Peanut’s Story (9)

peanu.jpg         Peanut……..

Peanut and her mom had received bad news about her mom’s health. The doctor had given her mom options as to what could be done. Mom was adamant about the operation option. She said right out that was not going to happen. 

My mom was a wonderful lady, but had a mind of her own, and still did. At seven o’clock this evening she would let her family know what option was best for her. I had seen my parents cuddling together, and I had infringed upon a sight I had never really seen. Their love was weaved out of years of hard times and good times. I could only wish the same for Jasper and I as we grow old together. I knew that life in general was not something that made a marriage easy. My mom and dad are perfect examples of the give and take in a marriage. Jasper had slaved over the pizza that we were having for dinner, and we found a funny spot out of the whole ordering in thing. Laughter was infectious, and life needs a lot of that. Tears are inevitable in a marriage. There will always be someone who feels hurt and jilted. My parents tactfully took all these things in stride. I watched them as I grew up and noticed that not one person took the lead but both of them did. But this time mom was taking the full lead. She was calling the shots after she had spoken with dad. I was hoping mom would do the surgery option, but if she doesn’t I will have to bite the bullet and be there for her. Dad may not have understood any of the things she had said to him, but he had always been her rock. She never did anything without talking to him first.

th3AM996C4.jpg      Always together……

It was time for the talk. Jasper was sitting in a chair beside dad as he laid in bed. Dad was pretty much bed ridden, and it broke my heart not seeing him roaming through the house. He got the chance to be in a wheel chair each day, when he went outside for a walk with Jasper. Mom was sitting on the side of the bed holding dad’s hand and smiling at Jasper and dad. I made my way to the bed and sat on the right bottom corner with my legs swinging over the side. It made me feel like I was a little kid again. Mom and dad’s bed had always been so high up off the floor. Mom started to talk and it was so silent in the room that one could hear a pin drop. Mom started out by saying, how much she loved her family, and what she was about to say. With much stress and talking with dad I have decided. She stopped and kissed dad while Jasper and I sat like we were sitting on pin cushions. In my mind I was saying ‘come on mom.’ It was like a kid who had to go somewhere with their friends’ and mom was making them late. Mom continued with what she was going to say. I have decided to wait for a couple months, then I will get the surgery. Dad needs me so much right now and I wish to be here for him as much as I can. Soon his mind will no longer understand what he hears, and he will become a man lost in no man’s land. I already know that point is not far off. I will not stop being here for him, and I will remain here by his side till God sees fit for us to leave. I know you, Peanut may not understand, but when you are my age you will. I love you both. I’m happy you have chosen to be here to make sure we are getting the best care. Thank you for that. Over the week dad and I will finalize our will, and you need not worry about anything. Everything will be taken care of for you. We would like You, ‘Peanut’ and Jasper present during that time.

granny.jpg       Mom talking……

I never expected mom to say what she did and I was set back a bit. I soon reolized the motive behind what she had said to us. I found her reasoning was made out of love, and partnership. My mom is a smart lady and a beautiful person. When I grow up I want to be just like her. Jasper kissed dad on the forehead, and said good night. He walked over to Mom, hugged her and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. He looked her straight in the eye and said. “I love you Mom.” Mom answered with an I love you too, Jasper. Jasper grasped my hand and gave me a little smile as he loosened his grip on my hand, and walked out of the room. I hugged Mom and told her I loved her dearly. I kissed her gently on the cheek, then told dad I loved him then said ‘good night.’ I walked to the door and as I was about to leave, I turned to see mom slip into the bed beside dad. I sat beside Jasper on the sofa, and cuddled into him and watched the news that was on television. Jasper placed his arms around me and snuggled close. That night while Jasper slept, the words mom had said, ran slowly through my mind. Mom had made a good choice, and when the surgery was to happen we would all be by her side. She was a strong lady and I had no worries about the surgery for now. But, I knew that when the time came, I would turn into a basket case. As the weeks went by dad started to become less and less aware of who we were. But, mom never left his side. She stood by her wedding vows. She never wavered. I knew she was lonely at times, as she watched her once strong husband drift away from her grasp.

hands.jpgAlways together…….My hand in yours

It came time for the day of mom’s surgery, and dad really had no idea that she was going to be gone for a few days. Or at least that was what we had thought. Mom kissed dad and told him she would be back in a day or two. He squeezed her hand tightly as if he knew what she was saying. I watched as she walked away from the bed, and I could see a single tear fall from dad’s eye. This would be the first time, one of them was gone away. I could see that the separation was eating away at mom as the nurses got her ready for the surgery the next day. It was hospital rules, that I must leave at a certain time. I kissed mom good night, and from my purse I pulled a picture of dad, and set it on her night stand. I knew if she woke up in the night she would see his face and be okay. As I left I could hear her saying good night to dad and blowing him a kiss. My heart felt warm as I made my way out of the hospital, and on the way home. Jasper was sitting with dad, and holding his hand. Jasper explained how dad had started calling for mom a few hours after she left. That night, Jasper and I sat taking turns holding dad’s hand so he would not be alone. That night the tears he cried, and the way he called for mom broke mine and Jasper’s hearts. Dad was lost without mom, and she was lost without him….

Join me(Peanut) tomorrow as mom goes in for surgery. As we wait counting the minutes till she was out of surgery…. 🙂

Hello everyone: How has your day been thus far. Mine has been not too bad, and I’m only saying that because until I’m done my tea I will not be able to tell. It was chilly again even though the forecast said it was fourteen degrees outside. The wind seems to be blowing in from the north, and bringing the chill with it. I see Alberta is having problems with forest fires already this spring. The states are being tossed around like old shoes as tornados, and flooding cause havoc in the lives of many. Boy, mother nature sure has lost her mind. It’s crazy how the weather has changed. It is giving us a good picture of what climate change is doing to our world. When will us humans ever smarten up. 🙁 Well as much as I would like to just sit here like a bump on a log, I must get moving… Take on the roads… be kind to others.. and cherish those you love…. Till later…. Keep a stiff upper lip…..  :):)

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