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rain.jpg           Rain……


The rain falling from the sky. Playing in the puddles as your hair becomes wet and stringy. Your clothes feel like the rain has made them shrink. Your clothing contours to each bulge, and shape of your bodies form. 

Hi: My name is Violet. I was born in the Bronx. My arrival to this cold world wasn’t so good. I was born on a cold rainy night, on the broken cobble stones of an ally way. My mom (Mercy) as they called her. Was a lady of the night, at least that is what I had been told. No one had known her except for the pimp, that had been so unkind to her most of her life. He took her from the streets as she pulled into the city on a Grey Hound bus. He said he would give her a better life, and take care of her. Sure it was better for about a year as he treated like his queen. That all ended, as he put her out on the cruel streets of the Bronx to earn him a living. Her world was shattered. She was only seventeen. Her world had changed in a second. The once warmth she had felt each night during her first year, were now cold and savage. She was alone, afraid, and this was a life of danger. Several times as she stood on a street corner, she had been raped and beaten then left there to die. Her pimp found her, and had his new queen nurse her back to health. It hurt her each time he flaunted his new queen in front of her face. Once she was ready to earn money he pooled her with his other girls. The ones he had manipulated, as he did with her at such an early age. His pasted queens trained her how to pick the right john and what not to do.  She lived in a hell that she had never imagine existed.


Mercy had a shit life. She started to age sooner than any woman normally did. Mercy started drugs, and drank when ever she could to dull the pain. Her pimp didn’t want her anymore. The scars on her face and body made her ugly, he would always tell her. He sold her to another pimp who pimped her out to drunks, and old men. She was assigned a room in a large house, where she worked, and earned him a living. Sure there was no cold, and she was dry. Sometimes the heat in her room made her sick, as did the smell of the dirty drunks and filthy old men who came to take their turn. She never seen any of the money he had sold her for. She was fed very little. Booze was plentiful, and it took the edge off sometimes. My mom had one visitor who took a shine to mom. He (Percy) had said he would take her away from this place horror. He was not like the rest of the drunks. He was always sober when he visited. Mercy fell in love with this fella. She longed for his touch and prayed for the day he would take her away. Mercy became pregnant with his child, and her pimp was not pleased. Her pimp through her out on the streets. Percy had heard word that Mercy was back on the streets. He looked for her for a couple months, but he had no luck. Percy never gave up the hunt for Mercy. He finally found her on snowy day, standing in the cold. Her belly had become large, and with the baby due soon. Mercy was hooking to make money for the pimp.


Mercy saw him drive up and get out of the car. Percy ran to the lady of his dreams, and wrapped his arms around her. Mercy cried tears of sadness, and tears of joy… “I finally found you.” Percy whispered as her held her tight. Percy helped her to his car, and drove off into the night. Percy’s home was beautiful. Mercy felt like she was safe, and out of harm. Her life had changed in a split second. That night as she slipped between clean sheets, and pillows that smelled like lavender. Mercy wondered if she was in a dream. The man that lay beside her had taken her from the horror she had experienced for so long. The next few days after Mercy’s recue were the best days of her life. This was heaven and a place where Mercy didn’t have to worry. Percy took good care of her, and never left her alone. Percy kept her out of sight for her safety. They had plans to leave the safety of his home, and leave the Bronx behind. They were both looking for a place in the country, with tall trees, green grass, and some animals like a small farm. Mercy had not seen the wide open spaces since she had left home. Their day to leave the Bronx was coming closer each day. The excitement they felt was like nothing they had ever felt before. The country was calling them and they heard that call. Percy had gathered a lot of money to buy a home to live in and raise their child. On the morning as they left, they had smiles, and butter flies in their stomachs. The anticipation of their freedom was all they could think of, as they drove past the run down streets of the Bronx. Once on the highway, they were free from the horrors and savages that lived there.

road.jpg The drive down the highway was delightful. The music was playing, and Mercy was sing to the song on the radio. All things seemed to be going just the way they had planned. But, was there something they forgot as they passed by the dirty streets of the Bronx.

Join me tomorrow as we follow the couple into their journey….

Hello everyone out there. I hope everyone had a safe and great Monday. This weekend was the long one, and for those who camped, I trust the mosquitos did not try and make you there lunch. The people I have spoken with have had an amazing time at camp and at home. We have done nothing but keep cool, and hydrate. We found keeping the windows, and the curtains closed has made a big difference to the inside of the house…You all keep cool and check on your next door neighbors in this heat… Keep safe, and take care of those you love… Till later… All the best…. 🙂

I would like to say thank you to all the awesome people who read my stories…. 🙂 🙂  I would also like to thank those talented people who create the images that adorn my stories… 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.  Thanks for being here…. 🙂 🙂


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