Peanut’s Story (8)

girl.jpg                Peanut…….

Jasper had given the money from the sale of his parents house to the hospital, soup kitchen, and some went into safe care for their children when they grew up. Peanut’s parent’s house had been renovated. There had been a special flat constructed just for mom and dad. 

Age was taking away all abilities from Peanut’s dad, and watching him become a shadow of his former self was gut wrenchingly painful. Peanut’s mother kept close to him and did her best to keep him safe. Mom was starting to become less active, and would ask Jasper if they could only go to the end of their street and back. Mom complained a lot about her legs feeling sore quite often. Peanut had booked an appointment with mom’s doctor, and took her to have some tests done at the hospital. Mom didn’t like being at the hospital at all, and talking her into going there for tests was like pulling teeth. The doctor figured that because mom was getting older, the compressing of the vertebrates of the  spin may have something to with her legs. He said the tests would find out where the problem was coming from. A few days after all the tests had been done, Peanut took her mom to the doctor’s office to see what they had found. When they arrived the office was packed with patients. Mom sat down in a chair, that a nice gentleman had given her to sit on. Mom’s time for her appointment was only a few minutes away. I stood near mom and looked at all the different people in the doctor’s office. It felt like when I would go to the mall and spend the afternoon just watching. The nurse came to the door way of the waiting room, and called mom’s name. I helped her make her way to a room and sat her in the chair closest to the doctor’s desk. We sat there for a few minutes more. Once the doctor opened his computer and brought up all the test results, he began to speak. He said hello to mom and then to me. I waited for him to speak, but all he did was stare at the results. I asked him if there was anything wrong? He never answered. I asked again and he just shushed me and kept reading. What was so wrong that he shushed me?

daughyter mom.jpg        Mom and daughter………

I found myself getting annoyed with the doctor as he said nothing. Mom just sat and smiled as she watched his hands tapping on the keys of the computer. Finally, after what felt like a life time he spoke. Peanut, he said as he looked at me. Your mom has a tumor on her spinal column. I gasped as I heard the words. I could not believe my ears, and looked at the doctor in disbelief. The doctor kept talking, as I reacted to my findings. Not hearing what he had said, I asked him to repeat what he had said. “Your mother has a tumor on her spine.”He said as I looked at him rather dumb founded. “What is the size of it… what will be done to make her better?” I blurted out, as I could feel my eyes tear up. He began to speak. The tumor is not too big, and until we operate to remove it, we won’t know how much damage it has done. The spinal column is a very delicate system of many nerves, and operating in that area can destroy the use of ones legs, or even paralysis. I looked at him, then started to wipe the tears that were now streaming down my face. Mom was in shock as she just sat starring at the doctor. I asked the doctor if we didn’t operate what would happen. His words sent me into a tail spin as my brain tried to reject the words. I began to feel dizzy and I was shaking. He talked calmly to me, and made sure I was okay before he finished what he was saying. I calmed down, and he explained without the operation mom would slowly loose her ability to walk. He continued, she will be in very bad pain, and the possibility of the tumor turning into cancer was inevitable. Taking away the tumor would give the cancer no chance to invade her spinal cord, if it already hadn’t. Mom told the doctor that she was just fine and there would be no need for surgery. He looked at mom as she looked back at him in denial. He told her that if the surgery wasn’t done and soon, she would no longer be able to walk. The doctor asked her to think it over and talk with your family about the pros and cons of the surgery. Mom told him okay, she stood and I helped her out of the office. Mom never said a lot on the way home, as I figured she was finding away to tell dad what  the doctor told her. Once at home she made her way to dad’s bed side.

wheel .jpg   Lady in wheelchair doing puzzles……

The thought of my mom not being able to get around by herself, was hard for me to accept. Jasper and I sat down and I told him what the doctor had said. He sat there looking at me as if he didn’t hear me. “Jasper.” I said. He looked at me and asked what can be done, and would mom have to have an operation. I told him that mom wanted all of us to sit together and talk about the options she had been given. A few days had passed by and my mom had not asked to talk about the doctors appointment. As I entered their flat I could hear mom talking and crying at the same time. I could see her on the bed cuddled into dad as she spoke to him. Dad was stroking her hair. As I stood there watching the two of them, I could see the bond that had grown between them after all these years. The loving way dad caressed her hair, and the way mom snuggled into him. It was almost like she was cold, and he was her heating blanket. I tapped lightly on the door of the room. Mom was a bit startled, and quickly stood up. “I’m sorry mom and dad.” I said, as I looked sheepishly at them. I felt bad for invading their space. I apologized, and asked mom when we were going to have a talk about what the doctor said. Mom said we will be talking this evening right here in this room. Your dad has to hear all that is said, even if he may not remember. “What time should we join you later?” I asked mom. “Oh about seven, is that okay for both of you?” She asked. I walked over to mom and gave a soft gentle hug, and then gave dad a kiss on the cheek. I turned to leave and before I made it out the door mom was back cuddled next to dad. The sight of them cuddling warmed my heart. Jasper was waiting for me when I came out of the flat. He hugged me then kissed me. “Dinner is served my dear.” He said as he led me to the living room sofa, and on the table was a big pizza and a couple beers. “I see you went all out, my dear.” I said jokingly. “It took me all day to make that.” He said as he plopped down on the sofa. I explained to Jasper that at seven all of us would talk about mom’s options. We ate our pizza, which was my favorite. It was smothered in cheese, bacon, mushrooms, and pepperonis. With the crust thick and crispy. We watched the news, and by the time we cleaned up, it was time to talk with mom and dad. I wondered what mom had chosen to do.

I’ll meet you back here, as Jasper and myself find out what mom has planned….  🙂

Hello everyone: How has everyone been? I hope your Tuesday was as enjoyable as mine was yesterday. The sun was nice and warm as long as the cool breeze didn’t chill ya down. The birds had all come back after such a rotten day on Monday. As my door was open I could hear them singing  in the trees. I love the sounds of their songs. I do have some plants to put in the ground tomorrow, and also some seeds from my garden last year. Once the gardens begin to show color, I will post some pictures for all of you to enjoy. I made ribs, and wings with fries for supper, and the ribs literally fell off the bone. I think there is a few of them, that I will have to clear out of the bottom of barbeque tomorrow. Well I must be running…. Be kind to those you meet, and protect those you love.. Be safe…. 🙂  Till later, keep it real…. 🙂 🙂

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