Rain (2)

rainy.gif      Rain pouring down….


Percy was at the wheel of his car, while Mercy had the music turned up loud. Mercy was sing to the song on the radio. It didn’t take long before Percy was singing a long with her. They had left a dangerous life behind. They where headed in the direction of a new life..


The day was sunny and bright as our couple headed down the high way in search of a happier life. It was a day they had dreamed of for quite sometime now. In their minds there was nothing to keep them from being together. Mercy had waved good bye to the hard cold streets of the Bronx. Percy stole her away like a thief in the night. Mercy talked about a house in the country, with wide open spaces. A few animals, and trees lots of trees. The city didn’t have any real tall trees, and if they did Mercy never seen them. Sure, she had seen them in her home town. A place she wished she had never left. One thing she learned from the streets was how to stay a live. Mercy also learned that the people in the city were mean, selfish, and like wolves in sheep’s clothing. There were very few people Mercy could trust, or even pour out her heart to without being hurt. Percy was a kind man with a heart of gold. Percy loved my mom and paid no attention to her past life. I wished I had met Percy, and spent some of my life with my mom and him. God must have some other use for me, because I never got that chance.

couple.jpg          Happy couple…. 

Mom and Percy had no idea where they were going to land. They just took out a map, closed their eyes, and drove to that town. The town’s name was Dobbs-vile. The name sounded weird, but there were plenty of trees and farms. Just what the two of them wanted. Percy stopped at a small restaurant and Mercy and him went inside to get something to eat. Percy figured they were far enough away form the city of hell. As they sat eating their food, Percy looked towards the parking lot to make sure their car was safe. Percy had a bad feeling that someone was out there. Percy had suggested that they drive for most of the night, and get a motel around one or two in the morning. My mom just wanted to get as far away as they could in the shortest time. She feared that someone would find them if they didn’t keep going. Day light turned to darkness.. The lights on the high way were bright, which made it hard to see the road. Then it began to rain, and Percy had enough of the driving. He told Mercy that driving any further would be dangerous. Percy told her that the next motel was where they would stop for a few hours of sleep. The Motel was not beautiful by no means, but the room was clean and the bed was comfortable. Worn out from the drive Percy laid on the bed, and feel asleep quickly. Mercy on the other hand was having a hard time getting comfortable enough to sleep. Mercy cuddled into Percy with her head on his chest. She could hear the beating of his heart as he slept. Soon, Mercy fell asleep as well.

motel.jpg        A place to lay your head…

Mercy slept peacefully, and woke to find Percy gone. Her first thought was that someone had found them and Percy was dead. She began to cry into the pillow she had in her hands. Mercy was afraid, and didn’t want to go near the windows. She crept her way to the drapes on the window, and peeked out one side off them. She seen Percy doing something to the car. Her curiosity got the best of her and she opened the door, and stepped out. “Hello honey.. Is everything okay?” She said in a low voice. Percy told her in a soft commanding voice, that she needed to go back in the room. He told her he would be back inside in a minute. That minute waiting for Percy to come inside the room, felt like a life time. Mercy paced back and forth, singing softly to herself. Finally Percy entered the room with two coffees, and two muffins. He put them on the table and sat with Mercy while they ate. It was time to get moving, and back on the high way. Mercy wanted to take a shower and put on clean clothes before they left. “That’s a good idea.” Percy said. This way they would feel better and more comfortable while they travelled. Percy switched on the T.V. and watched the news while Mercy had her shower.

car.jpg       Checking the fluids in the car…. 

The news said that a couple had been run off the road, and the police were looking for anyone who seen the accident. They needed help to find the person and car that nearly killed the couple.Percy could feel his heart rate rise, as he looked at the car on the screen. Other than the damage caused to the car, this car was just like his car. As soon as Mercy was done with her shower, Percy took a quick shower and was on the road again. He never mentioned what he had seen on the news to Mercy. He didn’t want to alarm her. Percy asked Mercy if she wouldn’t mind traveling the back roads as they were more relaxing to drive on than the high way. Mercy thought that was a pretty good idea. The drive would be safer than the high way, Percy was hoping. As a young man he knew how to stay out of sight by not being seen. Percy was hoping to see a paint shop in one of the small towns where he could change the paint on the car. That seemed like a good idea, but the license plate would give them away.  Maybe a new car with different plates would give them a better chance of not being seen. Percy ran over many different ways to make them invisible. Getting a new car, and new plates was the thought that made the most sense. Percy just had to convince Mercy that it was a good idea, without her knowing what he was doing. After running his plan past Mercy, and her agreeing, it was time to look for a van that had more room in it.

van.jpg        Mini van and new plates….

Percy felt better as Mercy and himself pulled away from a car lot with a van. He let the stress he was feeling melt away. He got a cowgirl hat for Mercy to wear, and he wore a cowboy hat and a bandana around his neck. That would make them a little harder to recognize. Percy knew in the pit of his stomach, that someone was out there following them.

Join our lovers on their journey to a better life….

Hello everyone: It’s great to see you all again. I hope your Tuesday was good for you and the ones you love. My Tuesday consisted of looking for bar-goons. We had seen a dresser for our grandson the other day and went to get it today. To our surprise the store had a sale on furniture, and we got the dresser for $14.85. It was priced at $47.67 the first time we seen it. That’s one heck of a great deal for sure. We were in the right place at the right time…. Tomorrow is supposed to be 33 degrees celcius, with the humidity… I guess I know where I’m going to be hanging out tomorrow… Inside with the air conditioning on.. Take care of those you love and be safe out there… Till later.. Be safe… 🙂 🙂

I would like to say thank you to all the awesome people who read my stories each day… 🙂 🙂  I would also like to thank all the talented artists whos creation grace my stories each day… 🙂 🙂

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As he watched the news, a bulletin came over the bottom of the screen. A couple had been run off the high way five hundred miles outside of the Bronx. The bulletin asked for any people that seen the car that ran the couple off the road to contact the police. Then. a picture of the car was shown over the air waves.




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