Peanut’s Story (7)

lady P.jpg      Peanut as life moves on……

Peanut had made her mark in her job as scientific researcher. She loved her job and how much she could work towards a cure of viruses., and disease. Her parents had started to loose their independence. Jasper and her moved in with her parents.

Moving to my birth house was something Jasper and I had talked about for along time. We had never made the move but, now there was an urgency that made the move critical. Mom and dad had become worse and needed around the clock care. Putting them in a nursing home was something Jasper and I had milled over for the past five years. We didn’t want them in that kind of situation, and they had requested to stay in their home till they passed away. The only solution we agreed upon was to move in and make sure they had the best care. I wanted to make sure they were not hurt in anyway, and that we could control their care. Plus Jasper didn’t want them alone in some stuffy old nursing home. He loved his own parents who had passed away a few years ago. He had told me he was close to them, but as the years went by there seemed to be a wall built between them. He would never tell me what happened, but it must have been bitter. I often wondered if it had anything to do with him and I moving in together. I loved them too, but no matter what I did, I could never please them. They would just shun me. Jasper would never tell me they disliked me, but I sensed they did.  When they passed Jasper sold or gave away everything they owned, and when that was done he sold the house. Jasper gave one third of the money from the house to the hospital where they died. Another one third was given to the soup kitchens his mom helped out in. The rest went into safe care. He never said where the money was, but he said our children one day, would have a good start in their lives.

money.gif  Donated money to soup kitchens, and hospital….

The thought of children had crossed our minds on so many occasion, but the time was too crazy back then. Now that we were getting older, and my biological clock was ticking. Jasper wanted two children, and that would be enough. Times were getting hard in the world, and the cost of everything rose every time you bought something. We were well enough off,  so well off, that both of us could retire at an early age. Right now we needed to make sure mom and dad were taken care of, and doing well. The sound of little feet walking across the floors would maybe help mom and dad with their failing minds. I had read a research paper that concluded, that having children around seniors helped them gain their ability to speak. A daughter watched in amazement as her mother started to sing, after a young child was sat on her lap. Her mother had not uttered a word for five years prier to the event with the child. I was blown away, yet intrigued at how great the results were. It was told that baby dolls made a great difference as well. I had met the organization that was going to soon have younger students in school make a regular scheduled visits to nursing homes. I wanted to be able to tag along with their first visit, and was given the okay.

children.jpg            Children at play……

Mom and dad were doing quite well with us in the same home as them. We had a PSW nurse come in every day to help  with their bathing, and eating. She would also make their beds, and clean up around their flat. The place was made just for them, and it was like they had their own space. The way we had the house renovated left us we the opportunity of renting the flat out much later in the future. Mom was very happy when Jasper took her for a walk around the block for some fresh air. Dad was not able to walk anymore, and his mind had taken a turn for the worst. Jasper and I spent every moment we could with the both of them as we helplessly watch as their former selves disappeared. Dad had a hard time remembering names, and how to dress and wash his own face. Mom never let him down and was by his side for the greater part of the day. Mom held his hand and told him her name and who she was, and some how he knew her. It was hard for Mom to go through the same introduction each day, but she loved dad and stuck close to him all the time. Mom had told me once, just how afraid she was about loosing dad. I could see the fear in her eyes as she spoke. I did my best to reassure her that he would be here as long as she was with him. It broke my heart and Jasper’s when we would come upon them and mom was crying. She had her head resting on dad’s knee as she cried. Dad would be stroking her hair with his shaking hands. Tears had welled up in his eyes as he tried to calm her. It seems to me that growing old is the worst thing in the world to go through. Age would steal away your memory, your motion, even your spirit and your will to live.

See you tomorrow as we follow Peanut, and Jasper as they journey into a new chapter of their lives…. 🙂

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