Rain (5)

pouring.jpg     The rain pouring down…


Life was good for Percy and Mercy. A home on wheels was perfect, as they could travel anywhere they wanted to go. Choosing to eating their dinners by the roaring camp fire. Or just starring at the embers from the camp fire, as they danced their way up into the dark sky…

Mom was beginning to experience things she had never done before. Even as a child. Splashing in a lake was something she had done before, but with time she had forgotten the feeling the water made on her skin. Traveling from place to place across the country, with your home, right there behind them. That was new, and was a memory mom would never forget. This life was something mom had wished for all of her life. She was great full for Percy. He gave her love, kindness, acceptance and the security she needed so badly for too many years. A new beginning for both of them, and a me too. Time seemed to past by quickly, and mom was coming to full term with me, the baby. They had been in Florida traveling around the coast. The sea water had a different texture than the fresh water in lakes and streams. The salt water let you float easier on top. Where the fresh water just let ya sink. The trees were different too. Sure they were tall, but not green like the forests they had first camped amongst. The food was different too. Taco’s were very popular, and mom developed a craving for them often. They walked the streets of the towns that dotted the Florida coast line. They were so happy, and in love. Nothing could take this away from them. They had each other, with a bond stronger than anything else.

couple.jpgTouring small towns…

Mom wanted to have their baby under the cover of the tall trees in the forest. Percy took them from the warmth of Florida, and headed north to the forests. He was heading to the camp ground of their new friends, Arthur and Ellen. The journey took them down roads they did not know. Percy just kept driving during the day, and slept at nights in different camp grounds. The anticipation of my birth, had made Percy very excited. So excited that he let his guard down. He was traveling way to close to the city they had run away from.  They passed the city on the high way. They had some how entered the danger zone. By the time Percy had figured where they were it was too late.. A lady on a corner had recognized mom, and began to call out her name. Mom had heard her name, and panicked. Percy could heard the lady calling Mercy’s name as she waved. He turned to the drivers side window and could see a hooker with the pimp who thought he owned his lady, Mercy. Percy made a sharp turn to the left, in the hopes of getting back onto the high way quickly. The pimp in his charged up limo was right behind them, and he wasn’t alone. The streets were slippery from a rain fall that had just stopped. The camper slid side to side, as Percy turned the corners of different streets in an attempt to get away.

car.png   Vehicle chase on the streets of the city…

Percy turned to the right, and sped down the street coming to a cross road where he could go right or left. He did a quick left as things flew from the cupboards in the camper. The limo was not in sight yet. Something must have slowed it down. In a field to the right stood some buildings. Percy made a beeline for one of the buildings with the doors open. He drove into the building then out the other side, and to another building behind the one he had drove through. Percy pulled open the doors and drove the camper insider. As he closed the doors he could see the limo drive past the buildings. They were safe for the time being. Percy kept a close eye on the road as he held mom’s hand tightly. Mom was shaken, and sobbing. “It’s all my fault.” She kept saying, as she cried. Percy did his best to calm her down, and keep her quiet. Percy could hear voices, and wondered where they were coming from. He looked towards the sound of the voices, and could see the limo parked at the side of the road. They had found them. What could they do, but wait. Percy got mom out of the camper, and up in the room that looked over the building. He told her not to move nor make a noise. “I will be back, and don’t you worry.” “Stay here.” Percy said as he had her lock the door to an office. Mom locked the door, and hid under a desk. She waited in silence.

desk.jpg    Hiding under the desk….

Mom was shaking and praying for Percy to be safe. Mom never heard a word, not a sound. Percy had gone back down to the camper, and sat waiting and watching the windows for something to happen. Nothing could be heard, and then the doors on the building started to open. Percy watched through the mirrors of the camper. A man could be seen opening the door, then sliding the other side of the door. He stood in the middle of the door way. He stood six something feet, and looked like a Suma Wrestler. Percy was sweating bullets, as he watched the man walk towards the camper. The man wasn’t the pimp. Could it be one of his thugs? Percy turned on the engine, as the man called out. “Mercy.. get out of the van.” Percy did not respond. Percy’s mind was confused. Should he run this man over? Should he lead him on a wild goose chase? Percy said, loudly. “She is not coming out.” In a split second Percy jammed the gear shifter into reverse. He gunned the engine, and let the break go.

Join me tomorrow to see what happened. See you Tuesday…. 🙂

Hello everyone. How was your weekend. I hope the time with your families was enjoyable, and hope you got some sun shine. It was warm here on Friday, so we spend most of our time in the cool of the house. Saturday was warm too. The afternoon started to cool down a bit. Sunday was a beautiful day in the mid twenties. The breeze was kind of cool, and it was nice to sit on the deck for morning tea. I took a few photos of the gardens and the critters in the back yard. I understand Monday is to be hot again as is the rest of the week. Just what I didn’t want to have…. So keep hydrated, and watch out for others in the heat. Children and seniors are most at risk when it comes to the heat… Till later.. Be safe… 🙂

I would like to say thank you to all those who take the time to read my stories… 🙂 🙂 I want to say thanks to the talented artists whos creations grace my stories… 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.  Thank for being here… 🙂 🙂




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