Rain (3)

rains.jpg          Let it rain…..


Percy was back on the high way with a new means of transportation, and new plates. With the couple wearing cowboy hats they had a simple disguise. Now they would be able to drive the high way with a little less stress. 

Once back on the high way, mom and Percy could make some good time, and put a lot of miles between them and whoever was following them. Percy wished he had a description of the vehicle that ran the couple off the road. No one had come forward to help the police find the people who caused the accident. My mom did not know anything about the accident, and maybe it was better if she didn’t know. She did not need any stress in her condition. Mom looked at the map and told Percy that she did not want to go to the place they picked out. Percy asked why she did not want to go there. Mom told him that she did not like the name of the town. Percy laughed a bit. He looked at her and asked where she wanted to go. Mom wanted to go live by the ocean. Percy didn’t know what to do, so he pulled over on the side of the road. He sat there talking to Mom. He tried to explain to her, that if she wanted to go to the ocean they would have to turn around. Which meant that they would be back where they started. Mom didn’t quite get what he was saying. Nor did she understand the danger they would be in. Percy tried to find away, with out going into the danger zone. He didn’t find one. Finally he told mom that they could go west and cut across country, then cut back towards the ocean. The trip would take longer. Mom thought the idea was great. Percy said that at the next place they came to they would have some food, water, and some pillows and bedding for in the van. Then they could go cross country, and sleep in the van at night for a couple days at a time. The plan made sense and they stopped at a town and visited a Walmart to buy supplies.

walmart.png     Shopping for the trip…

In the parking lot of the Walmart Percy looked around to see if anyone was looking at them. Leave our hats here, and we can go in and shop. The hats may draw attention to us, Percy told my mom. Once in the store they made their way to the food area, and got some supplies. They bought bedding, pillows, portable toilet and a roll up mattress to sleep on at night. Percy wanted to get back on the road, but mom had never been in a store like this for many years. Mom had to look at everything. It was like she was in a different world. The shopping world. Percy almost had to drag mom out of the store. He promised that once we got to the ocean she could go shopping. Mom was happy with that arrangement. Percy folded the seats into the floor, and unrolled the mattress, then loaded the van with the goods. Percy was getting a little nervous now, because they had been there way too long. He let mom go into the back of the van and make the bed. Mom made some sandwiches for them to eat while they traveled. The eats hit the spot and with their stomachs filled, mom went to lay down on the bed. Percy said that he would find place to park then he would come to sleep as well. Percy seen a truck stop just ahead, and made a beeline for the parking lot. He parked in the far right corner of the lot.  He covered the front windows with a blanket. Then he covered the back two windows with dark paper, and tape, to block out the sun. Percy took off his shoes and pants then crawled under the bedding. He was tired and sleep came swiftly.

bed.jpg    Bed in the back of a panel van….

Mom was up a couple times to use the toilet, but went back to bed. Mom was six months pregnant and I was laying on her bladder. Percy never made a move all night. The bed was so comfortable. Even more comfortable than he had thought it would be. In the morning mom had to wake Percy from his sleep. He slept like a baby all night, and felt good when he woke up. Percy suggested they go inside and have breakfast before hitting the road. The coffee tasted so good, and breakfast was delicious. Percy got a magazine on van conversions, and mom got a book to read on the ocean. Percy talked to mom about turning the van into a camper. Then they could just camp and travel like tourists. Mom thought it would be a lot fun living in the camper, and travel around to different places. The road off the high way was beautiful. Fields with animals, and plenty tall trees. There were farms every so many miles. This was farming country, and it beautiful. A small town came into sight and Percy bought some wood products and other supplies to start working on the van. Mom asked if there were any camp grounds in the area, and how could they get there. The lady at the counter gave mom a map of the camp grounds in the area.  Once they arrived at the camp ground the owner booked them into a site that was quite shady. This was going to be fun, and they could have a camp fire at night. During the day Percy would construct the inside of their van into a place to live.

vann.jpg      Van into camper….

Little by little the van began to change into a camper. There was a bed, plenty of storage, running water, hydro hook up, toilet, place to cook, and wash dishes or a person. With the help of the camp owner, Arthur, and his wife Ellen, the van turned into a home on wheels. The camper was worthy of a gold metal. It was something to brag about. After three weeks it was time to get back on the road. The owners wished mom and Percy could stay longer. But on the day when they got ready to leave the owners were very sad. Arthur and Ellen wished them all the best. Ellen baked a pie, and some bread to give mom and Percy. Arthur made a sign for inside the camper. The sigh was in the shape of a camper, and on it were the words to our friends… we wish you safe travels. The sign was hung where it could be seen all the time. Arthur said, that mom and Percy, were welcomed back anytime…..

Join our travelers, as they move on down the road to their next stop……

Hello everyone. How was your Wednesday? Ours was one of heat, and a trip to Costco to stock up on supplies. The place was packed, with all kinds of people. But, thanks to the great staff they have we didn’t have to stand in line ups. I took a cooler to put the meat in so it would not spoil in the heat. Then there was the home prep for the freezer. That usually takes longer than the shopping. But it is all worth the bother. Thursday is supposed to be hot again. With temperatures in the thirties. Well, take care of those you love…. Till later… Take care… 🙂 🙂

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