to take the frog outside and release him into the grass. Dad just stood in the door way with his hand over his mouth trying hard to hide his laughter. Dad was really laid back, and had a lot of laughs when he saw us two bugging each other. Dad had to scold Arthur by telling him not to put a frog in his sister’s bed. Mom would sometimes get annoyed at dad because she thought he was not serious enough when dealing with our little pranks. Maybe she was right. But you got to remember she stayed with us pretty well twenty four hours a day.


        Little froggy in bed…..

As time passed I had my first day of school, and I didn’t like it much at the first. My brother was my only friend, and being in school without him always made me sad. He would wait at the front window till the school bus dropped me off. Before I reached the door he would be there to help me with the art I brought home. I was the big sister now. I would read books to Arthur as we sat on the couch. He would often place his arm around my shoulders and snuggle in. Time had passed way to fast and it was Arthur’s first day of school. He was scared, but when I told him I would be just down the hall in my class he calmed down. When I made friends at school Arthur would tag along with us, no matter where we went. My friends didn’t like that much, and would always tell him to get lost. I would look at them and make it clear that Arthur was my kin and belonged with me and my friends. Once that was straightened out there were no problems any more. It took Arthur a while to make friends, but he did. He was shy with others, and not with his family. I remember hearing someone call Arthur a creepy mental goof, and then they pushed him on the ground and laughed at him. I came from out of no where, and marched that boy down to the office and told the principal what had happened. I know I shouldn’t have grabbed the boy, but that was my brother he was picking on.


     Bullying in school yard…..

I was in grade four when I grabbed that boy, and from that day on I have made sure every child is protected from abuse at school. You see, my little brother had down syndrome and I would walk over broken glass to this day to keep him safe. He is my buddy and best friend. School became a little easier for Arthur when he got a teacher just for him. I worked with him at home, and helped him with his homework. When I had to go to high school, Arthur was not sure what that meant. I asked if Arthur could come to school with me for a day and watch what high school was all about. Everyone liked Arthur, and made him feel at home. I would always walk him to school and pick him up when his day was done. Each year when Arthur graduated all the family would show up to cheer him on. No body ever forgot to be there when Arthur’s next year was over and graduation came around. Arthur was a handsome dude. With his brown hair combed over to one side, he had freckles over his nose and cheeks. He stood about four foot seven inches tall, and had a fairly slim build. He always worn a bow tie with a white buttoned up shirt. He loved his black jeans the most, out of all his clothes. He wore a leather jacket, and red sneakers. I would always called him Fonzie, and when I did he would pull his comb from his back pocket, and slick his hair back. He was funny, and made me laugh all the time. The show he watched the most was Happy Days, and he would never miss a show. He would be in front of the television with me by his side. Arthur and I pretty much did everything together. We talked about everything, and when I was down he would cheer me up by doing something silly. He would just sit beside me and pat my back and tell me whatever was wrong would work out just fine. I was amazed at how smart he was, and grown up he had become. Years passed by and I really didn’t have much interest in guys. I never wanted my life to get tangled up in a relationship. I did have one fella friend who had stuck around, and played the part of a friend. His name was Jasper, and I knew he liked me and I liked him. For many years we remained friends, and never forgot each other. Arthur liked Jasper, and would play catch with him.

onz.jpg    The fonz……

When Arthur was sixteen, he got pretty sick and was taken to the hospital. He stayed there under going test after test for two weeks. No one could figure out what was wrong with him, and he was let go home. Mom and I made sure he got to the doctors to see what test he was having next. Arthur looked tired, but never miss behaved during any test. One day mom was called by the doctor, and asked if we all could come to Arthur’s next appointment. We all wouldn’t find out why until three weeks.


Join me, and Peanut as we go to the appointment to see if they found what was making Arthur so tired…..  🙂

Hello everyone. Monday was pretty miserable in my part of the world. It was the type of day that not even the dogs wanted to go outside. It rained on and off all day. The weather is supposed to be like this all week, and into the long weekend. It’s cold and damp as ever, but the grass is green. There has got to be an upside to everything. Today I finished off a couple of my shadow box scenes. They look pretty good to me and my husband posted one of them on his face book and got a lot of likes. Well, I hope all of you had a good Monday. Take care of those you love, and be safe on the roads….. I catch ya later on flip side of the coin…. 🙂  🙂

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