Peanut’s Story (3)

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Peanut had taken Arthur for a full day in High School. Peanut’s friends helped her make Arthur’s visit a fantastic one. Jasper, her friend for a few years stuck around because he had a fancy for Peanut.  Arthur at the age of sixteen fell ill, and for the next two weeks he stayed in the hospital.

My brother had spent two weeks in the hospital. For some reason the hospital was having a hard finding out what was wrong with Arthur. Arthur had gone through so many tests that he looked like a pin cushion. I would cry when I saw his arms and the needle holes. Each day I could see the anger growing in Arthur’s eyes. He wanted to go home, and dad made sure he got his wishes. It had become so bad that he would make it very hard on the nurses, who took care of him. Dad had set up an agreement with the hospital that said, when Arthur had it see a doctor or get another test, the whole family would be there with him. Arthur loved having our full support, and it made him feel more secure. I tried to make sure Arthur knew we would be there no matter how sick he got. I could see the struggle he was having, each time I looked in his eyes. Early, one Friday mom received a call that summoned all of use to the office of a doctor we had never seen before. It was about time we got some answers as to what was causing Arthur to get so ill. We all piled in the car and we were off to the doctors. When we arrived Arthur was in great spirits, as we skipped side by side into the office. For a week or so Arthur seemed happy and then in a matter of an hour, he would become up set and hard to deal with. I knew it wasn’t his fault that he was acting that way, and I would reassure him everything was going to be okay. It hurt my heart to see him all mixed up. My fingers were crossed as we took a seat in the doctors office.

car.jpg          On their way to hospital……

The doctor was a younger man who seemed to know what he was talking about. He talked about the mood swings Arthur was experiencing. He pulled out an ex-ray and attached it to a lit up board on the wall. He called Arthur to come take a look at the inside of his head. Arthur seemed pretty darn interested for someone as sick as he was. The doctor pointed out his teeth, his nose and where his eyes were. Mom and dad found this doctor better than any of the ones they had ever seen before. He pulled Arthur into the conversation instead of leaving him out. Arthur watched closely as he showed Arthur a mass on his brain, that was causing him to be sick. I quietly wept in the corner as I seen for the first time, just how large the mass was on Arthur’s brain. None of us felt easy about what the doctor had found. I couldn’t believe with all the equipment used in the hospital, why they had not seen something that large. I could not imagine how many patients had either suffered or died because of the hospitals laziness. The doctor started to tell mom and dad that Arthur would have an operation to hopefully remove the mass that was causing all the problems. The operation needed to be done as soon possible as the doctor could get things prepared. Arthur would have the best team of doctors taking care of him at all times. Mom was afraid for Arthur, and asked the doctor what the chances of Arthur not coming through the operation. The operation was not that common and the chances would be hard to predict. Arthur was a healthy young man and that alone was on his side. He explained how the operation would be done, as I sat there in fear with tears running down my face. Arthur put his arm over my shoulder and snuggled close to me, and said. “Everything will be fine sister.. I’m the Fonzie and the Fonzie is like superman.” Arthur whispered. I could not help but chuckle when he said he was Fonzie. My brother would always make me laugh when I was sad, and I always did the same for him.

doc.jpg     Doctor talking to patient….


The date for the operation was up to the hospital to have an open operating room. The doctor would call mom with the date and time. On the way home Arthur sat looking out the window like he had never seen the street before. He would ask me where we lived, and was this our car. The mass was doing more damage to his brain, with each passing day. I prayed, that night that God would do his best to get my brother in for the operation right away. I prayed every night and during the day, as I watched Arthur’s former self disappear. Jasper was so concerned about Arthur and myself. He could see how hard all the changes, that came over Arthur as we waited for the call. I cried may times on Jasper’s shoulder, and talked to him for what seemed like hours at a time. He never complained and gave me the avenue to let go of the emotions I held back when I was around Arthur. It was late one evening when mom got a call from the doctor, and told her to bring Arthur to the hospital tomorrow for blood tests and get him registered. The operation was the day after, and I thanked God for helping the doctor get the operating room, and asked that God give the doctor steady hands during the operation. The car was quiet, and no one spoke while we drove to the hospital that day. The silence was deafening, and my heart was beating faster than I had ever remembered. As Arthur was put on the gurney and wheeled down the hall, I held his hand and told him I would be here when he woke up. I kissed him on the cheek, and told him I Loved him. Mom and I sat with tears in our eyes as we waited. Dad paced back and forth, sat down for a bit, then did the same all over again. This would be along stressful wait, and I prayed all would be okay.

oper.jpg      Operating room….


Jasper showed up with coffee for all of us, and sat with us till the doctor came to talk to us. He explained he got as much as he could of the mass. Arthur was stable, and we could see him when he woke up. Felling better and a little more relaxed, we made our way to the food court, and had something to eat. It had been along day, and everyone was hungry. Jasper sat beside me at the table, and held my hand. I needed his support more than I had expected. Dad got a call that Arthur was waking up and if we wanted to come see him, now was the best time. The nurse explained that Arthur would be in intensive care for the next few days till he was fully off the support machines he was on. We hurried ourselves to the recovery room to see him. The tubes and wires coming out of Arthur, left me stunned. It was like my body had gone somewhere else, and I was Arthur. I could feel the calm he was experiencing, and I was calm as well. Jasper was watching me and nudged me and told me to come back. I looked at him with a stunned look on my face. “He’s calm, and okay,” and with that I left the room. Jasper followed me and hugged me gently, and I cried on his shoulder.  “He will be okay, Peanut.” He said with such affection in his voice. Jasper never left my side all through the times ahead of us, and we became more than best friends.


The next few days were very hard, we almost lost Arthur, but he fought back, and gained a little ground, but he still was not out of trouble.

Join Peanut tomorrow as she waits for Arthur to get well enough to be moved out of intensive care……  🙂

Hello everyone: Today was pretty good day for a Tuesday. It was fourteen degrees Celsius and no rain. That was a nice change. I had to see a doctor today and received my first and as far as I’m concerned my last cortisone shot. My hand is killing me, and I am not happy. I kind a figured the shot would not hurt this much but it does. The next step will be an operation to fix my thumb as arthritis is making it hard to use. Till then I will bare the pain and wait to get it fixed. Thursday I will drive my son to the hospital in Hamilton, where he will have surgery for something. I can’t remember what exactly, and then I will drive him back home. Tomorrow is Wednesday and the middle of the week. The long weekend is closing in fast. Can’t wait…. Take care of those you love, and be kind to others…. ta ta… Catch you on the other side of the fence….  🙂  🙂

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