Rain (4)

rainy.jpg             Rainy days…


It was time to leave the camp ground and the new friends they had made. Friends that wanted them to return anytime, and there would always be a place for them to stay. 

As Percy drove the van out the park gate and onto the road, tears fell from his eyes and my mothers. They had been treated like old friends and the couple they were. They were not judged for their secrets, nor the low profile they kept. Being treated like that was not something mom had been used to getting. The country was so beautiful, and the air was cool as Percy drove down the road. Percy pulled the van into different fruit stands, and mom bought vegetables and fruits. They stopped to pick flowers beside the road. Percy still made sure they put on a decent amount of miles each day. Their next stop was a truck stop that had a lot of trucks waiting for a storm to pass. The storm was mainly high winds that made keeping the van on the road was a tough job. There had seen a couple turned over transports laying like big whales on the sides of the road. As they passed the trucks the wind would catch the van and push it into the other lane of the high way. Percy did not park in the far corner of the lot this time. He found a space between two trucks to hide away from the wind. The storm lasted all night and into the next day. Inside at the restaurant the place was crowded with truckers, and people who had gotten off the road. The line up outside the restaurant was really long so Percy and mom got an Ice-cream and returned to the van.

tip .jpg      Truck tipped over……

Percy was missing a days worth of traveling, because of the weather. That would mean that when they where on the road again he would have to make up the time. But for now it was best to take sometime and relax. On the third day in the truck stop the winds finally died down and the truckers started moving out onto the high way. There would be a lot of time for the truckers to make up. Unfortunately, their loads on the truck would be late for delivery. Percy could hear all the trucks as they started heading out at four thirty in the morning. Mom was still sleeping soundly. Percy sat up beside mom and watched her sleep. Mom was a beautiful lady, and Percy loved her very much. Percy knew that if the pimp and his buddies ever caught up with them, he would be dead. Those kind of thugs did not like anyone who had stolen their money makers. To the pimp mom was nothing. The pimp only seen the money he was not getting to live on.  This was the biggest reason Percy was putting a lot of miles between the pimp and himself. Percy was afraid of mom getting captured by the pimp. He knew it would not be pretty whatever they would do with her. Mom would be beaten then killed, or beaten then cut on her face. Mom would never see the light of day again if they kept her. Percy did not ever want to see that happen to mom.

sleep.png       Percy watching his love sleep……

As Percy sat watching mom sleep she opened one eye, and smiled. “What are you doing?” She asked.. “Watching you sleep sweetheart.” Percy answered. “You are so beautiful  I could not help myself.” He said, as he smiled and ran his fingers through her messy hair. Mom stretched, and sat up beside Percy. “Are we leaving here today?” Mom asked. Percy put his arm around mom’s shoulder, and told her they would be leaving soon. Mom was happy to get back on the road. She loved traveling down the road, and ending up somewhere different every day. They both had some coffee, and a fruit salad, a couple pan cakes with bacon. Once filled up with food and fuel they were on the road again. Driving along side a lake mom asked Percy to stop and park by the water. She wanted to put her feet in the lake. Mom also wanted to gaze at the sun as it shone on the water. The sun made the water sparkle. It looked like diamonds were in the water. A stop by the lake was something they both needed. Mom could see fish in the water, and was a bit afraid of them. Percy let mom know that the fish would not hurt her as they did not bite people. Mom had never seen fish up close, except in a supermarket when she was a child. It was time to get going and mom did not want to leave. Percy promised her that the next place they camped at would have a lake. He also told her he would get a site right beside the lake. Mom was so excited, and could hardly wait for them to stop for the night. A big sign along the side of the high way showed a beautiful lake and the word “Camping” in large letters. Can we stay there for a few days mom asked. Percy said that the camp looked like a nice place to stay. At the exit to the camp ground, Percy turned into the gates of the park. The trees were tall and gave off a lot of shade. Mom and Percy went into the office, and asked for a shady site by the lake. The camp had a few of them and told Percy if he wanted to take a look at the sites he could come back to the office if he wanted one of them. It didn’t take long for them to find the right place. Mom waited at the camp site, and Percy went back to book the spot for a week.

site.jpg        Camping beside the lake….

Mercy felt like she was in heaven. The place was so beautiful, and just what Percy had promised her. When Percy returned to the site he could not see Mercy. He was freaking out.. Where the heck did she go? He started to call her name. He could hear something splashing in the water. As he looked around the bushes  he could see mom up to her waist in the water. She was splashing water on her face. “What are you doing hun?” He asked as he stood closer to the shore. Percy took off his shoes, rolled up his pant legs and walked into the lake. The water was cooling, yet not cold. He could feel the sand sifting through his toes as he slowly walked towards mom. Mom splashed water at Percy and go him wet. She started to run for the shore as Percy splashed water back at her.  It was time to get some dinner, and a camp fire started. Mom was laughing and having a wonderful time. She had gone inside and changed into dry clothes. Percy was busy setting up a clothes line for the wet clothes, and chairs to sit in by the fire. Percy had already collected fire wood, and was setting up the fire when mom called him for dinner. Dinner was eaten in front of the camp fire which smelled so good.

marsh.jpg         Eating by the camp fire….

Mom and Percy sat in front of the camp fire watching the embers from the fire float into the sky. This was something mom had never done before. The camp fire with the lake behind it, was truly beautiful…..

Join me on Monday as our couple experience the great outdoors….

Hello everyone. I wish all of those in the U.S. a wonderful “4th of July” and a great weekend. I also hope your Thursday was as good as ours. We spent time keeping cool, and stayed inside out of the heat. Please stay cool, and hydrated in the heat. Please check in on seniors you know, to make sure they are safe and cool. Play in the water, swim at the YMCA, or a lake near by. Just be very safe.. Take care of those you love, and be safe… Till later… Keep cool… 🙂 🙂

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