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Have you ever been asked a question?  A question you did not know how to answer.. A question that stumped you and made you feel as if your tongue was tied in knots… An embarrassing question that would bring to light a secret.. Have you ever?? 

Questions are something we have all been asked. Sometimes there is question that should not be asked at that moment. That one question that will embarrass you or even leave you totally vulnerable. Questions came make you freeze in your tracks. Questions and more questions some of which are of no ones business but your own. Gena had encountered a nosy neighbour who asked her a question that enraged Gena. Mabel had been a polite woman who Gena met when she moved into the neighbourhood. Mabel introduced herself and went on to tell Gena all about the different neighbours and what she thought was the problem with them. Gena smiled and nodded her head as Mabel went on and on. Gena found out that day that Mabel was a busy body who could not mind her own business. Mabel had her best friend living across the road and their home had a bird’s-eye view into whatever Gena and her husband Bob did outside. One day while Gena was cleaning her house Mabel came walking into Gena’s house and took a seat at the dining room table. Gena was a bit riled by the fact she just walked into her home. And Gena had that gnawing feeling in the pit of her stomach that told her this would not work out well.  Mabel started to ask Gena where her finances came from and if she was on disability. Gena was blown away by the question… She was tongue-tied for a moment and could not wrap her head around what had just been asked. Gena had a stroke a couple of years earlier and her balance was a huge issue. Gena answered Mabel’s question ‘no I’m not disability I am retired.’ Mabel sat there with a puzzled look on her face as she said. “I have to get going and do my house work too.” Mabel stood up and exited the same way she entered. Gena followed her to the front door and shut it behind her. Through a crack in the blind Gena seen Mabel go straight to her friends across the road and tell them what Gena told her. Gena was furious and told Bob what had happened and that Mabel was never allowed in her house again. Oh sure Mabel will talk to her husband, but not to Gena and Gena likes it that way. My Question is : “Why do some people think they have the right to do that?”  ‘Questions oh questions.’


In school children and adults are challenged with questions. Why does the earth have two poles? When did dinosaurs roam the earth? What happens when you add vinegar and baking soda together? How much would you have left if you had two pies and John ate one-quarter of one pie? No matter what the question maybe questions stimulate the mind and make you think. Sometimes there are no answer for a question. ‘Then what do you do?’ As a class full of students are encouraged researching the topic of question in order to find the answer. David a student in a class could not quite understand the formula for rocket fuel. With the help of his teacher, class mates and friends David not only understood. David was able to recall the formula in an exam thanks to the way the formula was presented to him. Working together is a way to deal with questions that bring on doubt.


Teachers can help our little children in their early stages of life. They challenge them with questions that help build their confidence. Questions that help them start to remember their names, how old they are, and what is their address. Teachers teach children safety and why you have to know what to do if you are in danger. Children learn a lot in their younger years. There minds are hungry for information. They learn to print their names, then to write their names. All threw questions asked by those teaching them. How far away is the moon? How can a farmer milk his cows five at a time? How does a car engine work? How much is five plus five? There are way too many questions in schools.


Children have inquisitive minds. Have you ever been asked why the dog poops outside and I can’t. Mommy how come I have to go to bed early. Daddy, can I have an ice-cream sandwich and daddy says no it’s too close to dinner. Then the very same child goes to mom and asks for the same ice-cream in the hopes that mom will say yes. Mom asks Albert what he has in his pocket, and Albert pulls out a baby garter snake from his pocket. Mom asks another question, why did you bring that in the house?  How did you get so dirty Oliver mom asks as Oliver as looks up with tears falling from his eyes. Mommy Burt pushed me in the mud. Mom, then asks Burt why he pushed Oliver in the mud. And the questions continue. There is that child who has an unlimited amount of questions to ask. Why is the moon so big, because it is very large, why is it large, because it formed that way. Why did it form that way and on and on till you have no more time to answer questions. Allen comes into the house with a dirty face and something that looks like dirt in his hand. Mom asks what have you been eating? What is that in your hand? Allen opens his hand to show mom a piece of doggie doo in his hand. Mom does the only thing she can think of and freaks grabbing the dog doo from Allen’s hand. Children are wonderful.. Emma tries on mom’s make up and also paints her brothers face with red lip stick. What are you doing Emma? Mom has to place her hand over her mouth so no one can see her laugh. Questions and more questions.

They say the only way to find out something is to ask a question. I ask. “Who the heck are they?”

Hello everyone from my small corner of Canada. Today has been an uneventful day with the usual choirs to do. The sun shone for a few hours today and the temperature actually rose to seven. The weather man at six gives us the warning of rain or snow tomorrow. Yahoo! I’m so excited. ‘Not!!!’ The birds are coming back to the bird feeder. The starlings have come to empty the bird seed onto the grounds as do the squirrels. Chickadees can be seen picking up the seed from the ground, and the one lone dove has returned for any morsel it can find. I looked out my sliding doors and there on the railing of the porch is the dove looking in to remind me there was no food in the feeders. The red wing black bird could be heard in the tree above me as I filled the bird feeder.. He is the noisiest bird I have ever heard. Spring is right around the corner as long as the snow goes away. I hope you all had a great Tuesday as I did. Be safe out there and take care of those you love.  🙂

I would love to say thank you to all the followers, readers, and visitors who pop in and relax while reading my stories. 🙂  🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.    Thanks for coming by…  🙂 🙂

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