Peanut’s Story (6)

lady.jpg    Loosing someone…….

The memories that surrounded Arthur would never be forgotten. Mom and Dad had been broken by the lose of their son. Peanut, with Jasper by his side, made their way to he funeral home and arranged a burial for her brother. 

The day of the funeral was the worst day of Peanut’s life. Seeing her brother laying in a coffin was hard for her to take. Her stomach was upset, and she had the shakes, and some dizziness. Jasper had notice the shape Peanut was in and made her comfortable on a chair, next to her mom and dad. They sat in their chairs as people filled by to give their condolences. Mom held dad’s hand tightly as they barely spoke. Jasper held Peanut’s hand and kept her as calm as possible. The crowd was very large and everyone had said nothing but good things about Arthur. Jasper was a bit surprised at how much Arthur was loved by all who had attended the funeral viewing. During the eulogy Peanut broke out crying as did her mother. Dad choked back his tears, and did his best to be strong in front of all the visitors. Jasper was on the verge of tears as well, but stood strong for Peanut. He loved her and disliked the fact that she was hurting. Normally she was a strong lady with a heart of gold, and would help anyone she could. The line of cars following the Hurst to the grave site, was a spectacle, that stopped all the people on the street as the cars passed by. The word of Arthur’s death had filtered through the city, and there wasn’t anyone who didn’t know about it. People would bow their heads, and cross their chests with the hand sign of a cross. Once at the grave site Arthur was laid to rest next to his great grand pappy Peanut. Mom, dad, Peanut and Jasper stayed behind to say good bye to Arthur. Their visit each week still continues to this day.

car.jpg      Hurst at grave yard……..

The days after the burial had been the hardest of all. The house was so empty and quiet. Mom and dad had made Arthur’s room into a shrine for their boy. I had a dilemma, and I felt in my heart that I could be the voice for those who could not speak for themselves. I had enrolled in some university courses that would help me prepare for the career I would be in for the rest of my life. There were many choices I had struggled with, and I had no answers. I was in my late twenties when I felt the urgency to figure out what would be my career path. I could be a lawyer, who could defend those accused wrongly, but that choice did not seem to cover the direction I wanted to go in. The second choice was to become a teacher, and work with down syndrome children and adults. With that choice I would be closer to the student, and experience the pride they felt as they achieved their goals. I could be a doctor or a nurse and work to save the lives of the sick children with down syndrome. I milled that choice over and over in my mind, and wondered if I would become too emotionally involved. The thought of them passing away would send me into a spiral I would not recover from. I spoke for many hours with Jasper, and he suggested I become a research scientist and work to find a cure for down syndrome. This way I wouldn’t have to worry about the trauma of loosing someone, I would become emotionally attached to. The suggestion made a lot of sense to me, and I made that my career. I studied very hard, and made achievements in the field of research. I began to like the way I could manipulate the genes of a sick person and find a beneficial way to treat them. Jasper was very happy with the career I had chosen. He was so proud of me when I found a solution to a mysterious bacteria that was causing havoc with the scientific community. I had won more than a few awards for my achievements.

research.jpg     Researcher…….

There had been so many people that were sick and dying from viruses, that had no cure for them. The work I had in front of me was insurmountable, and I thrived on the challenges. I had found what I had been looking for since my brother died. Mom and dad aged over time from the stress of Arthur not being around. Jasper and I had moved in with mom and dad and would make sure they were well looked after. Jasper was like a son to them and I could see the smiles on their faces when they seen him. He was a fantastic man and I was proud to call him my man. All those years that we had been friends was just a platform for the future we would have together.

Join me tomorrow as my life moves forward, and the world becomes a safer place for the sick.

Hello everyone: Here it is Victoria Day, and so far the weather has been not too bad. The grass has been getting higher and greener with each spring rain. The lawns of yellow dandelions decorate each street you drive down. If there is one yellow lawn you can be sure that the next few will be the same color. I wish grass was a infectious as the dandelion. Just think, all the world would have green grass all over the place. That would be a sight to see. I watched the news and seen people in the water at the beach… Are you kidding me! That water would be extremely cold.. Like freezing to be exact. Are you kidding me!!! Those people must have very hot blood or no sense of hot or cold. I’d be dipping one of my toes into the water, then running for the nearest heated room. Lots of people commented on how cold the water was. Maybe it was the point of being able to say I was in the water on the first long weekend. You just won’t find me there…. I got to run and clean up…Take care of those you love, and be safe on the way home from where ever you may have gone….  🙂 Ta Ta .. See you on the flip side…. 🙂

I would like to say thank you to all my readers who have joined me each day to read my stories… 🙂 🙂 I would like to thank the many wonderful photographers for the photos in my blog… 🙂 🙂 

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS. Thanks for being here.. 🙂



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