Rachel Slatter (#2)

Rachel had a wonderful time at her Birthday party, especially at the nursing home. In her own quaint way, Rachel introduced all her little friends to taking care of those who have no one. She edged her mates in the direction of something she loved, reading to the seniors.

Beth, was quite pleased with the party she had for her daughter. There seemed to have been no problems, except for the little girl who had locked herself into the bathroom. And that was a quick fix with a flat head screwdriver. Beth’s dad had taught her, if the door was locked on the inside, there was always a way to get in. Beth was fortunate to have such a handy father. She loved her dad, and there were days she wished he was physically with her. He died in a car crash on the way to work. Beth’s mom was shattered, then eventually she went insane. There for she was placed into a facility for the mentally challenged. Beth was raised by her grand-parents, and missed her parents every day, and still does. Her mom long passed away from complications, due to the common cold. Beth swore on her mom’s grave, that she would always be there for her daughter. Beth was a lady of conviction, and strength. Rachel thought of her mom as “Super Woman,” and Beth loved the way she said, “snoopper wamons,” it was much cuter when Rachel said it. mom.jpgEvan, Rachel’s dad was much the opposite of Rachel’s mom. Evan was a laid back kinda guy, he was a hard worker, and never bowed down to anyone. He was a softy toy for his wife and daughter. Rachel at the age of two had her dad wrapped around her little fingers. Beth had won his heart, back when they met, and she knew he would be always be there for her. Evan was a fit man, who ran every morning, and watched what he ate. He was six foot, two inches, blonde, and had those big blue eyes that would melt your heart in a minute. Evan, was smart as a whip, and good with his hands. He had built Rachel, a play house in the back yard for her to play in. Evan and Rachel had many tea parties, and dinners in the play house. I’m sure there would be many more as time passes. Evan was the leader when it came to camping and being on vacation. He knew the best places to go, and what to do when you got there. Evan was Rachel’s “Snooper nam.” man.jpgBeth called, the mom of the little girl who had, locked herself in the bathroom, just to see how she was doing. Her mom (Ela), said that she (Bella) was doing quite well except Bella would not go in the bathroom alone. She would often talk about a bad man, who carried into the washroom. Ela, was concerned about what Bella was saying, but figured it was just the door being locked that made her not want to be in the washroom alone. Beth was concerned as well. She had not seen anyone leave the bathroom, nor did she see anyone in the bathroom. Beth spoke to Evan about what Ela had said. Bella was one of Rachel’s best friends and maybe Bella had talked to Rachel about whatever had happened. The best way to find out if Bella had spoken to Rachel was to invite Bella over for a sleep over. Then they could set up a system, and listen to the girls talk while alone. Something had happened, and Bella would not be able to heal, till the parents found out what happened. Beth called Ela, asking if they would be interested in barbeque on saturday? “Of course we would like to come,” Ela said with excitement in her voice. It was a date, and now it was up to Evan to set things up. sad.jpgSaturday had arrived faster than Beth had expected. A barbeque wasn’t that hard to prepare for, a few steaks, salads, pickles, hot dogs for the girls, and a desert. Beth had to get to the market before company arrived. At this point she was quickly running out of time. Evan had the patio ready, dishes on the counter, beer in the fridge, and wine chilling. Company would arrive with in the hour. Evan, turned up the tunes, as he went bee bopping around the house dusting, picking up things off the floor, vacuuming, and dancing with the broom in the kitchen. Rachel walked in, to see her daddy dancing with the broom, and giggled at the sight of his dance. “Daddy dance with me!” Rachel yelled above the music. Beth had just pulled into the drive way, she could hear the music outside. Grabbing some bags she headed for the door. Beth stopped at the front window, watching as she saw Evan and Rachel dancing like wild crazy monkeys from the zoo. She snickered to herself, then opened the door, and snuck inside. Beth popped her head around the corner, saying in a deep voice, “What is going on in this noisy house?” Rachel screamed and ran to her daddy wanting him to picked up. Evan was blown away by the voice Beth had used. He really thought it was a police officer, because the music was too loud. Beth, was laughing so hard, she had dropped the bags on the floor, as she stood with her legs crossed. She was very close to peeing her pants as tears welled up in her eyes. Beth looked really funny as she ran cross-legged down the hall to the bathroom.dad.jpgEvan turned down the music, dancing with Rachel they picked up the bags Beth had dropped on the floor. Rachel helped her daddy unpack the bags, and put the things away. “Ice-cream,” Rachel yelled. Beth said, as she came down the hall to the kitchen. “The ice-cream is for after dinner, little girl.” She said. “Ding, dong” the door bell chimed. “I’ll get it,” Rachel said, as she ran to the door. “It’s Bella, and her mom and dad,” she yelled. “Come on in,” Beth yelled from the kitchen. Bella, and Rachel disappeared right away. Ela and Russ, (her husband) entered the kitchen, sitting on the stool at the back of the island. “Where did those girls go to?” Beth asked. Ela smiled as she said, “They went flying past us heading for the backyard.” Evan  looked out the back window saying, “They are in the play house, and I can see them laughing.” Evan asked Russ if he would like a beer, and the two of them went out to the patio and sat down. Evan yelled from the back yard, “let me know when you want the barbeque turned on?” “I will,” Beth yelled back. Ela and Beth sat talking, while drinking wine. When Beth looked at her watch, she saw that a half an hour had passed. “I guess we best get dinner on the go.” Beth said to Ela, as she opened the fridge door. “Yes I’m getting a little peckish myself.” Said Ela. Beth told Evan to start the barbaque and come get the steaks and hot dogs for dinner. Ela and Beth put the food together and headed for the patio. Ela put out plates on the table, and called the girls to go wash up before dinner. Beth brought the wine glasses, to the table. “Let’s eat.” she said. dinner.jpgDinner was delicious, and the wine was relaxing the ladies, as they talked back and forth with the fella’s. Beth asked, if Bella could have a sleep over with Rachel? Bella and Rachel were very excited, and finished up their dinners.

Everything was set to see if Bella would tell Rachel about what had happened in the bathroom. Evan had planned to play a “stranger danger” movie later in the evening for the family.

The stage was set and ready. Join the family tomorrow to find out if Bella talked to Rachel, and she had to say.

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