Peanut’s Story (5)

girl.jpg         Peanut in her twenties……

Life had changed in a matter of minutes for Peanut and her family. Arthur had fought the battle of his life. He won the first part of the battle, but lost his last battle. His kidneys gave up the fight. Jasper had proclaimed his love for Peanut, and she was surprised.

As I woke in the late afternoon I could smell the after shave Arthur had always worn. He would always saying how sexy he was when he smelled so good. Plus the girls really liked how he smelled. I can remember the day we went shopping. A shopping trip that took up a full day. The hunt was on for the right black leather jacket, and after shave by the bottles. 🙂 Our trip started out early in the morning and didn’t end till eight o’clock at night. We headed for the department store in the mall. We were grooving to the tunes as we drove down main street. Arthur was singing out the tunes, and not always the ones that were playing. The people on the street would turn to look as they heard our voices, as we passed them by. Arthur couldn’t sing to save his life, and I wasn’t far behind him. I understood why everyone starred at us with a funny look on their faces. We didn’t care what they had to say. Arthur would turn to me and repeat, ‘Sticks and stone may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.’ And he was right.  While in the store we bought a pair of black jeans for Arthur to wear with his jacket. Arthur was so happy he gave me a big kiss and a tight hug. After the mall we hit the movie theater and watched a new movie about the Fonzie. Arthur had smiles from cheek to cheek. His eyes lit up each time the Fonzie slicked back his hair, and gave a thumbs up. Later that evening I seen him in front of the mirror practicing the moves till they were natural for him. That Fonzie move became his signature. We made our way to the go cart track and drove the cars. That was the only car, that Arthur would ever be able to drive, and he loved feeling the wind in his hair, and the odd bug in his teeth. We had gone to Dairy Queen to have lunch because it was his favorite place. A walk in the park was a chance for Arthur and myself to renew a bond we had since his birth. The pictures we took as we ran behind trees and peaked out from behind them. Rolling in the grass and having fun, returning home with grass stains on our clothes. These are only a few of the memories I will cherish till we meet again.

mems.jpg      Great memories to remember….

Mom and Dad looked like they were lost and I stayed close to them to make sure they were okay. The loss of their only son, left them empty shells of their former selves. I would see and hear my dad sobbing in the living room. I had never seen my father cry, and I was shocked when I seen his emotions. Why were all men taught to not show emotions? Hold it inside, because if you let others see you cry, you are weak. I never will understand that way of thinking.  Mom on the other hand could cry in the middle of a crowded room. Mom was taught that as she grew up. Mom and dad had a right to cry, they lost the love of their lives. Their boy. My parents were confused and found it hard to deal with the loss. I took over the arrangements for Arthur. As hard as it was I had to ease some of the pain my parents felt. With Jasper by my side I went to a funeral home to talk about arrangements. I had to pick my brother’s coffin out. A coffin he would be laid to rest in. My heart broke as I could see his smiling face as he directed me to the right coffin. I was shaking and my knees were weak. I felt like I would faint. Jasper was my rock as he made me feel a strength I had never known. A viewing time and date was settled and approved by mom and dad. The burial would take place on the same day as the viewing. Notices were printed in the paper, and relatives were given the place and time that Arthur’s body would be given to the earth. A special grave marker was made with Arthur in his black leather jacket, black jeans, and a thumbs up. His smile was as wide and bright as it had always been. The plot in the cemetery was a family plot and he was placed next his great grand pappy Peanut.

burial.jpg     Burial site…..

We dressed Arthur in his black leather jacket, his black jeans, and a crisp white shirt. In his hands we placed the comb he used to slick his hair back. We even had his thumb facing up in front of him. The day of the viewing was solemn and quiet as anyone who had met Arthur was there to pay their respects. Many of the visitors told stories of the things Arthur did to place himself into their memories. Tears fell like rain that day, even though the sun was shining. The procession to the grave site was six blocks long with cars filled with those who called Arthur their friend. And when all the people had gone, we were left with an emptiness we had never felt before. Each time I entered the place we call home. I could hear his laughter, and feel his arm on my shoulder, as he reassured me everything was going to be alright. The days got better as time went by, but the memories would always make us smile. I had a future ahead of me, and I wanted to help those who needed help. I was undecided what I wanted to do.

Join me Monday as I begin a quest in the story of my life….

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